Selamat Tahun Baru!


Joe hoards and shares.

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12 Responses

  1. xumb says:

    dang… best gila!

  2. kejora says:

    jelesnnye!!!x dapat pegi sbb bf sakit gigi.huh.i plak sakit ati.

  3. robotnik says:

    wahhhh kalau tahu ada nampak aku dalam gambar dah lama aku posing cantik cantik. cis bedebah! :p

  4. xnizangx says:

    D.E.P comeback is the best part to me.

  5. zaX Zahari says:

    selamat tahun baru!!!

  6. Pijan says:

    Oh joe, aku dah balik.
    Dont call me boss! dont bos! hahaha
    Happy New Year guys!
    Hoping that the local scene will be more updated, more stylish, more guts and becomes more fashionable!
    Nowadays people think that the diy scene is cool as fuck!
    so no more selebet-selebet anymore!

    be dressed up!

  7. zedeck says:

    dammit. i wish i was there …

  8. Joe Kidd says:

    SuperGaban, go here, there’s a list of all the bands with their web-pages (kalau ada).

  9. Pijan says:

    Lotsa cool pic here!
    Oh Bob..why you kiss him, kiss me!!
    Pijan is fukin jelous ya know!
    Ok, pls hang out at c.m everyday!
    See you guys around!

  10. supergaban85 says:

    trimas bang, i’m really appreciate..thanks and regard bro..

  11. weasel says:

    i was there..

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