Sunday, 20th January 2008: Never Built Ruins, The Annexe


Joe hoards and shares.

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2 Responses

  1. ArmsVett says:

    Rip-Roaring Mangel details-shits..Skits!

  2. ArmsVett says:

    In case u guys not really familiar with those crushers on the bill…!!
    NEVER BUILT RUINS – Swiss crust & rollz! Smokin’ & driven punk engine..lagi? Killer mid-temp beating..solid rockin’ bridges..bla bla.Great unit!
    APPARATUS – Try to stop drinking-helpless-Still drinking-Rip Roaring Mangel shitcore,brotha! Ugly..bloodier & messier!
    BLINDED HUMANITY – Singaporean brotherz..Jap-style crasher crusties! Fans of Disclose,Gloom,ol-Discharge..dig these ratts!
    VAULT – One ov my favourite steel fr Kajang MetalHunter thrash-regime! Their demo – ‘Raging Force!’ such a real ripper!
    SKITSOFRENIA – Klassik scando-punk worship! The vocals..soooooooooooooo rads!

    Again..juz a lil’ deshow details fr me..See u guys there..2nd show for AXIS OF EVIL TOUR 2008..tons of merchs!

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