Saturday, 7th June 2008: The Era of The Ipoh Legacy


Joe hoards and shares.

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7 Responses

  1. thee dr. says:

    It’s good to see CATARRH back in action–I sent them a friend request like a year ago and they never got around to accepting it-here they have a new myspace page–they’re a huge influence on FxIx–our song ‘Emptiness Laughter’ is actually a tribute to them-shouldn’t it say they’re from PAHANG tho…?

  2. asa takkan mati says:

    bukan sepatutnya MG-34 main ker??

    nizam, call MG-34 balik!! kasi depa main lah.. come on man!!

  3. asa takkan mati says:

    cool! goresluts. hehe..

  4. thee dr. says:

    FxIx is my new bad FASCIST INSECT ( of our shit is now downloadable for free on our page.
    Power to the people.

  5. watai says:

    power for the people….???
    but we still need to follow all that kind of bureaucracy bullshit…
    permits..permits..permits…..abolish permits fot the gigs…
    all the buskers are power…because they don’t need permits for their show…

  6. ellyrocker says:

    aktiviti editor telah berjalan, bagaimana dgn global editor gath? teringin gak nak jumpe editor2 luar dari perak. laporan gath ada disini

  7. rizie says:

    takkan gath minum2 kopi je kot..cun jugak kalau buat workshop ke..discussion ke..supaya lg ramai yang dpt kongsi pengalaman ngan editor2 fanzine yang dulu..baru la orang2 baru mcm aku ni dpt belajar cara nak buat fanzine..dpt kongsi ilmu..nampak sikit ade pengisian nye kan…pendapat aku laa…boleh ajak budak2 indie join sekali…dieorang pun dah lame tak tgk zine..asyik tgk ‘baju’ je..hehehehe

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