Saturday 30th July 2005: Saturday 3rd September 2005: Spread The Love Vibration @ Star Lounge ?, KL


Joe hoards and shares.

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11 Responses

  1. batman says:

    can we meet after the gig, lucy?
    i really2 want to know you and you only ……….
    please…….. 🙂 i love to hear your voice, damn!
    p/s: i mean if i go laaa hehehe

  2. aizu aizumi says:

    fuh coleen..murah betul rezeki korg main gig,banyak betul hehehe support diy scene

  3. batman says:

    potong stim a nizang!(jealossbeb)

  4. Bummer. I was hoping to see this. Dang!

  5. Jay says:

    ehh? 3 september? kalau jadi kami buat tour kedah, macamana lucy nak main gig ni?

  6. batman says:

    alamak! kantoi….

  7. hana says:

    err, postponed? ok.. none of my band members were informed by the gig organizer(s). we found out cos jay came across the comment posted in here. if the organizer is reading this, should’nt u be calling the bands up to let them know? bukan semua org log on to ricecooker.. i was a bit surprised that the organizer takde call kitorang to let us know. (ayye, sorry english/malay berterabur). lagi satu, we have a gig on that day lah.. u should call either one of us to personally inform us and discuss. mane tau if there are any other bands on that day yg tak free.. macam kiteorang.

  8. kimi says:

    dear hana

    we are so sorry for we did not inform to u this matter.we want to but we cant.we dont have ur phone number.just ur email and Lucy in the loo site in MySpace.before,all this time we communicated just with email and through MySpace.

    On last Tuesday, Star Lounge Radius International management call us regarding freezing all event activity because they been face some problem with authority.Shit happens.We tried to find other venues but all bad deal.time is running out.we only got two option.1st, cancel the gig or postponed it.
    we choose to postponed it.

    we call all band in the playlist to inform this matter but we cant call u because we didnt have ur contact we emailing you twice through Lucy in The Loo MySpace.

    1st: when we first got this bad news.we contact all band then we realize we dont have any of ur guys contact number.then we email to you asking for ur contact number in MySpace.we didnt get any reply.

    2nd:when we cant get new venue and dont know to contact u guys,then we emailing to you regarding this matter in MySpace.

    We’ve been told by our friend today that our fliers appeared in RiceCooker.we didnt know it.we should but we didnt.We apologized for that.That is our fault.we know it.we are so sorry Hana.A millions sorry for our mistakes.we should have ur phone number at the 1st place.our mistakes.

    Therefore, we postponed this gig on 3rd September at The Shadow,CM(which been confirmed) or a place at Bulatan Kg’s still on process.We want u to play,if u want or if u can.but if u can,it’s ok.

    Again, we owe an apologized to all for this matter.We are so’s our mistakes.All hatemail,fuckmail, bombmail or whatever it is, send it to our email.

    shit happens.we deserved it.we wont cry and we wont die.


  9. hana says:

    dude, relax, i’m not angry. we were just a bit surprised that we didn’t know anything about it. having read ur reply, i checked our myspace account. yep, got ur msg alright. the status says ‘read’, so im guessing our bassist read it. cos i rarely check that account and syukri did’nt know anything about it. i dont know why ur msg was ignored.. i should check with my bassist. its not completely ur fault. miscommunication. but u should have mentioned in that msg that the gig was cancelled, so we could have find out first hand from u instead of finding out in here. and u should have asked for our number a long long time ago.. and if u could’nt get our number even, u still should have talked to us about it through myspace or by any means possible. we’ve a gig on that day.. but it’s in bukit bintang also so we might be able to play for your gig aswell.

    anyways, no hard feelings. call syukri – 012 373 0903 good luck with the gig. im really looking forward to it.

  10. kimi says:

    yes not angry.maybe because the stressed i had because of our 1st gig was cancelled. sorry if my words are too rough.thanks for understanding.hope we can co operate next time.i’ll call Syukri later.

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