Sunday, 23rd December 2007: Straight To Your Face, JB


Joe hoards and shares.

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9 Responses

  1. yaser says:

    huh power ada depress! 🙂 dum dum tak main di penang lagi yah nanti!

  2. shahrizal says:

    it’s global deficiency kan?

  3. China Mabuk says:



  4. xfuckyoux says:

    it is the splatters? the same band that played in the gigs a year ago, with 2 nazi punk kids sieg hail on the stage – and its a part of their perfomance … ha ha ha ita a joke … to so called malaysian DIY music and this webzine that promote non racist , non homophobic ha ha ha ha
    its a fucking lame …. saw the band also playing in CM – what happen to that place …

  5. XSo Called StraightEdge But Eat MeatX says:

    Hey don’t blame that shit on the scene and this webzine dude, Almost everybody here in the scene never like the Nazi’s (except for the Mindless, Fanatics, and Cult followers). Even The Webzine it self doesn’t promote it, For The Splatters I can’t say anything because I don’t even know their current status, Either they’re a Nazi’s band or a Punk Rock band. For This gig If we see a Nazi’s We Sure Hell Whack them To Death. Agree ?

  6. xfuckyoux says:

    if the webzine don’t promote it , why ” the flyers” are there !! without knowing what current status of the splatters now ??? or cos the ricecooker shitworkers band playing in the show ???or maybe or maybe not …

    i don’t blame the scene and the webzine, but for me its just a good morning laugh … its a big jokes!!! and lame excuses .. to end justify the means ,,,,

    “For This gig If we see a Nazi‚Äôs We Sure Hell Whack them To Death”
    – cakap besar on the internet …
    its just make me laugh again… for so many years going to the gigs – its never happen … but Nazi punks do being whack by some kids on the street … and those nazi punk end up in the graveyard !!!

    the good nazi is nazi goreng !!!

  7. robotnik says:

    All I know is that the splatters are punk rock! They gave a statement saying that they are not nazi’s. Their lyrics are clean, there is no racism, there is no such thing as them being nazi’s.

    Anyway, they are all grown ups, they can think about what is wrong and right. oh, isn’t the vocalist chinese or should i say mualaf?? chinese hanging with malays are considered nazi’s?? If they are nazi’s, then why did they play on the same stage as carburetor dung (whom do not support racism)?? all I know is, the guitarist has a side band that has an indian guy playing bass. If he was so racist then why be in a multi-racial band?? want proof? The bands name is MELODICA.

    They’re playing music and not spreading neo-nazi propaghanda. Dont missunderstand. You should listen to their music first before you judge them. And stop labelling people. It’s childish.

    Just because people wear leather jackets and spikes they get labeled as nazi’s (maybe not everyone)

    The show at CM was great. So maybe the crowd was the people that you guys were actually talking about?? Hmm.

    That’s all folks. The end.

  8. Nox says:

    Thanks ROBOTNIK, whoever you are for making things clear. I must admit that I have my fair share of suspicion of their Nazi’s relation before, but now I get a clearer picture.

    So is it a big deal? I for one, would like to believe that these so-called Nazi punks are just a bunch of confused and naive young people, and hope that they will mature and realise of their wrong and misguided way. But on the other hand, these people often have their own (mis)interpretation on Nazism and mixing it with patriotism and Malay pride (I’m yet to hear about Chinese or Indian or indigenous Nazi punk) which can be dangerous and harmful both physically and mentally.

    I think there is nothing wrong about being concern in order to keep the scene healthy, just that we need a healthy communication rather than rumours and hear says.

  9. MONSTER PAAN says:

    Ooops…what’s happening around here?

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