Saturday, 4th November 2006: Wayang 8 Kupang @ Olé Café


Joe hoards and shares.

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  1. the doctor says:

    hell yeah…if you can help it,DO NOT miss ‘time bandits’-i remember my dad taking me to the theatre whn i was 5 years old to see it and it remains one of my all time faves-it has a lot of members of monty python in it such as john cleese and more-another one terry gilliams films which is a must see is ‘brazil’ from 1985-it is his magnum opus,his ‘2001:a space odyssey’ or’schindlers list’,if you will-but my all time favorite from him is ’12 monkeys’-i saw it when i was over in iraq and became obsessed with it- i watched it like everyday for a week straight-the appeal of the film isn’t it’s storyline so much as it’s imagery and design elements-everything about it looks kinda low-budget but is not overly cheap-looking or chintzy…and the post-apocalyptic premise of it was refreshingly different from the political slant put on such premises in the 1980’s (‘the terminator’,’cyborg’,etc.)now i gotta go off on a slight tangent’a few weeks ago joe was talking about ‘urgh:a music war’-well,yesterday i got to see it on vh1 classic and it was FUCKING SWEET!!it totally beats any punk/indie documentary i have ever seen-it had everybody-the members,devo,pere ubu and the badly ,badly underrated x-exene cervenka is one of my favorite front women along with wendy o williams(gone but not forgotten)from the plasmatics,chrissie hynde from the pretenders,wendy james from transvision vamp and mel from fuck the facts(who i got to see)…hey joe,why don’t you do a poll of the greatest front women of all time?you could do a local and international version…just a suggestion….

  2. Joe Kidd says:

    wow you finally managed to check out Urgh! Great! Actually I have a DVD copy of that for almost a year now. It’s taken of a TV broadcast too but the quality is not great as it is a few generations off the original VHS encoding.

    So when was it shown again? Hopefully somebody had a digital TV feed, recorded it on harddisk, turned it into a DVD9 copy and put it up the net! That would be a dream comes true for many.

    To those who want to know more: wiki/Urgh!_A_Music_War

    As for my fave front women, i have to say my affection (when I was younger) was coloured by a large slice of the “sexual” instead of real “merit”. When I was 14-16, it was Debbie Harry (Blondie). Yes, I was beating off to her pictures for years.

    She came and played KL with her band recently and failed to invite me along. I heard the ticket was about RM500! But I don’t wanna see my goddess all wrinkly though.

    Just lemme remember you the way you were. I’m always touched by yr presence dear… Fade away and radiate…

    click here to see her pix:

  3. the doctor says:

    i’m pretty sure it was over the weekend but i was too high at the time…debbie harry-i can’t believe i forgot about her-they recently played at the blossom music center in cuyahoga falls with the new cars but i didn’t go see it-work and whatnot-my favorite song from them is ‘dreaming’ but i first got into them when i heard ‘call me’ when i was 5 or sothe pretenders are going to play the agora on dec.10 and there is not a force in the world that will stop me from going-chrissie hynde i think is in her forties but it doesn’t matter-she’s still a fucking hottie-on vh1 classic there’s a show called ‘classic in concert’ and they will either show an old school concert like say,journey from 1981 but more often they have a show called’decades rock live’ where the concept is they take an old school bands like heart or lynyrd skynyrd and pair them with newer artists and other musical peeps and they play at the (enormous)taj mahal in las vegas-well the one that is in heavy rotation right now is the pretenders with guests (among others)incubus,kings of leon and iggy pop-it was astonishing-when they did ‘brass in pocket’ i just wanted to rip chrissie hyndes drawls off-yeah,she has that effect-maybe i can ask her over and put on my pirate copy of ‘click’-nothing makes the panties fly off faster(i’m exaggerating slightly but i do put it on whenever a date comes over which i know is extremely cheesy of me)…but wait!who could EVER froget joan jett?i fucking missed her too!twice!first at the vans warped tour and then when she played at the agora recently-she has a minor hit with a cover of the sweets ‘A.C.D.C.’-and it is extremely fucking sweet,indeed…she’s looks better now than she did 25 years ago-if you don’t believe me,PLEASE i urge you all strongly to check her out online…now where did i put that baby oil…?

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