Joe hoards and shares.

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  1. mat peace punk says:

    hope anarchopunk band still ups????why???R.I.P??????why???????more power to peacepunk band!!!

  2. mat peace punk says:

    drug is answer to anarchopunk band??????why???is this year for emo????

  3. lukisan jahat says:

    aku dah dapat satu tapi kat member aku itupun sbb aku trade ngan zine aku hehehehe dengar kata besttt!!!

  4. MindReader says:

    nice guy with a nice music trend….

  5. abin says:

    ive read this and ive found out this man is awesome!

  6. Cameron says:

    Hi Guys / Gals, great website -I’ll be sure to visit your store next time I’m in Malaysia.
    Was lucky enough to just complete a Queensland, Australia tour with Steve Towson and he is a guy with a lot of passion for the truth and music. Enjoyed reading the interview you posted.
    I live in Melbourne and came from a regional town in Queensland called Rockhampton.
    Melbourne is a lot more open-minded than Rockhampton is, but geography is really not important whereas having a great attitude and being positive is much more important.
    You can get dumb and ignorant people anywhere, same as positive and inspirational people are not limited by geography either.
    So it was a definite pleasure to enjoy the big road-trip with Steve and also get to hear him sing and play at every show on the tour. All the regional towns we played were great gigs, surprisingly the only apathetic response we got was when we played Brisbane (the capital). Only regional people travelling in paid to see us, the Brisbane bands on the bill attracted no-one. Next time we are playing a park in Brisbane and making it a party rather than a gig 🙂 That way we can provide people who wanted to see us play with some food and drinks too!
    We don’t buy the whole careerist thing most musicians here in Australia are conned into. We’ll stick with ideas and making great music on our own terms. Keep up the great work & thanks for featuring my mate Steve on your fine website! peace & respect – Cameron

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