Update: Sunday, 12th August 2007: Reason I Stay 2 @ the MCPA


Joe hoards and shares.

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  1. xahamdsafuanx says:

    must be a great show

  2. verse says:

    Its good to have FSF on the list..
    This is my favourite band ever haha..
    Thanks Fahmi for make it with us…
    and you guys need to check escape, they are really good and very humble person.
    See you guys there….!!

  3. anock mayran says:

    FSF ! Fsf! Fsf !

  4. man doe says:

    devilica is back!!! yeahh.. dgr cita lagu baru mmg jahat2

  5. robot says:

    devilica.. devilica…nice gig.

  6. despair.hc says:

    Don’t forget the band from Tuaran , Sabah called “SCOLD” .. some friends mention that they have a really nice set … wish to see more band from Sabah / Sarawak play in kl … YES ! this is all about hardcore all about …

    p/s : i miss to see the Non Priority set and the legendary Basic Right … huhu

  7. calat says:

    FSF! FSF! FSF!

  8. azzief says:

    devilica! whooo!

  9. locust says:

    yes.. devilica devilica.. they’re back

  10. xboncaix says:

    Nostlagia – Sama bangkit untuk berdiri!!

  11. xboncaix says:

    Nostalgia – Sama bangkit untuk berdiri!!

  12. stalingrad says:

    Chaotic technical mathcore from Seremban; very energetic on stage!

    ..hmm they’re from tampin n not seremban yaw.. n they’re malaysian techgrind mayhem n i love the comeback of FSF.. jgn lupa bwk version punk rock lagu carburator dung lama tuh.. apa nama lagu tuh joe.. aku lupa laa..hahha.. kalau x silap fsf bwk lagu tuh time code 13 main kat kl

  13. xnizangx says:

    labour of hate?

  14. wallsplug says:

    devilica ttp rabak…x sabar nk tggu rilisan trbaru diaorg..msti byk perubahan ni hehe..

  15. haq says:

    ya..nantikan devilica…insyallah selepas raya akan diriliskan.

  16. xkeithx says:

    saya suka Yuen! I love u! haha..

  17. roe! says:

    siap ada map lagi. fuyoooooooooooooooo

  18. Boy Disaster says:

    Ooo..kat sini ke Hall tu..kat umah lama aku dulu..hehehe…also tempat kerja last Arwith sebelum pi Europe…hehehe

  19. Ekspress Rakyat says:

    Kalau UnitedxFront buat gig mesti meriah. Ada la dalam 250-400 orang yang hadir. MCPA memang best. Sebelah pagi pergi “Know Your Right Workshop” yang SUARAM organize, habis bengkel terus naik atas, meronggeng pula! Kewl!

  20. United x Front Records says:

    ” The reason I stay 2 ” on 12th August 2007 met it’s objective which is to gather all the kids under one roof, and to keep the scene alive. From the inspired messages conveyed from all the performers, to the energy level shown by the kids, this showcase is one masterpiece of memorable events that we, ourselves can’t even forget, hopefully for you too. But again, without participating from everyone, this show can’t be done very well and with this kind opportunity.

    We would like to express our endless gratitude to all the performers on that day Escape , Kids on the move, Devilica , Dash Own , Nostalgia , Scold , Restraint , FSF and Second Combat for their awesome showmanship and attitude to all the show crew members who help the label in promotion, security, merchandise, etc

    All these to assure the show done in excellent way and in order [ we shall say without your contribution this show will ruins ] . Not forgetting to all the kids who come to the show , pay the tickets , have a good-positive-clean-fun and show your endless support from the opening band till the last band. This is the spirit that keep the scene alive , and hardcore/punk is still breathing in Malaysia ever since. You are the one who actually inspired many of us, and this is what this show is all about. Keep it real, keep it alive, keep it breathing. Thank you …

    || The Crew ||
    United Front Records

  21. pelik says:

    pelikkan? kenapa nama devilica sahaja yg tidak diboldkan?

  22. Nobeat says:

    maybe the next controversy???? or not sxe enuff to be the bold???? who knows…..

  23. pelik says:

    u ni funny la nobeat. i like you.kau kat mane skang? penang or kl lagi?

  24. thisdayallgodsdie says:

    ada jer jari2 keji yg nak buat isu.

  25. wallsplug says:

    a’ah la,knape nama devilica sahaja x dihitam kn?..bole ke pihak unitedXfront bgtau tau kenapa sebab ye?

    -bdk baru belaja 🙂

  26. rizie says:

    yeahh!kontroversi lagi.i like it!ekekeke

  27. whateverlah! says:

    ya allah. pasal tak boldkan nama pun satu issue ke???? 😛 😛 😛 😛 hehehe.

  28. xmaklukxsucix says:

    emmm..banyak betol dewan bahasa dan pustaka yang memerhatikan yer…asal ada salah kit mesti nak buat pembetulan..tapi kesalahan sendiri di abaikan…huhu macam2 apa la malangnya dengan sxe ni yer…ape2 pon gig haritu terbaik,aman damai,bersih,segar,selesa tiada pencemaran udara…(bau minyak wangi maintain sampai balik)

    respek tul la kat u all unitedxfront
    cakap serupa bikin laaa…
    ni baru la betol…
    asik2 omong2 kosong jer macam yang lain..
    bosan2…selfish jer…tah ape2…

  29. ateng says:

    haiz.. sebab nama band x bold pun nak jadi kontroversi.. aku dari band devilica, x terasa langsung dgn benda2 mcm ni.n jgn lah sebab benda kecik nak buat isu. mungkin yg tukang type tu tersilap..btw.. kami n united front x penah ada apa2 isu.. bagi aku united front one of the best label, walaupun kami bkn sXe, tetap juga dipanggil utk contribute dlm show ini, harap tiada lagi persoalan okeh..dengan ada nya sifat buruk sangka mcm nih mcm mana nak maju..

    ateng on behalf of Devilica

  30. dean says:

    In regard to Devilica non-bold typo, I believe it was unintended. Since Ateng and Co. from Devilica weren‚Äôt even bothered, so makes no biggie about it. After months of hiatus from going to gigs and my first experience attending one at MCPA, I sincerely congratulate the organizer for much hard work they put to being able to pull off such an excellent show. I meant discipline-wise. It started early, bands got to play within time allocated, and from faces that I see that day, everyone was happy, no complain – period. Musically, Devilica, FSF (though got some probs with the mic & bass amp = Che Mie, ehehe) and (if I even needed to mention ’em) Second Combat (again, syabas for successful Euro tour! As in Utarid case, them European would go ga-ga over Malaysia/SEA old school bands after this!) were simply a killer! Wanted to catch Nostalgia as well but hell, mapley & heavy rain really pays it toll. It was good, clean and fun as well. No one get hurts =) It was a good mix of old and up n coming bands, familiar and fresh faces, quite a no of DIY items on sale too (though there was like 2-3 zines on sale, where are u editors?) and I would say, the sound system by far one of the best I‚Äôve heard at any local gigs!

  31. halim says:

    yeah, dean. saya setuju. sebenarnya maybe silap atau html code tak type properly la kot. xde issue band tuh sxe ke tak…. benda make sense je pun, itupun nak besar2….

    well, mentality la kot. lagi suka tengok orang berpecah dari nak membangunkan scene. anyway, akupun datang show hari tuh n so far mcm ni la antara contoh show yg aku rase patut semua organizer take note. bukan acuh tak acuh….tahniah!

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