Sunday, 1st July 2007: 2nd Combat Euro-Tour Farewell Show @ The Annexe


Joe hoards and shares.

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  1. xnizangx says:

    bes of luck!

  2. xhuzaibax says:

    wah, second combat main lagi? best betul, kat CM lagi? hehe alamak ada chop ricecooker, takpa tu namanya advertisement

    p/s: ini baru band talented (statement bodek)

  3. dean says:

    best of luck, second combat!!! =>

  4. xzainulx says:

    takde la best sgt kot…

  5. Joe Kidd says:

    The cynical comments are much appreciated Mr H, but don’t get too “alamak” when you nampak The Ricecooker Shop logo on flyers for gigs at The Annexe la boss.

    Starting from July next month, The Ricecooker Shop will be taking care of all the “rock music” bookings at the space. It’s mainly to help the shop to make some money to pay the rent lah, and also to get gigs going there instead of just exhibitions and workshops, which takes up a lot of space but create not much traffic.

  6. Joe Kidd says:

    As for the band 2nd Combat, personally, I have always liked the band’s musical prowess, better than most around, even though there’s nothing original there (or anywhere else these days!), and they have been consistently playing good shows all around too; so thumbs up for that.

    A recent video interview we did at the shop with the band made me realise that 2nd Combat got their hearts at the right place. Very nice guys, extremely friendly and very idealistic, almost to the point of the absurd. Reminded me of the days when my band was writing “belia 4B” songs like “Slam Safe Today”! With naive lyrics like this:

    Now my friends, let us all have some safe fun
    No time to worry, no time to feel so down
    Don’t need no assholes in our pit tonight
    so move around, it’ll make you feel alright

    Now that really is cringeworthy nowadays but back then it was soooo important! Hah!

    However, that doesn’t mean I agree with all that youth-crew, posi-core, XXXX, poison-free stuff though. I leave that to the “Konservatif HC” part of the scene lah. As long as it rocks your boat lah. It’s not my business to meddle in anyway.

    The point is; I laugh at “Get pissed, destroy!” as much as I laugh at “True for Life”; both statements never fail to tickle me to death!

    Life and living it is not that simple boss! “Spiral Edge” is the way to go! Hahah!

  7. xhuzaibax says:

    Cool la abg joe.

    About the logo, hope that it will not come with any purpose. Thanks to Joe Kidd for allowing United Front Records do show at The Annexe. Yes, affordable rent, pleasent space, since nothing good to be offered by others club here in klang valley for making a gig. We believe in business, we believe in making money in term of getting back what we had spent. Dont worry to much la tokey.

    “conservative HC” ?? yey yey

  8. XXXsoberXXX says:

    JK dah jelaskan what nape die letak logo tu seme…x payah la nak pertikaikan and so on…alamak la…alapak la…

  9. faiss says:

    erkk…barunding edge then!kah3..

  10. majiy says:

    bengkok edge lagi best!

  11. khairul azizi says:

    aik…benda ni pun jadi isu juga ka?kalo x suke jangan datang.yg suke datang lah…susah ke?

  12. xjimx says:

    apa susah.mari kita bergembira.yihaaa!.good luck and i wish the best to all people who helps for the betterment of the scence.keep up the good work.

  13. nizangdiofis says:

    i tuned in to last night only at 11.50! i missed almost all of the interviews and the songs second combat played last nite. if anyone recorded it, do let me know.
    just managed to listen to GB, angry samoans and xKOTMx which i’ve heard all before already. wonder what else they played.


  14. XXXsoberXXX says:

    aku pun dgr jugak…tapi jawapan iv yg dijawab, kureng jelas dan memuaskan ah…harap dpt diperbaiki

  15. despair.hc says:

    Nizang you can listen to the i/v set at the unitedxfront myspace blog … but the quality is kinda so so .. but at least you know what they are talking about …

    to anyone get any question and willing to get the answer do come to the show and ask them … it will be better than be a blog hero or whutever u called it … xxx

  16. despair.hc says:

    For those who coming on the 1st July this are the schedule that you must look for.The show will start from 2.00pm until 7.00pm.The shop will close at 8pm,So we gonna start early for the shows.Between 1.30pm-2.30 pm will be open by new breed of hardcore band.Lots or hardcore merch,animal rights counter,straightedge counter will be available.Make yourself available at the shows.Show your support by coming early.For those whose need of directions please contact our customer service number at 0172546585/0125312427.Come and lets have Fun.ATTN : To the band mates try to come as much early as you can coz we would like to see that the band enjoy played their set without time limit . So need to take this darm serious !!! 1.SkunkFix 2.30-3.00pmlate 80’s n early 90’s punk rockers punk turn melodic n getting tired of wearing that hottie leather jacket,New album out now!!2.First Base 3.00-3.30pmFirstBase is a hc/punk band which blending new and old sounds of old school/hc such as New Winds, Champion and FC Five.3.Restraint 3.30-4.00pm Bringing back the raw and pure hardcore spirits, from the famous circle pits, finger pointings, sing-a-long and 2 steps.4.Shock Cable 4.00-4.30pmDrunken Mosh band For fans of Slayer,Municipal waste,Suicidal Tendencies,The Ramones with craziest moshing marathon ever.5.xElevenx 4.30-5.00pmModern Oldschool sxe hardcore With positive messages like Champion,Bane,Comebak kid,Betrayed and Verse.6.Overthrown 5.00-5.30pm90’s Hardcore band influence by Worlds Collide,Battery,Turning Point,Strife,STOMPING GROUND bringing back the Spirit of 90’s and 88 Hardcore.7.SharonStoned 5.30-6.00pmFrom Intensity to Politics to Straightedge band combine together with oldschool+thrashcore influences like ManLiftingBanner & NationsOnFire with the POSITIVITY of 7 Seconds, Insted, Uniform Choice, Youth of Today.8.Forgive 6.00-6.30pmModern oldschool hardcore band like Verse,Sinkingships,AboveThisFire with the passionate of oldschool spirit.9.SecondCombat 6.30-7.00pmYouth crew hc, political,sxe,melodic,Highpitching with catchy singalongs and moshing part showing hardcore with energetic feelings.p/s : We have to make a stand here and now !! – Act NOW !!!

  17. Hafiz says:

    I’ll come to shoot pictures using my newly acquired second-hand Canon EF 15mm F2.8 Fisheye lens. Can give free pass?? hehe…


  18. Hafiz says:

    To Joe Kidd,

    oh yeah.. I have some gig pictures held at Annexe, click link below:


    This is Young And Dangerous Release Party.

    I have many more gig pictures. If u want to look at it, just email me.


  19. nizangdiofis says:

    skunkfix will appear on ‘punk rock paradox’ 4 way split under my label. unfortunately we’re unable to make it available tomorrow. i’ll be sending the cd for pressing later today. the cover is probably ready by now but i’m too damn busy with work nowadays. even on saturday!

    so yeah, do check out the band. and if u think u like it, do look out for the cd. it’ll be out, the latest in 3 weeks time. hopefully. the other bands on the cd are: brayok (ipoh punk rock), stick no bill (sg. petani skapunk) and the ray gradys (philadelphia pop/melodic punks). will be availeble at ricecooker shop at a very low price.

    btw, fuck work! more power to people who do more “punk rocker” jobs like selling t-shirts/hoodies. hahaha! and also other freelance job, amik gambo org kawin, design kad kawin and mekap pengantin! hahah!

    “say…i hate work, i hate work, i hate work!, fuck u!” -enslaved chaos.

  20. Joe Kidd says:

    Hafiz, just come lah and i try to get you free pass from the organisers, as long as you’ll give them access to the pictures lah. I think they’ll be fine with that.

  21. Joe Kidd says:

    I second Nizang’s frustration. been working at home for some outside designing jobs and it’s taking me away from the shop! shit. there’s a lot of new stuff at the shop tapi tak sempat nak review for you people. if you are at the show on sunday, come down and visit lah.



  22. SecondCombat says:


  23. xakmalx says:

    good luck for second combat..

  24. MoKUjiN says:

    good luck second combat!

  25. SecondCombat says:

    Hi to everyone Who came to the Farewell party last nite.Its been great to Had everyone in the pit were having fun chillin together,regardless of colours,gender,age and principles that we live.We didn’t have enough time to say goodbye to everyone we see at the shows,to show how flattered we are seeing the atmosphere filled with joy,laughter,moshing and singalong for 20 minutes of our sets. This is a moment that we will always treasure when we get old.

    Thanks to every bands that play today,you show lots of efforts for coming and playing for the sake of friendships,especially bands comes all the way from Singapore.This thanks also goes to all the kids that comes from all part of this country showing their participations.All these new faces are been appreciated.

    Sorry that we didn’t have enough time to argue or to debate about the scene politics that had been spreading around the country,since there are better things to talk about besides than sxe and Whos punkDIYHc or not over and over.Its about time that we look beyond these problems that stress over and reach out new faces that are basically going nowhere.Yet we still dont have solutions to all the problems in the world when explanantion didnt come in handy.Furthermore the earth is having problems and its been burn in every corner for the sake of these greedy corporations,eventually we got family that needed helps and most probably my family do want your help.No more hating eachother kids lets focus our anger on something else since theres lots of things to care about besides our code of ethics.

    Its not easy to reach this far,takes lots of patience and discipline to balance our walking for the edge.Yet we lost lots of money and time to get outside of this country.Risking jobs and future for the sake of Hardcore?In the other hand we dont care about our future looks likes seems we’ve been positive to know that this is our lifestyle and its gonna be another 10 years to go.Were not a perfect bands,since we didn’t have all the answer but we keep moving foward to be inspired and get inspired by the kids.We always keep our head low and talk after the shows.Communications always important for us here now and then.

    To all the kids we just wanna say that we appreciate everything from top to bottom of your actions,arranging shows,lending a place to crash,put up in your fanzine,compilations and buying our stuffs.It means so much to us,Thank you so much,See you guys after the tour.

  26. rzman says:

    good luck braders!

  27. hafiz says:

    Joe Kidd,

    I come yesterday, but so shy to meet u to get the free pass, ehehe.. I saw u at the back when Second Combat played. It’s OK la, just want people to get to know me first, then I’ll try to request free pass laa… hehe..

    Oh yeah, I shoot many pictures yesterday. Will try to upload it and will publish about on this Wednesday. I’ll post the link here fore everybody to see, don’t worry.

    Cheers mate!

  28. Pijan says:

    Hell! I’d rather talk about global farking heating than farking each other muthafarka! Panas nih cuaca skg!
    To Ein & Awit : Yo goodluck muthafarka! Be Well!

  29. Pijan says:

    Don’t fight each other! Just fuk each other(in bed) perhaps.. 🙂

  30. Joe Kidd says:

    Second Combat put up a good show, yet again.

    I didn’t managed to check the other bands though. Had to take care of the shop all the way through, so thanks to The Civil Dude who took over the shop for a while so I can get my arse up there and check out Ein and gang. There’s a new drummer apparently and no Arwith who had gone ahead off to Eropah on Saturday.

    We had a bit of problem yesterday when the show went off the time limit, so we had to cut 2nd Combat’s set a bit. There’s a film show which was scheduled at 8pm and the technicians wanted to start putting up their projector and screen at 7pm.

    Anyway, we managed to extend it till 7.45pm, and clear up the space immediately after. Everybody worked really fast, taking the drums and amps and PA out of the room in a flash and then clean up the space a bit.

    So with the help of everybody the film show managed to get going pretty much without hassle. Thanks to everyone who helped for that.

    One thing for sure though, I think 2nd Combat should have played a much longer set, fitting for a farewell but… I think everyone enjoyed it anyway. I did.

    I managed to pay the sound equipment (their fee is usually RM400) but they took RM150. That’s cool, also because the band’s crew brought their own amps. Paid for the room (actually RM400 for the upstairs) but I got it for RM300, and my shop took RM100 for our side of work. So everything worked fine in the end.

    I heard from Ein that all the bands played for free, so the rest of the money goes to the band for the tour, and i thought that it’s freaking sweet. I wish I could have forfeited my part but shit man, we need pay the shop’s rent this month!

    Thanks to everyone. And have a good trip boys!

  31. Hafiz says:

    Pictures ready! go to the link below :


  32. Hafiz says:

    Joe Kidd,

    You are most welcome. I’ll come again this 14/7 for KontraSosial gig and 28/7 for Raja Singa gig to shoot pictures.

    Cheers dude!

  33. Pijan says:

    Joe + Kid : Cayalah!
    p.s abg zaxx, bila mau pulang cd the smith gua?mahal siott! and joe, nanti aku return cd copy jawbreaker live tu,cd morissey ada pd mu kan? hehe bole jimat phone bill lah ada benda alah ni..
    n mr budin petai,aku nak burn belle&sebastien buleh?boring lah dlm keta dok lyn suicidal tendencies je!

  34. dysuc))) says:

    Kecow la Peot seko ni. Sampai bawak ke sini pulak. Yela, yela… telinga aku pun dah naik sebu dengo suara Steven Patrick Morrissey ni. Babai.

  35. dysuc))) says:

    Err… Second Combat rocks!

  36. gasoline grenade rocks! nuisance drilled sucks!

  37. kucai says:

    all the best to second combat!

  38. anock mayran says:

    goood luckssss 2nd Com…

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