Sunday, 13th August 2006: This Is Not A Break Up @ Titan


Joe hoards and shares.

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8 Responses

  1. xbebas says:

    venue KL jer byk..hik3

  2. piko says:

    SP di bawah kuasa hitam.

  3. dean says:

    terdapat beberapa perubahan venue. latest is:

    8/12(sat) singapore
    8/13(sun) kuala lumpur, wilayah persekutuan
    8/15(tue) seremban, negeri sembilan
    8/16(wed) shah alam, selangor
    8/17(thu) klang, selangor
    8/19(sat) georgetown, penang
    8/20(sun) ipoh, perak

    yup, tak dinafikan most venues sekitar kL. but itu yg kami termampu. byk tmpt kat semenanjung dah susah nak buat gig. then, nak ke sabah sarawak tak mampu lagi. hopefully, for the next tour, kami akan try utk dptkan lebih byk co-organizer dari pelbagai negeri =)

  4. mike.w says:

    This looks very interesting–but I’ve already checked both sites of Dip Leg & Curve’s and there’s no music from them which I can preview. Any possibility of helping me out in that area?

    Have they set where in Georgetown yet for their Penang Gig?


  5. nazier says:

    hello mike.w,

    there’re 2 songs at curve’s website (pc> media)
    and dipleg’s, you also can download it from

    penang venue has confirm. but i forgot the place.
    i’ll update to you later.

    thank you for your interest 🙂

  6. mike.w says:

    Thanks Nazier!–I feel kinda embarassed that I could find those songs earlier. It’s a real pity that Dip Leg won’t be playing in Penang.

    Can’t wait to find out where it is. Hopin’ to meet some Papakerma people for some cds & releases.

    Thanks again!
    =) Mike.w

  7. nobeat says:

    hello mike..

    regarding to penang gig, its located near jetty. its about 5 minute walk from jetty. the venue is so fukkin small even u wouldnt have enough space to show your kunfu moshing. but the address is at 60 Wel;d Quay….the flyers is in the making, hope u will be patient about the flyers. but anyway, do contact me for any update. babai….

  8. nazier says:

    so there the penang’s organizer has spoken. meet you there mike.w 😉

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