Saturday, 28th January 2006: Unclogged Chinese New Year’s Eve CANCELLED!


Joe hoards and shares.

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  1. hana_aaziz says:

    seram sejuk + naik goose bumps + sakit perut + takleh duduk diam = stage jitters. and im not even about to go onstage yet. *bites fingernails.

  2. mohd JAYzuan says:

    ‘a few more’ tu yang tak sabar tu. Unclogged mesti ada surprise show. kali ni hang bawak Maya Karin Joe suh nyanyi.

  3. dean says:

    i would suggest the mindless show. awesome punk rock band from shah alam, feat members of disgruntled. they have just put out a split cd-r with dead chretiens from canada and they blew me away!

  4. sounds interesting. is there anyway we can check the tunes? contact number etc? and would they play acoustic black metal?! No. seriously, I would like to get in touch with ’em. kalau boleh…

  5. syukree says:

    joe, malam ini punya show dekat no black tie yang ada MOCCA tu siapa buat erk? mung pung mari gok ke?

  6. aku dok tahu starang baroh syukree! aku pun dapat tahu when i was there on sunday. hell, Mocca pun aku dok tahu starang baroh jugok! dok pernoh dengor pun!

  7. dean says:

    they have myspace acc. check: they did (as disgruntled) a few acoustic set before (one of ’em during suara hati poetry zine launch by komuniti jln kempas shah alam) and ehehe, black metal akustik would be rad. tak blh imagine tgk bbdk dress in black, warpaint, rambut panjang, bau kemenyan, head banging, scream / merisik? like syaitan doing a cover from cradle of filth tp all acoustic. must be awesome and pak mufti kita must be pening as they associate black metal with loud, loud music. nah…in buletin utama smlm tunjuk zine with an article “what is grunge”. grunge black metal? ahahaha…

  8. syukree says:

    beres.. couple apa jugok malang ning! jumpe mung di nung!

  9. thanks dean. the proper MySpace address is here and also Pissart Records

    There’s one song on their MySpace page, reminds me of some mid-90s indon hc bands, short, fast, Minor Threat-ish. Good shit! Not sure of I should start a riot of slamming bodies in the tiny and cramped NoBlackTie though. I think they should play at the upcoming RAMBO visit. That’ll be a blast!

  10. tajmall says:

    The Etc line-up for Unclogged is going to be an attempt at better Bilateral Ties @ No Black Tie. Aidil from Couple has kindly volunteered to play drums, and here’s hoping another Malaysian starman (from Ipoh) will handle some bass — a line-up that has never played together. In fact, Ben Etc has never even met the mystery bass player, but when he does he wants their autograph now he’s discovered their scene status… honoured these guys should volunteer.
    Hope this new blood will detract from incoming reports of Etc being a little ‘Otai’.

  11. Hey Ben, that cover of Zircon Lounge’s Guide These Hands really made my day. Dang! It must have been more than 15 years since I heard that for the first time!

    BTW, I found the Class Acts comp LP late last year, snuggled dustily between some Boney M and Leo Sayer records at a junk store. Didn’t have the chance to play it yet but the guy sold it to me for RM5, along LPs by The Jam, Boomtown Rats, Elvis Costello, Yazoo, Run DMC & Giorgio Moroder!

    Looking at the Class Acts comp LP now, I think it must be THE first ever proper recording featuring an “alternative” band in the region (apart from The Pee Bees! that is!). What do you think? It was released 1985 by WEA, with 2 songs by Zircon Lounge. The other bands look like some crap club bands though (Gingerbread, Heritage, Speedway and Tokyo Square). Have to find a working turntable to be sure.

    To those reading, Zircon Lounge featured Chris Ho AKA X Ho AKA The Godfather of Singaporean Weirdness!

  12. tajmall says:

    hey don’t knock heritage. wierd you mention them as i was just humming their song from that album. they were first band to do sets of all-originals night after night in some pub. and they were very supportive of our first stumbles… inviting us up to play songs we cldn’t play. though they loved jethro tull and other fiddly stuff, they were all up for inviting us up on stage for “versions” of “stepping stone”, the clash, stones stuff and improvs helmed by the guy who became the singer Edgar’s Fault. better still, their drummer wld insist on playing if we cldn’t find no-one else.

    as for tokyo sq? is that on the site? we recently covered it in a post ramones / can way at same gig as the zircon and oddfellows cover.

  13. ekspres rakyat says:

    tarian naga ada?

  14. Kia says:

    Ada tapi kat Penang la.. aku main gendang!

  15. Kia says:

    Alaa Joe.. tak aci la.. time aku nak balik kampung time tu mung nak buak gig!

  16. NxAxTx Distro says:

    alah Kia, kau nak balik kg buat apa?! Famili kau dah rejek & buang kau jauh2 dah sebab CNY tahun lepas kau lari gi thailand pastu bawak bebudak mat saleh lepak rumah buat sepah, habiskan bir etc, etc… kalau kau balik penang gak nanti se-kg kuar bantai ko nya! muahahahahah

  17. Kia says:

    Tapi aku rindu nak makan babi salai penang woo.. babi penang ada mmmmph!!! Ko nak tak?! Nanti aku ‘tapau’.. ngeh ngeh ngeh..

  18. brianyap says:

    Guess I should’ve checked here first before heading to NBT, where I was greeted by eerie silence and a small sign. This bullshit’s getting tiring though—first the POLIS attack Paul’s Place, and now, DBKL is going for No Black Tie. Which is especially annoying, considering we just welcomed Evelyn and her place back. I mean, the walls are still spotless, the furniture missing cigarette burns, and I haven’t even gotten drunk there yet.

    Oh well. There I was, thinking I would be having a beer and listening to some jokes about Chinese New Year by Hishamuddin Rais tonight.

  19. sorry brian. i sms-ed everyone on my wee phone. you should gimme your no. so it won’t happen again.

    pretty sad night but here’s hoping for a very happy new year to you, family & friends.



    BTW: i spent the night yakking away with Azmyl Yunor at home with three bottles of samsu as company and “Radio Malaya” comp as the soundtrack. You shoulda called me, we were quite desperate for company!

  20. brianyap says:

    no lah, joe. not your fault at all. just pissed that DBKL is giving the place so much grief. first, paul’s place, now this. no more music venues.

    anyway thanks for the reply. enjoy your holidays. take care.

  21. NxAxTx Distro says:

    Ni smua Kia punya pasal – nak makan babi salai penang la, babi masak kicap la, bla, bla terus sewey satu KL langsung gig kansel…. Lepas ni kau kena bagi aku 1 kotak limau utk tebus kesalahan! hahahah – happy CNY a-very 1!

  22. shahrizal says:

    dammit. i was there already with khabir =(

  23. syukree says:

    sekarang organise gig, main gig dan pergi gig adalah satu RESISTANSI!

  24. Kia says:

    Tu la pasal.. dah sampai kampung.. babi semua dah habis.. tinggal anak2 babi je.. RESISTANSI?? Syukree, main futsal resistansi tak?! Keje kat CC resistansi tak?! Ngeh ngeh ngeh..

  25. cem says:

    bodo nieh…dbkl!!kita perlu ceraikan intitusi agama dengan state sekarang!!!!!!!!..or maybe abolish them both

  26. bobperez says:

    sedey…dah sampai dengar2 cancelled tapi nasib baik ade gig supplement kat modesto

  27. syukree says:

    joe mana flyers gig free tu?

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