Sue Anna Joe: Her Secret Life


Joe hoards and shares.

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  1. Sue Anna Joe says:

    Huhu. Memang pandai. Carik habis almost all the links to my stuff over the net. =]
    Anyways, nice selection of my works, these 2 are among my personal favourites.
    Alritey, oh and thank you so much for checking my works out.

    Much Love,

  2. hey sue, hope you don’t mind me highlighting your works here, without prior consent too. They are all amazing stuff. I do believe you should have a show here in KL, I know a few galleries who would be thrilled to have your work at their premises. Do mail me if it’s alrigt for me to notify them.



  3. Sue Anna Joe says:

    Hey Joe, you’re my dad! Hehe. Anyways, uhmm yeah i’ve always been interested to have a small lil exhibition of my works here, unfortunately i’m never too confident to, besides the fact, that i’m a bit lazy to go around and search for places or people to. So that’s why i’m mostly stuck on the net. Easy access, no need to carry my arse anywhere. So yeah.

    It’d be cool, I most definitely would love to have my own show, sure you could tell them. And if they are interested, just tell me what i’ve got to do.

    I’ve included my e-mail, so you could contact me for any further discussions.

    And I don’t mind at all you featuring my works. I appreciate it.

    Much Love,

  4. Sue Anna Joe says:

    Wahai scum`, kita pernah ketemu ropanya. Waduh waduh.

  5. azreenmadzlan says:

    woah anna. u semakin famous sekarang 😉

  6. Sue Anna Joe says:

    Woah Azreen Madzlan. Why lah you tak active kat DA. Me wants to see how the pics from D70 turn out. Huhu. By the way. Famous? Uhmpth. Tak bestla. Kalau kaya takpa jugak. Boleh beli kamera best best. Oyy, bila kita nak go out on a shooting rampage?

    Huhu, I hope u baca reply ni, tiba tiba plaks I lari off topik. Sorry Joe. 😛

    Sayang selalu,


  7. endosed|by|hate says:

    juz to info u that i use one or maybe more your picture that i take from your deviant pages as my wallpaper … is a very kewl thing to share … take care .. see u somewhere ….

    p/s : u still owe me something … right ?

  8. Sue Anna Joe says:

    Huhu. Noice. I owe something? Maybe? But uhmm, you are? =

  9. scum` says:

    yer..hehe..tapi gwe malu banget..hhaha!lenkali jmpa sure tegur..

  10. endosed|by|hate says:

    yes u owe me something … heheh your heart …. wakakak .. no la … nothing … wish we can be hang out after this … hehe … and to bro joe … bila hang nak letak sign up for log in … risau if someone guna nickname …. wish ia tak lama lagi la …. ok … xxx

  11. Sue Anna Joe says:

    endosed|by|hate: huhu. well i’ll give you my kidney instead. =] huhu. prolly someday. have we met?

  12. Zaxx says:

    Much evolving since the day one I’ve met her. Great works, Intan!

  13. Sue Anna Joe says:

    Hey Zaki. =] Thanks alot.

  14. hafizban says:

    dont hide ur talents coz maybe it’s an inspirational to others..

  15. nizam.nuri says:

    saya amat mencemburui artwork dan skill fotografi kamu…teruskan usaha anda!!

  16. Sue Anna Joe says:


    I’m trying not to. Thank you


    Huhu. Usahlah cemburu. Anda punya fotografi apa kurangnya, ada stail tersendiri. And yeah, marilah kita bersama meneruskan usaha. =]


  17. rupert says:

    Since so many people are “puji”ing you, I critic la can? NO offense, you are a hidden gem that presently enjoyed by people who know you but it is just a matter of time that you get famous etc etc…
    I’m a fan too.

    Does the mostly self potrait, of making yourself the subject a sign of self-love or self admiration? Does photographing yourself means less control over the result of the pictures? Much like the lomographers, that you don’t contribute that much to the result?

    Why do you choose digital more than manual camera as your weapon of choice?

    Is it true that you will be having an exhibition soon?


  18. dhani says:

    sue anna. ko ni awek mat pitt uia eh. patut ah macam kenal. :). cuba tengok galeri gambar kat website ni. ada gambar ko dengan mat pitt masa kat balai seni. :). :-

    p/s:- sorry kalo gua salah orang. tapi macam betul jerk. :P.hehe

  19. Sue Anna Joe says:


    😛 Well, self-portraits because most of my pictures I take when i’m at home as I don’t go out too much. And to me photography is also an art form, a medium of self-expression. Thus the self-portraits, where I express my thoughts, my feelings, ideas or simply fantasies of mine. And indeed I admit, I love and admire myself, despite the flaws I have, but in a way it helps me boost my own personal confidence when I dare to show ppl what goes inside my mind. Sort of a window to my soul kinda thang.

    However, i’ve been taking pictures of others as well. But not too many, since I can’t find the time to meet up, and also that i’m a bit malas. Since this is only a hobby, which I never really thought of making it a profession, but as for now it’s purely an ‘entertainment’ for me.

    To be honest, I very much prefer manual. However, with film, it cost money, to buy the film, and to develop the film. Also since, obviously it’ll be perdy darn hard to take it with film, with digital, you immediately get the result, and can delete the shots that didn’t work. And believe me not every single shot I get i’m satisfied with. Also, there is alot of ‘oops’ shots. So uhmm that’d be quite risky with film.

    I mostly use my manual for class purposes. And photojournalism. But as I said, I don’t go out much, so yup. And well digital is indeed more convenient. =]

    Hmm, but I don’t think I quite understand what you mean by “Much like the lomographers, that you don‚Äôt contribute that much to the result?”. I’m not sure if I understood you right, clarify please?

    I’m not sure what control you mean here, but from what I get… it does need more control then ever. I usually do a brief sketch in mind, of what pose and where. And consider teh lighting as well, not that I work with studio lights, no, but with whatever lighting I have, I try to control the environment surrounding me, also setting up the setting. Also that I do post process my works, in Photoshop, so doesn’t that mean I am in control of the result? Confused.

    I hope i’m answering your questions.

    As for the exhibition, it’s still all in planning. As a matter of fact, I have been invited to many exhibitions, but i’m just too malas to. I really dislike doing all that paperwork stuff. I was invited to do an exhibition in Amsterdam quite recently, among 15 other self-portrait photographers. Unfortunately, I was terribly busy with my studies that I didn’t have the chance to post my piece. And yeah, malas is always one of the reasons. As the exhibit in Malaysia (which I assume you’re talking about) is still in plan. And hopefully it works out!

    If so, you’d better come. 😛

  20. nizang says:

    member aku ujay sokmo kate “kalu malas, bile mung nok berjaye???” hehhehe…demo ni malah sokmo…tapi bijok…sayang lah…dok gitu? hhehe…i’m with intan! manual photography fukkin wasting money!! hehehe…more power digital photography!!

  21. zam says:

    wei aku da tgk artwork die..memang sempoi..aku minat gak tapi x berbakat!

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