Saturday, 5th May 2007: Screaming Lalala in Penang


Joe hoards and shares.

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  1. Kid says:

    Raja Singa South East Asian Tour
    24th July – 3rd August 2007

    Raja Singa is a grindcore band from Bandung, Indonesia
    will be touring Singapore-Malaysia-Thailand from 24th July until 3rd August 2007 to promote their new cd release Pandora on Straineyes Record.

    More info:

    So far 3 shows being planned;

    Friday, 27th July – Penang – confirmed
    Saturday, 28th July – Kuala Lumpur – pending
    Sunday 29th July – Singapore – pending
    Thursday 2nd Aug – Puchong – confirmed

    The rest of the dates are still empty and available for bookings.
    If you want to organize them a gig, you could email/call Kid at / 013-2497199.

  2. syukree says:

    format masa depan … nama band lu tak bleh blah lah …

  3. xnizangx says:


  4. yaser says:

    x boleh blah ? hahah my point is mine .

  5. syukree says:

    point apa dol?

  6. azzief says:

    “flying object it’s magic” is such an awesome band name. (this is coming from a bloke who likes band names like “me and him call it us” and “the number twelve looks like you” and has a project named “toni! this is sal!”)

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