REMINDER!! Sunday, 20th April 2008: Disaster – The Closure, MCPA


Joe hoards and shares.

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  1. dean says:

    do come!

    be there early pls. let us start & finish on-time.

    bands would be playing in the sequences of A-Z except for Off Minor.

    bring yr stuff for sale & bring mo’ money as u might want to grab many other stuff. there would be official gig t-shirt on sale too!

    this gig would also means to celeb8 our friends from Daighila who would be leaving for Aussie Tour a week later. best of luck guys!

    let us all hv helluva of a great party!

  2. xpojiex says:

    i owez on time pal
    but d organizer not on time

    off minor main last eh?

  3. dean says:

    to give us guys a gist of the tentative schedule; bands would be playing on a-z sequences except for off minor where the threesome would be placed somewhere in the middle, most likely before 7pm.

    we invites everyone to come; bring yr stuff, open yr table, cook & share some foods, be merry & enjoy the show.

    this is most likely to be papakerma’s final party program. so let’s celebrate! 😀

  4. dean says:

    Hye all!


    1) Bands would perform according to A-Z sequences
    2) Each band will only be allocated approximately 20-30 minutes set inclusive setting up time
    3) Each band will be allowed to choose which amps suit best for their music – BANDS PLEASE CHECK YOUR INBOX!
    4) There might be an exhibition against Arm Trades/Terrorism something by friends (Cem, please update me on this pls)
    5) Tentative as the following:

    3:00-3:30: Akta Angkasa
    3:30-4:00: Bravo!Bravo!
    4:00-4:30: Crimescene
    4:30-5:00: Daighila
    5:00-5:30: Deepset
    5:30-6:00: OFF MINOR
    6:00-6:30: Kias Fansuri
    6:30-7:00: Killeur Calculateur
    7:00-7:30: Lord Sunny Day
    7:30-8:00: Lovesick Avenue
    8:00-8:30: Onani
    8:30-9:00: Orbit Cinta Benjamin

    6) OFF MINOR set might be longer. Still… based on the schedule; the gig should end before 10pm!

    7) Ok, on booth…For those who pay and going in, if there are an extra table, you could place your stuff there. For those that prefer to open yr booth outside also you are much welcomed. No need to pay mah. But i’m all for free stuff. Miahaha…

    Guess that’s all for now. Do come! This may possibly be Papakerma final gig. No, no‚ĶWe are not quitting and all, hehe‚Ķ


  5. dean says:


    LSD will release their demo for like rm7 gitu. Very good jazz band. Groovy tak Duan? Haha..

    Daighila will release compilations of all of their songs ever released + like some new never released before songs. On CD-r format, rm6 kot..

    Both will be released by the ever almighty THIRD ARM RECORDING COMPANY.

    Akta would have their tapes as well. Paksa Zul suruh bawak.

    Kias Fansuri CD still is HOWT! RM12 only

  6. mat duan says:

    haha..datang la kalau berani.

  7. shahrizal says:

    relax madmax, the line-ups are recollection of bands who performed in their “disaster” series, they took the best of the those series. and also, they left out open slots for “new faces” like bravo-bravo, lovesick, crimescene. it’ll gonna be a good show tough, so why worry?

  8. madmax says:

    really? huh
    should i care?

  9. shahrizal says:

    then why bother posting in the first place?

  10. dean says:

    For those who may concern,

    The disaster went well… Oh, such an irony…

    Being a transparent label which practices cronyism (FUCK YOU MADMAX!) here are the financial report of yesterday’s DISASTER – The Closure:-

    Ticket sold = 214
    (Some paid like rm10 and rm15)
    Collection in RM = 3980
    PA system = (1200)
    Backline = (500)
    MCPA Rental = (1200)

    Profit = 1080

    Payment for bands: RM100 each

    Yes, this includes Off Minor. They get 100 bucks as well. That left me with -20 and further “losses” for unclaimed misc. cost such for laminating tags, drinking water, etc. But heck, I was having a good time with my cronies. That doesn’t bother me much.

    The gig which was supposed to kick start at 3pm has to be postponed till 4pm since the air conditioner was faulty (yet) again. I had to call the Hall technician which later calls up the Maintenance agent. He came at 3 and thankfully by 3:30 the air-cond works!

    Akta Angkasa was a brilliant way to start. Bravo!Bravo! doesn’t disappoint a bit, catchy Bloc Party alike tune (they even did the cover!). I like! Then Crimescene with their underwear showcase brings politically-charged messages with awesome performances. Daighila sure did bring down the house! It seems if they could perform just as fine as yesterday, they wouldn’t have problems to tackle the Aussie crowd in the later week. From the gut-wrenching set of Daighila, then comes Deepset who gave us gloomy and moody atmosphere. Hail Deepset! Killeur Calculateur was next. Good, good music! Simply put, a few friend (like 4-5 of them mentioned at different time) said this, “Macam Mat Saleh la dorang main!” ;p

    Up next was Lord Sunny Day. They don’t disappoint a bit. Right after LSD, the crowds were set for the killer. Off Minor was as tight as hell. Fucking technical! And they are fucking punks than you punks out there! Lovesick Avenue was next delivering some nice pop-ish tunes but heck, some of their songs kind of reminding me of Jawbreaker, Dinosaur Jr. and all. Fuh…Maybe it was just me. OCB was like freaking tight. No wonder kids’ goes crazy over their tunes and Kias Fansuri was the closure of the Closure. It was like their best 30 minutes set I’d ever seen.

    I would like to thanks Off Minor for coming to our shores and the 10 local bands who gave their all for the gig. Thanks a lot guys! My appreciation as well to all crews involved from setting up, gig handling (tickets, MC, etc) right towards the end; all friends who help to clean up the space etc. I owe you a lot! A BIG THANK YOU to all the crowds who came to the show. You make it happen!

    Yesterday was surely the last of the Disaster’s series. We may or may not be doing gig anymore. We would still be running the label; there would hopefully be some new releases in the coming months. We would be around, that’s for sure…

    Speaking on behalf of myself, I’m deleting myspace account. So for those who want to get in touch and becoming cronies, feel free to write to or go to our website

    Well, guess I’ve wrapped up everything here. Thank you once again. Good day!

  11. dean says:

    Then again, some fucker like Madmax here dare to say me (or we at Papakerma as whole) practice cronyism. The gig is supposed to welcome Off Minor for their Malaysia tour. Awirth (Utarid Bookings) is responsible to book the S.E.A leg for their 2008 tour. Awirth has invited local bands to tour with Off Minor as well. Killeur Calculateur & Orbit Cinta Benjamin expressed their interest and determined to go for the tour (tak sembang kosong sucker). By the time, Awirth had invited Lord Sunny Day (who are now becoming my housemate & damn son – they help a lot setting up & cleaning up the venue & take care of the sound system making it like the best I heard at MCPA so far!) to perform as well. Awirth also want his band to play, which brings us to Kias Fansuri. They are such a hard working band so why not?

    When I was first been given the task to organize the gig, I’ve already have 5 bands on the bill. This leaves me with limited choices of bands. Maximum no of bands I could invite are 5 instead of the earlier plans to organize the month long festival with like 30-40 bands performing (which are all my cronies as well, hahaha).

    The first band invited was Lovesick Avenue. I’ve never once hung out with them nor see them performing. Love the pop-ish music they play so there goes the stories. Next was Akta Angkasa. They are supposed to be released by our label so hell yeah this is the band we should promote! Next, Daighila comes to mind. Yes, they are some close friends but they did not once asked to perform at the gig. It was me for God sake thought that they are going for their Aussie tour in May so this could be some if not their last gig before the departure. I need bands with strong political stand and/or shocking outlook which could deliver thought-provoking speeches and/or throw sarcasm to the crowd. It doesn’t necessarily need to agree with whatever they say, but to have alternatives school of thought and be able to exchange ideas would be awesome. Hey, we have been “Merdeka” for 50 years. Move on. Open up our mind. Be critical. Crimescene and Onani are top in the game. So I invited them both to perform. I’ve befriended Deepset since their “Joy” days. Eh no, ever since they have not even started the band. They were my housemate back in my student years at Shah Alam. But you know what; I’d NEVER invited them to perform at any of the DISASTER series gig since its inception back in 2005. They had long been one of the local band that I’m crazy about, so this is perhaps my last chance to have them performing at my show, so I should have them! Gosh… now I have 11 bands on the list. I hate odd number. Period. Then I came across this new band Bravo!Bravo! which put up their home recorded and mixed song in their myspace. This could beat Hujan at any time! I thought. Haha… Then I got know that I know the drummer and the bassist. I invited them to perform and this would be their debut gig ever. So now I have 12 bands and my objectives for every gig to have fresh new faces are now accomplished.

    To say these bands are my crony is funny. I would like to know what does cronism means to you. I’ve never hang out with KC, OBC, Lovesick, Onani and Bravo! I know some of the line ups but we never hang out together. To be truthful, I don’t hang out much this days. Those other bands, yes I do know them but we only met like at gig… Meaning there are many other people with many other bands I met, I’m close with but no, they are not invited to perform.

    When we come to the term of cronyism, it means that putting inadequate people (here it should be band) to perform a job/duties which he/she is not capable of. Please tell me one, at least ONE band on the bill doesn’t deserve to perform at yesterday’s gig?

    Oh, Mr/Ms Madmax, why didn‚Äôt you tell me earlier your band wants to perform? Ahh… Surely I would turn you down because your band sucks!

  12. liarlara says:

    dean, thanks a lot…we had a lot of fun yesterday, thanks a again for invited us to share stage with other tremendous bands


  13. epit says:

    pantat kau madmax

  14. epit says:

    madmax pantat

  15. mat duan says:

    haha rilek sudey epit…

  16. rob bee says:

    awesome gig!
    dean u lupa mention bout kias fansuri,
    dorang kan main last after OCB..hehehe…
    kias juga tak kurang hebat nya gan penampilan guitar baru arwith.
    time off minor set aku terus kena gastrik…hebat
    rugi ko madmax tak datang,

    ps>guys jangan lupa coming gig 19th May 08 presents by cellulite recs.another series kroni show.
    madmax jgn lupa mark ur calendar?

  17. haq says:

    thanx to studio shop space for the backline.
    sapa2 nak rental
    017-2775010 (LUZ)

  18. kroni la apa la
    xmau kroni2,wat gig sendiri
    msti besh bro!
    kroni xsesuai aku rasa,kawan2 sebenarnya


  19. epit says:

    mana ada mengamuk
    best cakap pantat….
    lagi2 kalau cakap pantat madmax
    to everyone who made that gig possible bust their ass making it possible…thanks.

    semuanya baek….n under control.
    off minor pun puji organizer.

    p/s:pantat madmax

  20. epit says:

    studio shop space best weih…
    pegi la…
    puas hati.

  21. dean says:

    robbee, ada mention la… cuba tgk btol2..

    yes, cellulite gig would be awesome!

    sss backline is ngetop! everyone should try!

    aah en amirul, it’s funny how nowadays orang main tibai je bercakap without fully understood ape yg dorang sampaikan. tu yg kekadang dok guna term yg degrading walau konon tanpa niat.

  22. asa takkan mati says:

    kudos dude. especially dean, arwith, nazier & haq. Every band was fucking awesome. they really shook!-ed me all evening long.

    hey dude! not to forget, LSD dude! LSD dude! they managed to jazzying me and all of us i believed. trust me dude, they are big time better than your stupid hujan dude. they will blow your homophobic mind away. they’d lord sunny day my sunday.

  23. mohd tiong says:

    epit mara.power shop space baru tau.staff2 pon smue hansom2 belaka.

  24. rob bee says:

    yea kudos pada papajahat company hehehe ops papakerma..
    mayb coming gigs dean??
    epit lu ni so miang la..hahahaha..
    madmax u so lonely.meh la kawan gan epit,die punya kroni..

    wooo…yeah dude,LSD fuckin awekcome!dah tentu better then Hujan aka Hanjeng..LSD jazzy dan jazzy dan jazzy dan sazzy falak..arghhh..step sista ooo sista…

  25. epit says:

    mana ada marah la tiong…

    lsd memang best gila!!!!

  26. dean says:

    it have been eight (8) years since we first started Papakerma and tough luck, though many doesn’t even aware of our existence, we were always around and will still be. on the inquiries of any upcoming gigs, hurm… we are undecided. perhaps Nazier want to proceed, but he’s been occupied with his studies of late… Dhani on the other hand is getting married soon. so he might want to settle down in Kelantan (looks like it) and focus on family planning for this few years ;p and i might want to further my studies in LBS, UK (yes, my english sucks but apparently the prestigious LBS likes me! – Ehemm..KJ..Can I become ur crony now?) so that i could invite my favourite Malaysian band to perform in front of other Malaysian (or MELAYU alone) studying and working (though I know many won’t bother to attend) in UK… We’ll see how it goes lah. We will still however support gigs/events that is not shallow, narrow-minded racist, homophobic, sexist and fascist related. Worry not, we don’t belong in any “scene”. Do get in touch and let us see what we can do together-gather.

  27. pacai says:

    merdeka kunun. ni tulis omputih ni semua untuk siapa? biar kengkawan mat saleh paham ek? cuba tengok orang siam ka, orang jepun ka…. tak kira rojak macam mana pun bahasa ni jelah antara yang paling Malaysia tentang Malaysia….
    oh nak pergi belajar kat UK eh? tengah praktis lah ni?
    ok setadi hard!

  28. MoKUjiN says:

    hai madmax yang nakal. apa khabar?

  29. dean says:

    elo madmax ke pacai ke sape2 ke. kan senang kalu tulis nama korang, berhubung secara peribadi kalau korang agak2 tak puas hati sgt dgn aku.

    kan senang?

    ini ckp out of context, dah intepret lain maksud penulisan org, dah serupa suratkhabar utusan meloya. kalau dh nk menghentam tu, menghentam jugak. bukannya nk tgk ape di maksud.

    jom kita ngeteh.

  30. dhani says:

    still ingat zaman mirc dulu dulu?
    kalau ingat,

    (untuk perkara-perkara mcm ni)



  31. dean says:

    hehe..ingat2.. mesti ingat…
    tu lah..ada btol jgk…
    jadi maaf en joe & lain2 pembaca periuk nasi ini
    ia berakhir di sini dan kalau terasa nak lanjutkan juga kenapa tidak di laman web kami ( atau email (

  32. pacai says:

    biar lambat, asal sedar… hehe
    lek ah Din….

  33. madmax says:

    HAHAHAHA (menggunakan font size 100)

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