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  1. dean says:


    All are invited for another hawt-hawt-hawt showcase at SSS TONIGHT!

    Avocado and The Bad Voice is surely a must watch! Expect the unexpect! Anyway, Avocado is the “stage name” for Abroco, who you may have probably already know, CM-usual faces!

    Dum Dum Tak is perhaps the most interesting punk rock band in Malaysia now (together with Always Last for sure!). Political lyric and good music, what’s more could you ask for?

    Pakatan Haram Jadah is going to replace Fall To Their Death. Equally brutal sludge metal. Apocalypse now!

    We may have an additional act. A special guest from Sabah, OUTFALL. Amazing band with amazing kids. Have a taste of their music first before they perform at We’ve Lost Beauty Fest on the following day.

    Show start at 9pm with rm5 donation at entrance. Bring mo’ money cause you could expect there’ll be a whole lot of stuff to be on sale!!!

    Spread the word.


  2. dean says:


    We DO have an additional act. A special guest from Sabah, OUTFALL. Amazing band with amazing kids. Have a taste of their music first before they perform at We’ve Lost Beauty Fest on the following day.

  3. dean says:

    For those who may concern,

    Well, to be honest, I was quiet upset with the bands’ attitude of showing up very very late with no excuses offered, and for not respecting the space.

    Truth be told, SSS does welcome all sort of friends with all sort of attitude and interest and yes, we don’t want to be judgmental simply because we are not. But there must be certain limit. Not for our sake alone, but for anyone.

    I feel that after doing shows for almost a year (especially for touring bands and now, the weekly mini-gig/jamming session), friends tend to forget about those limits, or perhaps wasn’t even aware of them. If it’s the latter,please excuse us. We don’t have any malicious intent so let this be a lesson for all.

    First, we at SSS wanted the show to start and finish early. So that especially for those with the family, having to work on weekends and may have another plans during the Friday’s night and early Saturday morning, could attend and have fun too. We do understand, if the bands arrive at the venue half an hour or even an hour late due to KL’s traffic, but 2 hours late? Hurm…

    Last night the show only start at 11pm and with four (4) bands performing, it only ends at around 1:30am! Some I could see were already tired and worn out.

    If that’s not bad enough, then, only 10 kids paid to get in. There were some familiar faces who didn’t even bothered to chip in rm5 or at least donate to the box. The result is, we collected just enough to pay for studio rental (actually less, but “the boss” either he agrees or not, will have to tolerate this). We were not even able to pay any bands.

    The real issue I need to stress here as being on behalf of the rest at SSS is, please, pretty please, respect the space.

    We were (read: WERE) OK for kids to come over and drinks during shows. There were several occasions where kids vomited (in the toilet that is) and all, but the situation was in control.

    But last night incident, not only that we had the Rukun Tetangga as visitor (mind you right behind the studio is flat houses and next to it is Wangsa Maju Police Quarters), then the kids were screaming to their lung at 2 in the morning which could have woken up our neighbour and some of the kids were running (OK lah, berjalan) near the Mamak next to the studio in only his boxer and the worst come to worst when somebody vomited inside the practise studio which though the stain has been cleaned, will most probably need to be replaced since we were advised that the smell stays. So setting a new set of carpet would be the best thing to do.

    Well, what had happened, has happened. Again, let this be a lesson for all. Again, we have no malicious intention towards anyone. We are cool with all sort of friends, but we need to draw the line. Maybe some may argue but heck, create your own space then!

    From now on, SSS would not allow anyone to drink inside the property which include the stairs.

    For any damages of property, the parties responsible will have to bear the cost of fixing and/or replacing it.

    Both of the above will be implemented until further announcement.

    For any inquiries and/or comments, please contact us directly.

    Thank you and best regards.

    Happy Vesak Day!

  4. xnizangx says:

    last night some of us had a “healthy” discussion after Wan Hazril confronted some of the guys in Dum Dum Tak stances in certain issues. Well I think i’m also involved now in these issues since they’re in the band that i’m also in.

    i shouldn’t speak on behalf of them. but from what i understand, the issue started with a small (to me it’s small) MISUNDERSTANDING. and you guys conformists just spreading and shit-talking about this guy without confronting him like what Wan did last night. you guys are the coward here. you just listen to one party, one side of story. me, i think i already listened to both parties. eventhough Amert is close to me, heck i met him every week, 2-3 times a week now but still it’s hard for me to determine which ones are saying the truth. i’m close to him doesnt mean i have to believe him since i know him not more than 3 years (?).

    IF really he used to be racist, i think he already learned the mistakes. and that’s the purpose of living (to me). TO FUCKING LEARN.

    i think this is same old bullshit repeating itself. if your friend/some influential party boycotts a person, you will boycott too, spread the thing when you don’t go and speak and get the explanation from that person yourself.

    i personally would love if the people who involved in those incidents themselves write here/somewhere explaining. or better meet and discuss. but last night, when we were discussing this, confronting the person who spread the story who were there and i’m sure they know we’re talking about this, why you just go away?? why you guys don’t come and listen and say what you heard, what you know and clear things up and stuffs? why? running from problem will never solve any issues.

    i know hc/punk and the world don’t have space for all these racists, homophobes, sexists blah blah you know. BUT there are always space to learn from mistake, change, be a better person…

    “if this is hardcore, hey i’m staying with punk rock”

  5. xnizangx says:


    i personally would love if the people who involved in those incidents themselves write here/somewhere explaining. or better meet and discuss. but last night, when we were discussing this, confronting each others,… some of the persons who spread the story were there and i‚Äôm sure they know we‚Äôre talking about this, why you just go away?? why you guys don‚Äôt come and listen and say what you heard, what you know and clear things up and stuffs? why? running from problem will never solve any issues.

    and the saddest part of the story to me is all these happened because of a misunderstanding incident that he already cleared with those involved (from what i know). not a real racist case at all. NOT A RACIST CASE AT ALL.

    now i have a question since i heard the rumors so I want the answer, i heard some of the guys in Gangbuster new line-up used to beat the hell out of foreign workers and throw them in the longkang and stuffs to pow money for beer. if that’s true, i hope they already changed. i heard that the OLD line-ups were really good and succeed in getting rid all of the nazis in Penang awhile ago. that’s why they are invited to play at Cherating’s anti-racist gig this 30th May.

  6. dean says:

    hi nizang,

    this is indeed very interesting.while we the studio crew were doing the cleaning up and discussed some other matters, you guys were having a healthy discussion on these racism related issues, which we applaud.

    i personally have no idea about this and heck, would i be damn eager to participate if only i knew about it.

    just want to clarify that the matter which i was referring to and the one that nizang just mentioned are two separate things. so that the reader won’t be confused.


  7. morbid says:

    setau aku lah kan, hampir semua daripada kita pernah melakukan sesuatu yg berbaur berkauman suatu waktu dulu. time kita kecik ke. sbbnya, kita tak pernah tau apa dan tak pernah aware itu perkauman dan menganggap ianya adalah natural kerana ada orang yg kita kenal melakukannya. contohnya parents kita sendiri. but then, sejajar dengan tumbesaran, kita mula belajar, tau dan aware dengan isu perkauman dan yag lain, kita cuba utk berubah kecuali kalau dah jenis ignorant tu tak boleh buat apa lah.

    psl kes Amert, aku rasa dia dah berubah kot since aku pun tau apa kes dia sebelum ni tapi tu lah, kalau tak silap aku psl mkn kat kedai chinese. dlm ‘scene’ ni, siapa yg pernah buat salah akan terus terusan di cemuh dan di pandang serong kerana kesilapannya. apa lagi kalau kesilapan tu di buat di depan budak ‘scene’ mmg tersebar luas lah. cuba kalau berlaku kat bukan budak ‘scene’ bila kita dah berubah, setel. takde siapa akan ungkit ungkit.

    mcm tu jugak apa yg berlaku kepada band Brayok. psl kes homophobic. hey. they’re changed tapi still akan ada org bertanya dan mereka still have to answer the questions patiently.

    kita ni manusia biasa. bukannya sempurna. selalu buat salah. but then sbb berlaku kesalahn dan ditegurlah kita baru dpt belajar dan cuba utk berubah.

    give them a break.

  8. xnizangx says:

    jadi macam mainstream society lah kan? yg tak boleh nak maafkan kalau sorang tu penah masuk jail. pastu dah keluar 10 tahun pun still taknak amik kerja, still kena pulau? still ade cop kat dahi (BEKAS BANDUAN:BAHAYA!!!BAHAYA!!!)

    so, apa beza korang hc/punk/screamo dgn mainstream society?

    korang terlampau tepu hc/punk ethics smpi lupe basic-simplest-human-ethics? funny.

  9. xnizangx says:

    kalau betul kes ni kes salah paham, then jadi mcm org tak bersalah, dipenjarakan oleh authrority (org yg mula2 wat citer) pastu dipulau masyarakat sampai mamat ni mati (orang yg tak abis2 sebarkan citer tp tak confront, dgr cerite sebelah pihak, ikut boikot secara buta sbb nak belong to a certain scene) walhal kes salah paham dah brape tahun lepas

  10. ronzaimin says:

    Thanks.ini jawapan dari aku yang agak terkejut dengan apa yang terjadi.

    ini mengenai Gang Buster.
    ya,mengenai kes pow dan memukul pekerja dari luar yang berlaku di sungai petani beberapa tahun dahulu,memang benar-benar berlaku.walaupun aku kat penang dan member-member aku di sungai petani,aku diheret sama untuk menjawab situasi yang berlaku kat sungai petani waktu itu.dalam ramai-ramai yang memukul dan pow pekerja dari luar,ada 2 orang yang pernah bermain bersama Gang Buster.

    aku cuba untuk betulkan kejadian itu tapi semua orang faham dengan skinhead yang selalunya betul dari semua aspek.haha.

    jadi,setiap yang salah telah dibetulkan dan yang tak dapat dibetulkan paling tidak dibiarkan pikir sendiri dengan pengalaman hidup yang bakal ditempuh.aku membuka untuk sapa-sapa terus berdebat dan confronting dengan aku perihal band aku yang tak munkin perfect dan banyak melakukan kesilapan.jadi,jika ini kurang memuaskan hati sebelah pihak,sila teruskan bersoalan dan aku akan jawab dengan penuh iklas.

    Gang Buster tak penah racist/fascist dan ini adalah satu kenyataan rasmi,no true skinhead are racist.thanks.

    p/s:jika ada,ini satu kesilapan yang akan dibetulkan.

  11. cactusdistro says:

    dear dean… regarding to the matter lateness… this is my honest and kind reply to you… I know the band that is late refer to us, avrocado and the bad voice!

    Take a common sense in many expect that friday (FRIDAY), the traffic is very heavy and thats true… If you are coming from sunway.. you will experience the things.. And FRIDAY is working day, so some friend going back home quite late because they are working…. Maybe u have this comfort accommodation from your job places to the studio, so u will not face the same matters as us… And one more things, if u feel bad about it… come and see me, you dont have to talk behind… I used to experience many weird things with you before when try to collaborate with papakerma distro.. So dont hide behind anything!

    For other who have to wait for us, I’m so sorry… We have to think twice after this if having an invitation to play a show…. But when avocado come quite late, why we still have to play first?

    Regarding to the issue of discussion between me and the guys from dum dum tak.. Its not the matter of finding whose fault… really! But i can see that the so called diy hardcore punk scene dont have any transparent… its all about one side fighting with the other side… Conflict always should be happen when there is an argument and I see it as a good things.. Its not for personal satisfaction.. Its all about community… And Ive been heard about lotsa negativity within the so called diy hardcore punk scene regarding to the personal thought and acceptance toward racist, homophobia and sexist issue…. I always living with my own path, and putting a mind toward lotsa words I said and the things I do…

    but when I heard somethings went wrong regarding to all those problem, i think there is nothing wrong with asking the person who saying offended things….

    Instead of nizang, maybe the other people who have this personal hatred, cakap belakang thingy, can clear out the things… Do speak up!

  12. dean says:

    Hi wan,

    No, I have no thought of any particular band when i mentioned about being late. When i told you that night that I wasn’t in mood and too worn out, I honestly meant what I said and have no judgmental feelings towards you or any of those in Avocado or any particular bands/friends in mind. I do understand bands and friends taking up much effort to attend to the venue and play with no payment guarantees and all. In fact, I do acknowledge that you had communicate with friends at the studio that you guys are going to be a bit late. But when no other bands showed-up either, thus, Avocado became the first on the bill.

    Well, I simply conveyed the messages which was shared by those who helped to run the space. I may had put it up wrongly.

    Please excuse me for that.

    Then again, since you’ve put it up on the public that you had weird dealings with Papakerma in the past. Hurm…I’m wondering. I’d always been very transparent (in fact, too fucking transparent!), please enlighten me on what you had just put up there?

  13. korok says:

    salam sejahtera pada semua…
    1stly adakah aku racist?betui ka yang aku ni racist?
    persoalan tu duk memusing2 di kepala2 org yg suke bercakap belakang pasal aku…org yg suke bercakp pasal aku racist tu kenal betul ngn aku ke?berani jamin munkin tidak …aku rasa tegur pun tak kot?
    berhubung dengan perkara yg berlaku pada jumaat
    lepas kat SSS, aku tergerak ati utk menulis serba sedikit dari suara hati aku…
    pada mula nya aku agak terkejut ngn tindakan wan pada set dumdumtak..
    tapi bila di pikir2kan tindakan yg wan buat tu lagi bagus dr org yg hanya pandai dan berani di belakang saja..wan beritahu yg dia tidak suke dengar ckp belakng so dia dgn beraninya terus buat keputusan utk bertanya,dan kena pada masa yg dumdumtak bermain ngn band beliau,alhamdulliah dia sudah dpt jawapan dr aku ngn fael(skunkfix,dumdumtak)
    Thanks Wan kerna keberanian hang..
    kalau la aku aku di cop rasist kenapa aku masih menyanyi dan speech menceritakan ttg keburukan
    rasist dpn crowd ketika band aku Stick no bill dan dumdumtak beraksi.hipokrit la aku kalu mcm tu…duk suh org jgn amalkan sikap rasist tapi aku masih racist..tul tak?
    kisah semasa aku di penang tempohari menjadi pengajaran utk aku lebih berwaspa utk berkata2 dan belajar
    dr kesilapan,aku mmg bnyk belajar dr kejadian tersebut tapi manusia di dunia ni masih suka dan mempunyai fikiran tipikal yg jika org tu buat salah
    dia akan di cop salah sampai mati.. jika kita bg contoh jika ada tahi/najis di muke seorng mamat dia basuh tahi tu..dan cube utk tidak mengotorkan lagi muke ngn dgn najis tu..
    adakah dia still busuk dan kotor selepas tahi/najis tu di bersihkan…perlukah kita memandang dia ngn perasaan jijik.kenapa kita tak leh terima org yg sudah berubah n belajar dr kesilapan …
    pasal kes gang buster aku amat kenal n rapat ngn min.. dia bukan seorg yg mempunyai sikap yg di sebutkan diatas..dan gang buster bukan band yg racist(angpa semua pun kenai ngn min kan)
    (gang buster di kenali sebagai band yg betui2 benci ngn manusia yg bersifat perkauman dan band yg paling berani
    di belah utara pada zaman DEK WAN menjadi vokalis..hehehe)
    munkin ada salah seorg @ 2 org dr ahli pasukan g.b yg baru yg bersikap sedemikian dan munkin dieorg pun dh berubah…syukur la..(aku harap dh berubah)(dan aku dengar cite depa pun dh tak main ngn g.b).kisah lama tu malas nk unkit dh jika semua dh belajar dan berubah…tutup buku lama buka buku baru n cube terima org yg berubah ke arah kebaikkan sebaiknya…sekian..
    thanks tu rakan2 dr nervhous rec yg still di samping aku walaupun benda mcm ni menimpa pada aku ngn fael…
    pada wan hazril juga thanks sebb keberanian dia dan aku suke org yg berterus terang mcm beliau..

    p/s aku mintak maaf pada semua jika apa aku post ni angpa tak berapa paham heheh
    dan pada org yg masih mengangap aku seorg yg bersikap perkauman sila berjumpa n kita berbincang semeja..
    tu lagi baik aku rasa… n tidak lupe pada duan n kawan2 kat SSS yg sudi pangey Dumdumtak main mlm tu..kalu tak kerana angpa benda mcm ni mesti tak berapa nk selesai lagi.. thanks bro..pada rakan2 lain yg masih racist aku berdoa yg angpa semua akan berubah dan belajar sesuatu.. k


    May 11, 2009 12:24 AM

  14. ronzaimin says:

    adalah lebih bagus kalau kita dapat duduk minum kopi dan settle masalah yang dah berlaku.

    jika ada yang maseh kurang berpuas hati,buleh la kita bertemu nanti,sabtu nih.jika yang rasa benda nih dah clear,pandai-pandai bawak diri dan jangan berduka cita.

    cakap belakang = jahat dan kejam…tapi……

  15. shahrizal says:

    i have my respects for Wan Hazril for what he did, he went up straight to see Amert and Naufael to ask those questions instead of only bitching at the back like some people did. When Naufael took over and play my guitar during DDT’s set, I went straight downstairs to see Wan and ask him personally what’s up and yes we argued. but healthily, in the most civilized manner possible. no fists thrown. Then, i went back to Amert and Naufael and suggested them to go see Wan themselves and explain what had happened and they did.

    I was still pissed (not at Wan but the whole situation), I went back to Wan Hazril again and confronted on what’s up with DIY Femme Fest. There’s a lot of shit talking at the back. I don’t know who they are but I think most people know that me and Norly are also involved with the Coathangers Collective and organized DIY Femme Fest alongside with Kid, Niesa and Cher, with the help of those really nice friends from Food Not Bombs but none of you shit-talkers come and ask questions directly to us.

    If you (shit-talkers) think there’s something wrong, won’t you people want to make things right or at least make things to back on track? This goes the same with the case of Amert and Naufael. If they were really racists or homophobic in the past, don’t they deserve a second chance? Don’t expect everyone those know everything when they are in the hc/punk scene. everyone’s not perfect. they are not even gods. i bet every single one of you pernah buat silap jugak. just like me. there were things i did that i really regret and definitely ashamed to talk about. but ain’t life is a part of learning process? we learn while living this life. in fact, if they (amert and naufael) really were, try be friends with them, know them, talk to them. maybe they’ve changed for good, not for worse. In fact, who got kicked in the head when he “tegur” those skinheads about beating up foreign workers and stealing their money and being involved with PEKIDA and claim themselves being SHARP? Amert got kicked in the head. so was he being racist? you tell him yourselves.

    Back to DIY Femme Fest, we were told by Wan that it was mostly about the money we collected during the 2 benefit gigs we did and us (the coathangers) being double standard with the all the bands. The bands that played the benefits didn’t get paid while on the other hand the bands who played the actual fest got paid. Ok, i want to ask these questions. do you understand the term BENEFIT at all? i believe that we told those bands about it when we invited them to play the benefit gigs. We did NOT rip these bands off. Most of them are our friends too. Wan told me and norly that there are some people even try to relate the money we collected with our personal trip to Pulau Tioman. What the fuck? you people think we can’t afford such trip for ourselves? this is way too much! and since when hc/punk is about money, recognition and fame? Always Last did play the 1st benefit. but as far as i know no one in the band ever bitched about not getting paid at all. plus, how many times did Always Last got paid for playing shows? If really those bands who played felt we were being double standard, how come you bands don’t tell us? We already have some plans for the future with the money we still have in our hands. we already did banners, placards for the Mayday march, next we’re going to do movie’s night (screening), we even discussed about going to the orphange. Yes, most of you don’t know because they are not even confirmed yet. how can we post something that’s not confirmed? THE TRUTH IS THAT THE MONEY IS SAFE IN NORLY’S HANDS. we even posted our accounts once a while. so what more you want to ask?

    The saddest part is that when we see each other at shows or anywhere, no one even bothered to come up to us and ask. People tend to pretend as if nothing happened. giving smiles, share cigarrettes, share drinks with each other. seriously, like nothing happened. But when they’re online, macam hero. Unfortunately only being behind that computer monitors and screens. Some people didn’t even bother to use they’re real names at all. cowards?

    DISCLAIMER: i wrote this without any consults from the coathangers. not even norly. so all the blame after this goes to me. these are just my thoughts. an open-ended one. maybe you can accept some things, maybe some things you can’t. there’s no right or wrong. you tell me and maybe we can work things out. thanks for those bands and friends who made DIY Femme Fest happen and also thanks to those who cared

  16. dean says:


    since this posting is at sss shows flyer, i suppose i’ll have to give my two cent worth of opinion too. i do again have to stress it here that i applaud that wan had did. i wasn’t even aware you guys were discussing this matters at the stairs. my only thought was that i need go get my dinner done. racism is still a plague in the society at large. whatever we do now would goes back to the questions of racism, at school, at the varsity, at the office, at the mamak, at the food court, anywhere. it sucks and much need to be done to overcome. how to do that? be open about it and start to accept that race means nothing. it’s what an individual made of really counts.

    in regards to diy femme fest. i may had my disagreement during the earlier stages (nothing major lah) but heck, i, again, applaud and support 100% what they had done. that was why i attended almost every benefit show and paid to get in. during the actual gig, nosc even with a very last minute confirmation, were so keen to participate and since we are now just starting back, at least showcases what we had done in the past. not for nostalgic purposes but as a show of our support for the whole effort. maybe i haven’t said it enough, but kudos guys! i especially enjoyed the workshop session held upstairs. hope to attend more such an event in the future. it helps me brain works.

    well, back to shows at sss. tomorrow’s night we are going to have milvains, paris in the making and skunfix on the bill. all are welcomed!

  17. hatta says:


    Since you had mentioned it here, I think the whole Tioman trip accusation arises because there weren’t that much transparency regarding how you guys handle the money from the benefit shows. It is ludicrous to think that you guys would be doing it but for some of us who had too much time on our hand and since there is too little information coming from your side, it is not that surprising that some would resort to believing/creating such nonsense.

    Anyway I would like to applaud your effort in clearing things up with the accounts posted at the Coathangers blog. However, personally speaking, those accounts are really in shambles with too many ‘loopholes’ and missing figures. I think it will be killer if you guys can sort it out and let the whole thing laid to rest once and for all.

    Sorry for hijacking this topic but I just can’t resist the temptation…

  18. norlyhoydenish says:

    All of us learn from the mistake that we made. from what I heard from Amert and other friends its only misunderstanding and amert already apologizes for that and I thought its already settle since he himself go to Penang to met all this guys and explain everything but maybe certain people who don’t know about it still talking about this and still not satisfied and keep on blaming him. Its same like a drug addict who was just released from jail but society still cannot accept them. It’s same like these shit-talkers who cannot give chance and forgiveness but being so coward because they only dare to talk at the back. I have my respect to Wan Hazril for what he did even he’s not the one who talk at the back but he still dare to confront with Amert and Fael to know from the other side of the story but the person who actually give confirmation to Shah that Amert is racist only pass by and leave.

    And that night me and Shah asked Wan about the Femme Fest issue. Actually I already heard about this a long time ago even before the Fest and I know who is these people that not satisfied with us and one of them is Wan and he already voice out to us that night. Thanks to Wan but why only after we ask you about that? This is the same question we get from Talib when he posts at Coathangers Blog about our account statement. “Why we post it only after somebody asks?”. Please be informed that after the fest we not only counting the account in fact we still have our personal job to do and not only to manage the account. At least give us time to manage the account and make it clear. but after we post the account statement still have some people who are still don’t understand and asking us what we have done for the balance of the account and why all the band from the benefit gig not being paid?? Dear friends.. for your information the balance is safe with me and we use some of the money for the May Day banner last month to buy cloths & stationeries together with friends from FNB and for you information we didn‚Äôt use even a single cents for our personal trip to Pulau Tioman. I‚Äôm still able to go any of islands in Malaysia with my own money. We also used our own money to have a small party at the FNB house in celebrating all the crew who help us for the fest. We have other plan for all the bands that play for the benefits gig but its not confirm yet so to who ever wants to know why all the bands from the benefit gig didn‚Äôt get paid I also curious since when you guys play for money as what I remember we did inform all the bands that this is the benefit gig to help Femme Fest and the 2nd benefit gig was for Ricecooker and Femme Fest and from both benefit gig, we manage to get RM300.50 after deduct studio rental, foods and RM 150 to ricecooker. Please refer our account statement at our blog for make it more clearly. I also want to make it clear here THE COATHANGERS REVOLT is not all about doing shows. We also will do some other activities as what Shah said and we use the money from the collections. We will post all the details at the blog once we already have proper plan. Please give us time for this because it‚Äôs still under planning process. For whoever have any other questions please do ask us face to face or you can always post it to our blog. You don‚Äôt have aske other people that are no longer with the collective to know everything and you are always welcomed to give any suggestions and if you don’t agree for what ever thing we do you can voice out and if we are wrong please do correct us. We also make mistakes…and who ever said that we use Femme Fest money for our personal trip come out and ask me if you want to know where I got the money for the trip don‚Äôt just talk at our back you coward! One more thing, If you have any hard-feelings with one of the coathangers member, don‚Äôt drag your personal problem to this Coathangers or Femme Fest. please grow up. If you don’t agree with coathangers that means it‚Äôs including me, Cher and Shah not only Kid and Niesa. You can always come and talk to anyone of us.


  19. norlyhoydenish says:

    Hatta, trip to tioman is our personal trip. You guys curious about that because all of coathangers members except Cher go for that trip, why dont u guys ask about that when we (coathangers members with some other friends)go to Penang and when shah and i go to Singapore?? Do you guys wants to know where we got the money for that trip?? we will re-send the account statement to make it more clear to who ever think that is not transparent enough.


  20. hatta says:


    Personally speaking, I don’t care about the trips. Please re-read my post earlier. What I am asking is for you guys to clear things up so you can shut up the people who have been spreading lies and rumors. It is simple. If you have hard fact to back up your claims, there will be no issues whatsoever and shit-talkers will be damned.

  21. norlyhoydenish says:

    Thats what we trying to do now…yeah maybe its not you but to who ever curious about the trip.. voice out! ask me or who ever join the trip.. Anyway thanks to you and talib too for asking us those questions about the account to know more details than the others that only know to talk at our back. We will re-send the account statement to make it more clearly so if anything you guys think its not transparent enough pls do not hesitate to write to us or u can directly ask us.. and for the bands that play on the benefit gig…we do have plan but i repeat here its still under planning process hope u guys understand this..


  22. dean says:

    Dear all,

    Tonight was awesome!!! The gig, the crowd, the atmosphere, everything in package of awesomeness!!!

    First, the gig started at approximately 9:45pm. Late, but understood by everyone. It ends around 11:45pm. 2 hours for 4 bands. We collected rm150, one of the highest so far.

    After deducting the studio rental, we managed to hand rm30 to Milvains, and rm20 each for Paris in The Making, Skunkfix and our last minute replacement, Inquiry Last Scenery.

    Thanks to all the bands and friends who attended to making it by far one of the best show here at SSS. Next Wednesday we’re going to have Fanzui Xiangfa all the way from China performing here. All are invited!


  23. shahrizal says:

    mak oi lajunya update, aku baru sampai rumah

  24. Assalamualaikom,

    Aku tak baca habis lagi sebab aku tak punya banyak masa untuk internet ni. Sebab aku pinjam budak rumah aku punya broadband.

    Anyway, bagi aku memang kita tak boleh nak judge orang lain dari apa kesalahan yang pernah dia lakukan dulu. Dulu, adalah dulu sebab sesetengah orang mungkin pernah melakukan kesalahan. Dan, hidup ni, sememangnya adalah satu proses pembelejaran. Kita lahir dan membesar dalam keadaan yang tak sempurna dan kita sendirilah yang akan mencari semua missing chapter dan puzzle yang tertinggal di dalam penutup kotak tu. Tak sorang pun dari kita lahirnya dalam keadaan yang sangat sempurna. Jadi, melakukan kesilapan adalah normal di dalam kita menjalani kehidupan ni. Tapi, untuk tidak mengendahkan semua pengajaran yang kita dapat, adalah satu dosa. Dosa yang sangat besar kepada diri kita sendiri.

    Dan, manusia sememangnya ada yang telah belajar dari ‘kesilapan’ lampau yang dah mereka lakukan. Ada sesetengah manusia yang akan belajar dari itu.

    Tapi, ada sesetengah manusia yang memang tak pernah nak belajar tentang kesialapan apa pun. Mereka bongkak.

    Jadi, kat sini, selalu timbul konflik. Timbul masalah di dalam benak kepala masing-masing tentang si ‘pesalah’ tu. Masing-masing tertanya sama ada dia masih lagi melakukan ;kesalahan’ itu, ataupun dah belajar sesuatu tentang itu.

    Jadi, ini Punk Rock,dengan konflik. Kita semua sedang bergelumang dengan konflik. Jadi, bagaimana nak kita selesaikan konflik itu. Inilah Punk Rock. Kita menjadikan semua konflik ni, sebagai satu kelas untuk kita.

    Jadi, yang bertanya, akan terus bertanya selagi dia tak dapat jawapan. Apa yang penting adalah kejelasan. Itu je. Jadi, bagi aku, untuk sesiapa yang terus ditanya tentang ‘kesalahan’ lampaunya, jawab je, dengan tenang. Rileks je.

    Mak aku selaalu berpesan, “tuhan selalu berpihak kepada kebenaran” dan yakin je dengan benda tu. Dengan tenang, jelaskan keadaan. Kalau betul kita dah belajar dengan kesialapn, Akuilah. Dan katakan, apa impaknya pada diri kita. Tapi, kalau kita masih lagi kental dengan idea dan ‘kesalahn’ kita, dengan senang nyatakan pendirian kita.

    Punk Rock bukanlah sekelompok manusia yang punyai corak pemikiran dan pendapat yang sama. Jadi, raikan itu sebagai satu hal yang positif. Kita jadikan konflik ni, sebagai satu hal yang membezakan cara kita menyelesaikannya dengan kelompok manusia-manusia yang selalu kita ejek.

    Jadi, agak bersyukur bila dalam satu-satu konflik itu, tumbukkan dan penerajang dapat dikurangkan sebab bukankah kita perlu sedar bahawa otak itu fungsinya untuk berfikir, bukannya untuk memberikan arahan kepada anggota badan kita untuk menunjukkan ego semata.

    Harapnya, aku tak lari dari point perbualan. Sebab aku tak baca habis. Kalau salah, kontek la, eh?

    p/s dulu aku selalu baca, “komunikasi adalah kunci”, jadi aku cuba percaya.

  25. affidx says:

    ya.. salleh. communication is the key

  26. affidx says:

    ya.. communication is the key

  27. famy says:

    viva la studio shop space……
    next time aku nak lepak sana lagi
    bole tak?

  28. dean says:

    En Famy!

    Viva La Embrace Hall ! 😛

    Ada mau sembang. Nanti saya email OK? 🙂

  29. famy says:

    hai dean ape kabo?
    nak sembang….no worry dude….24 hours space 2 u……

  30. dean says:

    Soal Embrace Hall =)

  31. famy says:

    ok no problem!!!

  32. dean says:

    Dear all,

    Tonight’s show gonna be as follows:

    1. FOLIAGE – Return of synth-tech monster!
    2. DENG DENG ETC – HC/PUNK assault!
    3. FANZUI XIANGFA – Ex-DS13! What to expect?
    4. CRIMESCENE – Naked aggression! (literally)

    Have fun!

  33. asa takkan mati says:

    is xcrimescenex confirmed playing?

  34. haq says:

    thanx for everyone that come.
    we started around an hour late. but i guess it was already predicted.
    around 43 persons pays. and we manage the give fanzui xiangfa rm50 and the rest local bands rm35.

    hope everybody have fun. anyone care to do a review?

  35. dean says:

    hi all.

    here is a very brief background on what happened yesterday. both forte and orbit cinta benjamin canceled the show late in the evening. but no fret, we’d gotten foliage and symphony pelangi all the way from malacca to replace.

    many thanks to all the bands; symphony pelangi, foliage and the mighty deepset (yeah, they played in that order). we managed to pay each band rm35.

    flyer for june show would be up real soon. en haq will handle from now onward. muahxxx

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