Saturday, 3rd May 2008: 90s Zine Editors Gathering!


Joe hoards and shares.

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  1. thee dr. says:

    Hmmm…sweeet-so I guess this would be a good as space as any to let you all know our split 7″ with NECROCANNIBALISTIC VOMITORIUM is coming out soon on AGROMOSH REC. from California–wait for it,wait for it…..

  2. cem says:

    mak ai tiga colour laa!!!!

  3. xAhmad Safuanx says:

    bagus ni..
    malam ni la..
    pembaca nak bgamba gak ley ke?hehe..
    harap sukses!

  4. fariq says:

    solidaritas tak dak?

  5. haq says:

    wow. this is great. kl xnak buat ke?

    sape kat area kl, minat baca zine, lepak la studioshopspace. we have collections of zines for u to read and discuss.

  6. kid says:

    CRUX, heavy hardcore from Aussie looking for shows in Malaysia!

    Gigs organizer needed urgently to help help set-up a show for Crux, heavy hardcore (influenced by His Hero Is Gone, Disrupt, Deformed Conscience from Australia).
    They dont mind small jam sessions on weekdays.

    Please contact me ASAP at 013 249 7199. Kid

    Crux tour plan:
    Thursday 26th June – Not yet booked!
    Friday 27th June – Not yet booked!
    Saturday 28th June – Penang
    Sunday 29th June – Kuala Lumpur

    More info on Crux:

  7. dhani says:

    tak nak cuba buat zine editors gathering se-malaya? 🙂

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