Short, Fast & Loud Zine: #16 & #17 Available Now!


Joe hoards and shares.

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9 Responses

  1. chew says:

    boss,mag ni ade stock lagi tak?

  2. Joe Kidd says:

    sorry chew, they are all sold out. Actually they all went a day after it was announced here.

    However, we’ll get some more.



  3. chew says:

    damn.cepat giler sold out.didnt know crust is so big among msian.much appreciated if u can get more BOSS.thanx.selamat.

  4. shahrizal says:

    it USED to be a trend here. but now it’s all good 🙂

  5. errr i don’t think you can get much CRUST in SF&L, try PE for that… anyway, we have to thanks TRAGEDY for making crust the in thing again. btw, anybody know anything about CRIMINAL DAMAGE? i heard on of ’em TRAGEDY band members is in it.

  6. chew says:

    so boss pe cite? blh dpt tak mag tu?

  7. Joe Kidd says:

    chew, no word yet from the “importer” but we’ll get some MRR soon.

  8. shahrizal says:

    awesome joe! mau senaskah!

  9. chew says:

    boss kedai u ade ape lg skarang ni? foreign hardcore stuff ade tak? mag or cd.

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