Saturday, 29th March 2008: Tuaran Drug-Free Fest, Tuaran, Sabah!


Joe hoards and shares.

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19 Responses

  1. thee dr. says:

    ‘Strictly no drugs,alcohol, fights and kicking people’s butt’: I think they’ve stumbled upon the formula for…SUCK!!!

  2. shahrizal says:

    raybeez came back from the grave?!!

  3. kenet says:

    Fakk.. Mouth Full Of Air.. supebs new bands from sabah..!! i wish i can go there see them play.

    WARZONE? ahahaha

  4. thee dr. says:

    Yeah I didn’t relaize that…Warzone? So where’s Nausea and Gorilla Biscuit? They too busy playing a kenduri kahwin that day what?

  5. Keith says:

    Haha..I know this would happen! Actually Warzone or xWarzonex is a new band from KK..When I invite them for this gig I already told them that warzone is a NY hardcore band..I suggest that they change their name to whatever they want..They insist to use this name..So I could not do anything..Hence,everybody should come to see MFOA first show! It’s fucking 5 bucks..For those who around sabah la..hehe

  6. Keith says:

    I never been to Sandakan! hehe..My last visit to Sandakan was 8 years ago..There were many good bands from around Sabah but they didnt last for long..Everybody seems to has other commitments or they cross path to clubbing kid..LOL but not all of them..Handcuff is one of the veteran from KK…Handcuff was formed around 1996 and actively play shows around 1998-2003 and now they are back

  7. thee dr. says:

    Sweeet-if FxIx hit M’sia we wanna play Sabah

  8. disgustink riq says:

    explosion of sabahan diy youth!!yeah!!
    tuaran rawk!!

  9. fuiyoooo…gile aa warzone…huargh….ade cover lagu warzone x???name band dah same kalo tak cover 1 lagu WARZONE rugi aaa…united worldwide 1!!!

  10. Keith says:

    dorg sudah la nda tau band cover lagu warzone lagi? ahaha

  11. xpe la
    slow¬?…nnt lame¬? tau la tu

  12. disgustink riq says:

    mo request lagu SoundOfRevolution,haha..raybeez RIP,plz forgive those kids that used ur band’s name,hoho

  13. thee dr. says:

    Yeah no shit…it was probably meant as a tribute but at least change the spelling kot…(‘Warzon’?)…sebutan sama tanpa meniru buta-tuli-but thanx to this message board we’ve given them a ton of free publicity so I’m sure all eyes will be on them at that show now (not that that’s neccesarily a bad thing-they might totally kick ass).

  14. Keith says:

    Agree..I told them the same thing..

  15. disgustink riq says:

    haha,yeah,they might be the next big thing,so,keith,better watch ur back,abis la scold nnt,ada lawan suda,haha..juz kidding ;p

  16. ian says:

    Ramai2 kita p ni show hehehe…Siok bah!

  17. Keith says:

    that’s the good thing..I want to see more diy bands in sabah! haha

  18. Keith says:

    new band on the bill..The Goyang72 will play! 🙂

  19. Ian says:

    Ya kasi banyak list supaya lambat abis…kita dpt pointing sama2 nnt hehehe…That’s the spirit! hehehe…

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