Saturday, 14th June 2008: Turtle Fest in Kuala Terengganu

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  1. xnizangx says:

    penyu ke kura-kura?

  2. xAhmad Safuanx says:

    penyu yg lepas da betelur..
    ni penyu baru menetas ke..

  3. shahrizalisme says:

    ‘The Guaner’? This is another good Teganu slang for a band. It’s punk and rock enough for a band. Literally translate it means ‘How’.

    Nizang, how’s Ku Yee doing now? I used to jammed at his studio back in 94-96 at Plaza, Kay Tee!

  4. xnizangx says:

    kuyie got married, now operating islamic book shop at the heart of KT town. no more g’n’r, led zep nor subhumans. only yusof islam.

    guane gamok?

    PS: i got nothing to do with this gig, just some advices here and there. helps where needed. surprised that my label’s logo is there. but yeah, i don’t mind that much.

  5. shahrizalisme says:

    Islamic book shop, are you kidding me? As time goes on, people change! Now, I’m not suprising if one day Joe Kidd also operating the same book shop! ha ha ha

  6. thee dr. says:

    Whoa…let’s not get all crazy now…but it was good to know what is going on Ku Yee now…

    and if you think I’m gonna go into one of my reminiscing rants, you’re absolutely right….:): The K.T. scene around ..I think it was ’93 when I first visited and then ’95..but I wanna say ’95…there was definitely a post-Modar hangover going on at the time-the only metal band around was Brutal Scane-which I’m surprised noone remembers because they really kicked ass and they had a demo out called ‘Blind to the Truth’-I really have to credit Ku Yee for deepening my understanding of UG music-I dubbed some Minor Threat, Dead Kennedys and Black Flag off his ass-his collection was huge-and he kept it right at his recording studio

    I wanna say I interviewed some bands like DPSA for either Shahril or Nazee-I was usually drunk or high back then so my recollection of it sucks-one person I do remember is Man Penang-nigga was tight-as a matter of fact I actually crashed with him so I think this was ’95-I think he shared his apt.with like 5 other people-the place was a fucking madhouse-I really don’t wanna go into details

    the biggest bands around K.T. were the Stone Crowes…Kemaman had a little scene as well as but I didn’t get to know them until I was in Cherating-E.C. played K.T. in ’98-I don’t remember who else played but I remember Fendi From C.D. was there-I was skinny as fuck at the time and worked in Pandan 2-it was either shortly before or shortly after…damn..I’m starting to sound like some kinda old guy now or suttin’ *embarrassed*

  7. xnizangx says:

    the bands on that bill that day were:

    carburetor dung (kl)
    enslaved chaos (kuantan)
    knockout (kerteh) -ska/punk
    old parasite (kt)- grunge
    down to earth (kt) -hc/punk politeknik kota students
    g.i.g (grind is good) (kt) -it was a punk rock/oi band. tok ari came with a nazi sticker on his cigarette case or something. pian of the rotten played guitar.

    good old days.

  8. thee dr. says:

    Damn boy you got a good memory! The only thing I remember about that show was I was wearing a white t-shirt over a blue one!!But I can’t remember the actual show..(hmmm…wonder why)..:)…how do you remember so well?You gotta tell me!!

  9. Joe Kidd says:

    hey Nizang, ada lagi tak the flyer for the show?

    We had Asma (DEP) on drums for that day. It was pretty good of him to replace Ollie at the last minutes. We head from KL to Kuantan first and jammed with him at the DEP studio, then we went up to KT.

    My old friend Yee (not Ku Yee!) from my school days of Mengabang Telipot Punk Rock (1979-82) came with a young boy riding pillion on his kapcai. Yee introduced us and said that the kid really was into punk rock and he really wanted to see us play.

    Well, that boy is actually now in Brayok. It’s Rudy!

    It was also a weird gig because right after the show some kids were lining up near us and it turned out that they wanted to have our AUTOGRAPHS!! That really took us by surprise. Punk Rock and “autographs” is not really a normal scenario. But how can we say no to kids who didn’t really understand the concept?

    So I took out my notebook and asked them to autograph my book too, and we in turn signed their shirts and boots with “FUCK FASCISM!”, “RACISTS MUST DIE!” and all this things; me and Lee giggling away because some of them were wearing Swastikas!

    I don’t think they understood what we meant tho’.

  10. xAhmad Safuanx says:

    that’s cool..
    mesti budak2 tu wat research lepas dapat tandatangan macam tu..
    suka aku baca kisah lama..
    cerita la lagi..
    apa2 pon takpa..hehe

  11. thee dr. says:

    Hehe…if those morons wrote that shit in the first place I doubt they did research -but what if they did? It would a been fuckin hilarious…’kisah lama’…you make it sound like we’re a bunch of old guys or something…:).. apa2 pon takpa?Okey….how about the time Enslaved Chaos played with 24 Reasons and Nuclear War at Kuantan Boom Boom-our pre-show preparations were brown liquour, weed, and glue-the usual was right after our EP came out-the crowd went apeshit during ‘I Hate Work’ -footage of the show exists, too-Meny showed it to me…it was definitely a ‘moment of glory’ not only for us but for the Nuclear war guys because they had kinda ‘arrived’ in that side of Pahang during that show-before that the Dirty Dogs (and associated bands) were mainly a Selangor phenomena-I even went to visit Zamzuri (with Sifu, of course!) in Shah Alam with Atan-they were very nice people, the whole familiy…

  12. xnizangx says:

    hey, it was the first ever proper gig in my own hometown. how could i ever forget? kudos to the rohock crew who started the whole gig thing in kuala terengganu. plus most of the bands are my friends themselves. i still remember fazri (the main organizer guy) asked me what band i think should play. and i said “enslaved chaos”. he was borrowing my ec and dep tape back then. we hanged-out at batu burok each petang with the skaters there. we called it triangle skatepark where there was a DIY-made funbox.

    i think i still have the flyer in a big file at my mom’s house in Kuala Terengganu (where i keep old flyers, blasting concept cutting, drawings, etc). The image used was pixelated image of one fully-masked street demonstrator with molotov or something. It was one of those Reformasi photos. It was in 1999, so Reformasi was a very big issue then.

    I did upload some photos of the gig at my facebook account. U think we should stick them up here, joe?

  13. xnizangx says:

    I remember them (including my friends asking for autographs) and my drummer back then was so proud he shared cigarettes with Lee Carburetor Dung. I still have ‘the allure of maure’ poster on my bed in Kuala Terengganu. I thought of taking it off and bring it to KL. but anyhow, i leave it there. Hopefully it’ll stay there.

    Now that Enslaved Chaos is playing again, with new vocalist (Bart Aghast) I hope they will re-release the tape in CD format. haha! Lost mine. And to gig organizers out there, invite Enslaved Chaos! We want some violence violence violence…

  14. redneckhope says:

    Kinda history.
    Zaman Enslaved Chaos tu..

  15. thee dr. says:

    Hold on a sec-you were responsible?-I never knew that all these years so all I gotta say is ‘THANK YOU!!!’ Enslaved Chaos is playing again? Who /where did you get the info from?I heard Bart (Aghast)played for a little bit after I went to the U.K. but I didn’t know they were back-no one ever tells me anything!Do they have a myspace?Also..put the show on your myspace page-I don’t have a facebook account but I’d like to see the footage…’Kinda history’? Yeah it was fun-I was very lucky to have those particular guys with what else story do you wanna hear?Come sit on uncle’s lap…(?)

  16. Mat, there has been talk of an EC reunion. They’ve jammed as a three-piece recently here in Kuantan. Kojek came back on one of his rare balik kampung sessions and he jammed with Meny and Penter. And I’ve shamelessly asked to be included as well if there are any gig openings.

    Me and Penter talked about this a lot on our way to the DEP gig a couple of weeks back. A few logistical issues aside (Bart in KL, Kojek in Putrajaya, Meny, Penter and me here in Kuantan, all leading separate lives) I am quite excited about this prospect.

    Organizers, give me dates and venues. I can be contacted at Or alternatively Penter at 0179765592, or Meny at 0179614046

  17. And Nizang, if there are any more masters on DAT of the Enslaved Chaos recording, I don’t know about it. But my copy looks bad, covered in fungus and shit. If that was the last or only one, we’re fucked.

    Unless somebody has a working copy on tape.

  18. thee dr. says:

    Hell yeah man, go for it…if you need lyrics or anything like that I still got ’em-‘shamelessly’?-c’mon now you were one of the founding members…! Remember we asked you to play drums at first? Then we got Penter when he asked Meny and I to do a side-project…He was sitting on the steps of KP at the time..I said fuck the project join E.C.-and so he did…There’s a webpage called goatkore that has the E.C. stuff on it-I actually burned a CD from it-it sounds awful!! One thing tho:it is an EXTREMELY good idea to get Bart King Kong on vocals-because I’ll be perfectly honest with you-he’s a better vox than me-he can do screams as well as the growls-which I can’t-plus,he’s an EXTREMELY energetic (and experienced ) frontman…so tell me how this shit goes man, for real.

  19. xnizangx says:

    bart told me that he’s now in enslaved chaos and looking for gigs (around KL i think). twice. once at BB where he’s busking and later after DEP’s set at MCPA recently.

    oh ya, i can email u the photos…

  20. thee dr. says:

    Sweeet-here’s my…okay, so-if indeed the fine young men of E.C. want to revive that bad boy, it might be a good idea to set up a myspace page -that will make it extremely easy to network/set up shows, etc.-I have the lyrics if anyone needs them for the page and we had tons of pix/video footage, old reviews, etc-right? The next step is to put out an EP and/or get some newer bands to do a ‘Tribute to Enslaved Chaos’ compilation-this is to re-introduce E.C. to the younger listeners-you have to bear in mind E.C. had more songs than just on the EP-we had about at least 8 more we played out but never recorded ie ‘ No Pity For the Majority’, ‘Evolved to Obliteration’, ‘Brutal Crematorium’, ‘Disrealtiy’,’None’, ‘Chaos Mosh’, etc.-HOWEVER-I don’t know if any recordings of these songs still exist-BUT WAIT!- if you go to the links on Fascist Insects’ myspace page ( there are 7 unreleased songs, including re-workings of…whaddayafuckin know?-‘Evolved to Obliteration’ and ‘Brutal Crematorium’…plus I’ve incorporated ‘None’ into ‘Emptiness Laughter’…and for your listening pleasure, here are those aforementioned links:

    But here’s the question:will it be it be Fascist Insect covering Enslaved Chaos…or Enslaved Chaos covering Fascist Insect..?Or FxIx covering E.C. covering FxIx..:) But seriously, thinbk about what I wrote here and lemmee know how it goes…good luck and may the Schwartz be with you.

  21. thee dr. says:

    One more thing:the FxIx versions of both ‘Evolved To Obliteration’ well as “We Want Some Violence’ are up at our myspace page:

  22. lori says:

    uhh that allure of manure poster tertinggal kat kolej masa gua blah dulu demmit..shud simpan poster tu earlier..siap fendi punya autograph kat poster tuu tayang kat member2 kolej hahaha wonder if joe still hv some copies of that poster..

  23. xnizangx says:

    mat, i emailed the photos to u!

  24. Joe Kidd says:

    Fuck! Been too busy to follow along to this thread. But hey, EC back in action? That’s very good news indeed.

    Anyway, I have just called Meny and he’s said OK! yes! we gonna see Enslaved Chaos playing again!

    The show will be on Thursday, 1st of May, Hari Buruh/May Day, hari cuti boss! And it will be Carburetor Dung, Relationsheep, Enslaved Chaos, and some more bands I haven’t called up yet. I’m thinking of Apparatus, DEP and The Garrison, so if you meet anyone of these guys do tell them.

    Thanks to Izz for the phone numbers! I called Penter also but he’s still snoring i guess. 12 noon is still a bit early!

    As for the Allure of Manure poster, I have them still. kalau nak, just mail me and tell me when you want to pick it up from Ricecooker.


  25. Joe Kidd says:

    Another thing, I still have the EC tape somewhere. Once I have a bit more time I’ll rip it up and put it up here.

  26. Hi Joe,

    Really excited about the May Day show.

    If Bart King Kong and Kojek are reading this, lemme be the first to suggest they balik kampung for rehearsal. Failing that, I will try to organise a rehearsal trip to KL.

    However, the best option, in my humble opinion, is for them to come back since there are 3 of us here with ample equipment and studio space.

    I can be contacted at 013-6775567.


  27. quikwaves says:

    blh bagi no hp kojek dok?
    ishh..lame doh dok jupe dier..mane ler tau..kot2 blh ajok dier minum2 kt area purajaya

    -man terengganu-

  28. thee dr. says:


  29. thee dr. says:

    I know it’s not my business…but yeah do try to get a FEW practices together..don’t just go over the set once or twice–so…myspace page?

  30. Joe Kidd says:

    Enslaved Chaos is confirmed to play 1st May, with Dung and Apparatus. More bands will be confirmed in the next few days.

  31. xnizangx says:

    i’ve been busy! and forgot to tell u guys. this gig is postponed to 21st June. sorry all.

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