Saturday, 28th November 2009: Buzzcocks in Bangkok!


Joe hoards and shares.

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  1. paul says:

    Just woke up with buzzing ears a little bit depressed after a dissapointing evening last night. The Buzzcocks live in Bangkok? Sounded too good to be true.

    Wanted to express my feelings on the concert & unfortunately I have to say IT WAS SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Two or three songs into the set the girl next to me noticed the look of horror on my face and said “Are you as dissapointed as me?” let me be the first person to say THE SOUND WAS FUCKING AWFUL!!!!!!! Couldn’t hear the vocals at all. Couldn’t even work out what the fucking songs were half the time.

    Been here in Thailand 6 years & I love the place but at times it drives me fucking crazy. Can Thailand get anything right???????????? At times it seems like the answer is NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There was a good turn out for this gig, would it really have been soooooooooooooooooooooooo difficult to get a good sound mix and have the vocals so people could hear them. The support bands sounded better than the Buzzcocks. The band looked like they were giving it their all but I’m sorry to say they just look like a bunch of sad, fat bolding old guys that should have had the dignity to give up years ago.

    I have no problem at all with old men playing rock n roll. I don’t buy in to the theory that you lose it after the age of 30. That is nonsense. Neil Young still HAS it and despite a slight bold patch still looks amazing on stage when he plays. The Buzzcocks? Well I don’t know! Can’t help thinking they might be better off spending more time with their grandchildren than playing awful concerts like the one last night.

    I have to say I enjoyed the DJ more than the Buzzcocks. Fair play to him and what excellent taste (stooges, MC5 etc…). Good to know SOME thai people know & love good music.

    I fucking love the Buzzcocks music – ‘Singles going steady” contains some of the best pop music ever written but I’m sorry to say should they return to play in Bangkok ever again I’ll be staying at home watching a Neil Young live DVD. Sorry guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Joe says:

    thanks for the mail Paul. am flabbergasted by the report. I had the same news from a SIngaporean friend who was at Buzzcocks Singapore show. here’s what he said, “just saw buzzcocks last night… the sound was bad.” He added later: “zirca is no place for a punk gig. the band couldn’t hear themselves so they up the volume for everything.”

    The KL show was very good though. The band loved it apart from the lighting which was actually more suited to a dark dance floor. All of the people I know who were at the KL show loved it apart from my friend, another Paul, who thought it was too loud and hurt his ears.

    As for the scathing remark on Buzzcocks looking old and sad, well, I have to say, it’s uncalled for. I was not at the Bangkok show but I can attest that the show in KL, with good sound and all, the band was looking like they were back in the day. In fact they were playing faster and tighter! You can see they were enjoying the show and giving it all.

    As a band member myself, I have always experience the lost of zeal and spirit when you’re playing at a bad sounding gig. We call it “potong steam”, where you found yourself struggling to come to terms with the shit sound and trying to give it your all when it’s futile really.

    We’ll be hanging out with Buzzcocks again this Monday night. They are stopping over on transit before heading back to the UK and will be visiting KL for a night out. I’ll ask them about that.

    Thanks Paul!



  3. paul says:

    OK Joe, granted that was a bit cruel of me to say they look old & sad, I’ll take that back. Sorry Buzzcocks! People’s looks have got nothing to do with good music, I shouldn’t have said that. They did look like they were playing as well as they could but with awful sound it’s pointless. Hugely dissapointing concert. Can we have the reformed Undertones next time please?

  4. Joe says:

    Paul, you have the same wish as me then! Right after the Buzzcocks show in KL, I went home and dug out all the early Undertones LPs. And I was thinking, “what about The Undertones?”!!!

    I heard there’s no Feargal Sharkey with the reformed Undertones and am not sure if the band is as good without Feargal’s rather unique singing. Still, it’s a thought and we should see where we can carry that.

    cheers boss!

  5. paul says:

    You should try & get hold of “Teenege Kicks – the story of The Undertones” DVD. I watched it the other day. It’s a good, well made documentary about the band by John Peel. It’s got some footage of the re-formed line up with the new singer & he sounds similar to Feargal.

    Do you have a contact email for the promoter of last night’s gig? I would like to suggest to him that he tries to get The Undertones here.

  6. Joe says:

    I have the doco about a year ago. pretty sad to see Feargal is still NOT on talking terms with the band. Yes, it is an awesome doco, very well done with much love and respect from Peel.

    The show in Bangkok was done by Mind The Gap, run by another Paul! Paul Solo that is… here’s the page: /

    BTW: did you ever got into That Petrol Emotion, the post-Undertones vehicle? Great band too!

  7. paul says:

    Thanks for that Joe. Fucking love That Petrol Emotion mate!!!!!!! Even more than the Undertones. One of the most underated bands ever. “Big Decision” is as good as “Teenage kicks” if you ask me. They were awesome live, I saw them about 8 times.

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