UPDATE: Sunday, 17th June 2007: Radio Free Kl @ The Annexe


Joe hoards and shares.

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  1. radioGAGA says:

    WHOOOPS! joe, u forgot to add the hyphen for the new url. http://radio-gugu.blogspot.com

  2. xnizangx says:

    nervhous distro list updated, May 2007! visit http://myspace.com/nervhous

  3. myo says:

    this will be good!

  4. shahrizal says:

    yo kid, gerek gila website!!!!! awesome layout lah bro. hasil kraftangan zul eh?

  5. Kid says:

    yea bro!
    hasil kerja zul. tengah negotiate sama joe kidd ni nak tumpang hosting ricecooker.

  6. Kid says:

    sarjan hassan – local crossover thrash heroes confirmed that they also will be on the bill!
    expect the updated flyer soon.

  7. tiong aka mohd faizal says:

    yeahh..cayalah!!slayer satu

  8. Man Beranak says:

    hahaha…tak bawak kot lagu raining blood Slayer tu kot, maybe bawak DRI(the five years plan) dan Motorhead (ace of spade) jer.. tapi ada gak rasa2 nya nak cover Johny Cash (man in black) ngan Metallica (seek and destroy)…hehehehe

  9. tiong aka mohd faizal says:

    eh ok la tu.kasi on terus.mmg suite sgt2 dgn korang.alang2 dh ade metallica,kasi battery satu..yeah 😀

  10. Kid says:

    people, kah-roe-shi will also have some tshirts and buttons for sale. and FREE patches! see the designs here: kah-roe-shi.blogspot.com.


  11. Kid says:

    we had a blast last nite.
    thanks to every single person who came, every bands, organizer and the crews.
    your support means a lot to us! kid

  12. Joe Kidd says:

    First of all, this gig was organised by RadioGaGa (Xumb of Shock System) and helped by The Ricecooker Shop, so it’s not us alone!

    anyway, terima kasih banyak for those who came. yup, we had fun. kah roe shi blasted our retinas with this huge video projection upon the stage area, and they were densely heaviiii!

    maharajah appeared with alang muze on drums, so the energy level was pretty higher than usual! pengganti auburn (yg pulled out at the last minit) gasoline grenade sounded much better too. shock system minimised their “crooning” parts, so i can say its the best SS set i’ve seen.

    As for Sarjan Hassan, they rocked. I kept thinking that if Sarjan Hassan had appeared back in 1990, they would whup everyone arse back then. Apiz is such a guitar hero! Love the covers (DRI, Motorhead, Slayer) but their own songs shall be classics, I kid you not!

    There were not that many attendees tapi disebabkan bands tak banyak (only 5), the collection was enough for us to pay everyone involved! So kita punya strategi cukup berjaya. So terima kasih again to all of you.

    Masalah Berbangkit:

    Show started 3 jam dari sepatutnya! Dari pukul 3 tertangguh ke pukul 6.30pm! Masalah utama, PA system datang lambat, so bila kita campur setting-up and each band punya soundcheck, itu dah bertambah delaynya.

    note: The Annexe masih belum ada sound-system sendiri, so kita kena sewa. Bila The Annexe akan ada system sendiri? Kami berharap secepat mungkin, saya dengar proposals sudah dihantar kepada management.

    Anyway, kita bernasib baik malam tu tak ada event lain, kalau tak gerenti clashing, especially dia punya “bising”. Imagine kalu CM ada event theatre yang patut start pukul 8.30pm, walhal show kita baru start pukul 6.30pm! Mampus!

    So next time, we have to setup very awal. Dalam pukul 12 tengahari dah kena siap-siap setting-up, lepas tu sound-check and then baru boleh start round 3pm. Lets do that at the next show.

    thanks to Mamil, Amy for the sound-system and taking care of all that stuff on-stage. Thanks to Man for all the other shitwork he did; the projection and all. And yes, thanks to all the bands!

  13. Pijan says:

    Yeah.demi utk cuba menguasai carta band paling byk main kat annexe, GG akan terus bersedia menggantikan band2 yg x dpt main, drummer pegi kenduri kahwin ke, guitaris bini bersalin ke, mahupun vokalis korang kena sakit gigi last2 minit..panggil lah kitorang ya!

    p/s : sapa lagi kat sini suka I Farm? kitorang tgh cuba set up show diorang kat southeast asia.

  14. Kid says:

    i farm? wow pijan! best gilers band tu! kid

  15. xumb says:

    YUP YUP YUP! RadioGAGA would like to thank Joe and Ricecooker, Man and Annexe, Mamil, Amy and the crew, the bands, and especially friends and fans who came, saw and conquered The Radio Free KL Show last Sunday! Tepuk tangan ramai2! See ya’ll in the next installment of RFKL! Review, photos, videos will be uploaded at the RadioGAGA Blog soon!

  16. kid says:

    Kah-Roe-Shi live set during Radio Free KL!

    try this url:

    More audio + visual treat from Radio Free KL:

    Thanks to the RadioGaga crew for the video! Kid

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