Saturday, 5th Jan 2008: Tengkujuh Jam pt. 2 @ Kuala Terengganu

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  1. rizie says:

    logo tahun melawat terengganu dok starangggggg…
    sempena tahun melawat terengganu ni,tunggu la aku blk nanti..
    akan aku “bomb” bandar itu!

    nizang,idris jusoh mari dok gig ning?
    kepada band2 dan ahli yang menggelarkan diri mereka NAZI HARDCORE PUNK(gila kentang nazi kat terengganu skang)anda tidak dibenarkan hadir! harap maklum.
    aku terbayangkan kalau budak2 nazi kat terengganu tu sume,turun ke penang.ahaks…lunyai kot.ahaks.

  2. xnizangx says:

    the goodnite goodies pulled out. os is getting married tomorrow! those who know should congratulate him…:) congratulations!

  3. xnizangx says:

    latest line-up for tomorrow’s gig:

    skatanix (penang skate-punk/hc)
    brayok (ipoh punk rock)
    rebel for x (garage/grunge)
    killing steward (skapunk/hc)
    cock say cock dung (brayok’s rudy’s little brother’s band/punk rock)
    demise of earl (metalcore)
    distortia (heavy metal)
    generation 92 (SHARP skinheads)
    kids on alert (poppunk)
    alienis beautiful (MTV screamo style)

  4. xnizangx says:

    Tengkujuh Jam pt 2 brief report

    start: 3.00
    end: 7.00 sharp! phew!
    collection: RM360

    Generation 92

    A new SHARP skinhead band from around here, playing covers of Roots and Boots, ACAB and also Sham 69.

    Alienis Beautiful

    Another new band playing screamo MTV style fronted by Apek of Killing Steward. They did covers of The Used, and also one original composition if I’m not mistaken.

    Cock Say Cock Dung

    This is the third time I saw them playing and they’re getting more happening than ever. I didn’t really watch as I was busy at the entrance. Anyway, the vocalist rock!

    Demise of Earl

    The vocalist of DOE is actually my schoolmate and we used to skate and hang-out a lot together back in school days. Quite a new band playing metal core but you’ll be surprised with the showmanship. For their last number, they did a ‘belasah-saja-lah’ grindcore number. Hahah.


    This band needs no introduction. They’re playing Kuala Terengganu, and the same venue for the second time. They did quite a number of new songs and the set lasted for half an hour. Kids were singing along to their released songs just like when they play in KL.

    Rebel for X

    Armed with a new release, they rocked the crowd with the three tracks on ‘Soft Touch’ CD. In addition, they did a cover of ‘Fantasy’ from Dully Dog. After playing 2-3 shows including a big show at ‘Turtles Marching Again 2007’, they’re still nervous on stage. Hope they’ll get rid of the nervousness and enjoy the music and express themselves like they really should.


    This Penang band is active playing major cities in Malaysia now. One of the stop is Kuala Terengganu, and the gig was done because of them coming to the town itself. They did their own songs, some old some new with covers from Black Flag, Angry Samoans, etc. They did half-an-hour set and the kids were supporting enough and enjoyed them.

    Killing Steward

    One of the most promising band from KT in my book. Their own composition is more towards the speedy classic hardcore style. They cover Minor Threat and planning to cover Straight Answer in the future. I think they should go towards that direction because of those styles in the scene of KT, is non-existing.

    Kids on Alert

    Speedy poppunk kids who alter the songs they cover. If you’ve heard Ben’s Bitches mellow version of Dung’s ‘Happy’, they did it the other way around. Speedy poppunk style with me taking the microphone with help of Rudy Brayok. They played only one original song with tones of covers till ‘garik’. The kids kept on requesting them to go on and on.

    Overall, this is one of the most successful gig we had at 60’s Studio. We got the total of RM360. RM300 goes to the rent, RM20 to Brayok from Ipoh and another RM40 were given to Skatanix who came from KL and Penang.

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