Saturday, 9th September 2006: Independent As Hell #6 + Hands That Mold #2 @ Tunestone, Klang


Joe hoards and shares.

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  1. dysuc))) says:

    Thanks for the space… & the (slightly) adjustment of the flyer look nice; better than ours. As been informed earlier: Yeah, we’ve been really grateful to have ‘mr. Sterile Assembly’ in our list! Many thanks to you once again. For friends out there, please do take note that this gig will be started at 1:00pm sharp. The bands’ sequence will be decided on the day of the event; surely not that first come first play basis… all bands should (yes, we mean it) be attend this gig earlier before the time been stated. Also do keep this in mind: Early birds will surely get the precious chance to see their ‘favourite’ (hah!) bands performing! See you there & have fun! Thank you.

    – The Conspirators

  2. dysuc))) says:

    Anyway, do check us out here:

    The Conspirators

  3. talibxjoe says:

    Really big thanks to Dysfunction Utopia Conspiracy kerana sudi untuk menumpangkan acara tahunan ini bersama-sama dengan Hands That Mold II kali ini…
    Saya sedang mengatur apa-apa yang patut untuk part kami bagi mengisi acara kali ini.
    Jika ada apa¬? idea menarik yang ingin dikongsi dan dipaparkan pada hari kejadian, silalah kongsikan ya…
    email saya di : |
    sms / call : +6017-7367559

    p/s : pada hari kejadian juga, anda dikehendaki membawa kek/bunga/cenderahati/ atau apa sahaja yang dirasakan sesuai sebagi hadiah untuk seorang jejaka yang akan menyambut hari lahirnya pada tarikh tersebut…he….

    Hari Kemerdekaan Yang Ke-49
    Fikirkan kembali apa yang pernah, telah dan akan berlaku setiap saat anda menjejakkan kaki dan menghirup udara di bumi Malaysia ini…
    aturan dan perancangan yang telah disusun dengan sangat teliti ini adalah salah satu cara untuk kamu terus di ‘jajah’ dan di ‘tawan’…
    namun anda telah di ‘suap’ dengan dogma¬? dan intipati patriotism dan nasionalism yang pada akhirnya akan memakan diri dan minda anda…

    terima kaseh…
    abdul mutalib aka talibxjoe [ konspirator dari Subversive:Advert ]

  4. talibxjoe says:

    banyak betul kalangan kugiran kali ini yang dah lama menyepi atau mungkin ini adalah penampilan pertama mereka…
    terima kaseh kepada Dysfunction Utopia Cons.
    Enjoy the day…
    tapi beringat…
    jangan nak enjoy je…
    kibar jalur gemilang?

  5. dysuc))) says:

    Announcement: TOTT will not be appeared as been planned. This had been confirmed by Tools Of The Trade’s vocalist/guitarist himself. However, TOTT will be replaced by his other most well known band; Heavy Pounding Hc/Crust, Reconstruct!

  6. dysuc))) says:

    This gig ran quite okay-ish. The show started very late at 5:00pm & the venue that had been set to close on 7:30pm was delayed to 10:30pm… yet two bands still unable to play; Blood On Wedding Dress & Whirr! The reason? Heavy rain, fashionably late of bands/crowds etc (…though much respect to mr.sterile Assembly, Joe & Anton of Ranomes + his friends that we didn’t know their names which showed up earlier than anyone else. Kudos!). We’ve tried to overcome this situation but the owner of the venue eagerly said the gig was already overdelayed & there might be problems dealing with authority… yeah, you know that dogs in blue, fierce & hot tempered face! Thanks for those who came & supported. And for all bands: Great performance been delivered! Keep it up! Sorry for any inconvenience caused. Thank you.

    Note: There will be another ‘Hands That Mold’ gig in the near future. Surely we will be able to see Blood On Wedding Dress & Whirr rockin’ hard the ‘Hands That Mold’ this time! Just keep your eyes open on this matter. TQ.


  7. dysuc))) says:

    And yes, Happy Belated Birthday to our brother in crime on 09/09/06; TalibxJoe! Long live bro!

  8. talibxjoe says:

    thanxx zaxx and Dysuc))) for the gigs and wish…
    aha…”fashionably late of bands/crowds” is really suitable for us maybe…
    aha…hye…also…thanxx to all the people and bands that participate…
    some pics taken by me will be upload very soon…
    check out my page and my photobucket….

  9. Joe Kidd says:

    thanks for the pixs Talib! Dang! I missed a lot of bands that day. Had to bring back mr. sterile Assembly to KL and catch an exhibition. So how was Banzai 606 eh?

  10. dysuc))) says:

    Banzai 606 performed quite well. But, that’ll be their last show & they’re probably disbanded by now: As been informed during their performance on that day. Heard there will be next project by ’em… dunno its accuracy though. Thanks.

  11. Joe Kidd says:

    Thanks. So I missed their last performance. And I thought they were coming back together for good after a long break! And so, there goes another good band.

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