UPDATE: Saturday, 29th December 2007: Ku Rasa Something, Charity Gig @ The Annexe


Joe hoards and shares.

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  1. letupan di langit says:

    kurasa nakpergi…huhu

  2. Pijan says:

    Yo! Gasoline x main. aku pergi korea. mr drummer, mirdza dah blah.. skg GG 3piece iaitu Razman(mantol!) – bass/nyinyi, Rafizan(aku) – gtar/nyunyu dan Aiman(Civil Disoder) – drummer recruit baru.
    Thanks guys for inviting us. GG loves you!

  3. johnhafiz says:

    Kurasa Something Updates.

    Bands performing :
    1. I Am David Sparkle
    2. Mohd Jayzuan
    3. The Works
    4. Deepset
    5. Blood on Wedding Dress
    6. Onani (new!)
    7. Daighila (new!)
    8. They Will Kill Us All
    9. Sforzando!
    10. The Lova-lova
    11. Negarakus

    1. Kurasaraksasa
    2. Pop Malaya
    3. Evol + Dirt tee
    4. Dotiro
    5. Super Sunday
    6. Ladyesah
    7. Fahmi Reza
    8. Shalia’s Cupcakes
    9. + wondermilk + asmackofjellyfish (new!)
    10. Third Arm Records
    11. Ricecooker
    12. Poprina
    13. Defy
    14. Ironic + Suicidal Clothing

  4. johnhafiz says:

    No prob, Pijan. Better luck next time.

  5. MONSTER PAAN says:

    Daighila main eh?Hurm…mcm nak pegi je…

  6. Snafu says:

    Awwww Nani? you rock!

  7. johnhafiz says:

    FYP wholeheartedly would like to thank everybody who made Kurasa Something a success. Annexe Central Market and Theatrical records, thank you for being our partners in crime. The brands and labels that set up their booths, we hope you had a good sale and thank you for staying around throughout the day. The bands that performed and entertained the crowd, you guys did a great job. The wonderful, charitable people who came and spent money on Kurasa Something t-shirts, the gig, or the bazaar, we shake your hands in spirit and thank you for contributing to charity. From the gig entry collection alone, we have managed to collect RM1205.

    Really, we can’t thank you enough. All of you. Even those who have silently supported us or helped us out before, during and after event.

    Hope to see you all again at the next FYP event!

  8. scum` says:

    wish i can see ONANI again. yay!

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