Saturday, 28th February 2009: DIY Femme Fest 2009


Joe hoards and shares.

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  1. soot says:

    chare betul pic kat atas tuh.. ak nak amek ah, letak kat emfon.. hehe yeah boleh check out kat myspace..

  2. shahrizal says:

    thanks for posting joe!

  3. xnizangx says:

    clash pulak dgn gig motivation! adus…

  4. Joe says:


    BTW: how Fael?

  5. xnizangx says:

    Motivation, Hungarian straight edge hc…
    playing at MCPA, the same day…
    i think i’ll go both shows…

    they also will release split CD with second combat on the same day.

  6. talibxjoe says:

    on behalf of rakan¬? yang sering bertanya kepada kengkawan yang lain :-

    01) tiket show berharga RM 15. setelah beberapa kali show benefit, harga tiket adalah RM15. ada beberapa kengkawan yang bertanya mengenai hal ini. Hasil kutipan show¬? lepas adalah untuk menampung kos ape ye? Bukan untuk menampung kos venue? atau untuk lebih mudah, bagaimana jika disenaraikan kos-kos perbelanjaan yang dirancang.

    02) ramai yang bertanya (termasuk saya sendiri), bole teluskan (tuluskan?) penyenaraian kutipan dari setiap sumbangan dan benefit show yang telah dibuat. untuk make it clear kepada rakan-rakan yang confuse. lagi bagus if dapat listkan benda ni. sebab semua orang akan puas hati kemana duit keluar masuk tu. sebabnya, semakin banyak kali kita buat sesuatu (contoh; benefit show) semakin ramai yang akan bercakap seperti ;-
    “berapa banyak benefit show yang nak dibuat, duit sedia ada belum mencukupi?”
    “asyik buat benefit je, progres nya mana kot?”
    “berapa sebenarnya kutipan yang diorang dh dapat? belum cukup lagi ker?”

    03) untuk make it clear bagi mereka yang telah memberi sumbangan or anything. susun atur majlis (ayat!) untuk hari pelangsungan juga, bole dibuat detail yang lebih jelas x.

    ada banyak lagi kot, tapi ramai yang malas nak cakap or takut nak cakap. so sesape nak make it clear, silakan la ye..

    ni ayat besa kita dengar :-
    “asyik nak cakap belakang je kadang penat jugak”
    “ko kat depan mata xnak pulak cakap, belakang beria sangat, hehe…”

    so, kepada sesiapa yang berkenaan diharap dapat tampil ke bawah untuk sebarang penjelasan lanjut.

    bagi aku, apa yang ko akan buat untuk menyelesaikan masalah tu lagi penting dari cakap je beria. apa action ko untuk benda yang ko komplen tuh lagi penting. we are talking about reality, bukan dreaming for revolution.

    besar mana pun kita, hebat mana pun kita, bagus mana pun kita, kental mana pun kita, attitude still does count.

    terima kaseh!

    on behalf,
    diri sendiri
    …dan rakan¬? yang cakap belakang je pandai, tapi x berani cakap depan…. (aku pun kadang mcm tu jugak)

  7. khairul azizi says:

    talib ni nakal la…

  8. MoKUjiN says:

    auwww nastynya TJ

  9. shahrizal says:

    Thanks for the kind enquiries dear friends, we really appreciate the
    opinions as well.

    As for the ticket price, we actually already had thought about this before.
    But then we had to decide on a donation or entrance fees based on the
    average fees of regular DIY shows around in Kuala Lumpur right now. As we
    ourselves really wanted/was hoping that we will able to lowered it down in
    future, this deeply thought consesus decision was made based on the current
    cost, expected cost, unexpected cost (low turn-ups, broken equipments,
    increase of current or expected cost) and also the facts this is not gonna
    be a one time event but also targetted to held yearly with other events and
    different projects in between to be sustained. As requested, we already
    uploaded our current financial statement so far on our blog at, with the hope to make it as transparent as
    possible. Above all, as we always practiced with all the past shows we’re
    involved with personally, we dont mind to negotiate if any short of cash
    gig-goers happened to need discounts.

    As for the questions; we already had 2 benefit shows; from 1st benefit show
    we got RM384 including the sales we got from our personal’s new and 2nd
    hand stuffs. And from the 2nd benefit we got RM125 (from the tickets) and
    another RM125 (RM25 topped up by one of us making it RM150) goes to
    Ricecooker. Making it RM509 from both benefit shows. The total collection
    that we got so far including from our distro (a collection of new/2nd and
    some donated stuffs), Bintang Kertas zine and a donation is RM1791. And the
    expected expenses is so far is RM1964, but not yet added with various
    pending costs that we’re working hard to reduce. We maybe looks like a bit
    of shortage but that is something we had to work out. More details on that
    also could be found at our blog.
    And for the DIY Femme Fest 2009 details. Other than music, you also could
    expect our zine, few workshops and an exhibition of freeform arts as
    promoted on our flyer and as updated on our wordpress and myspace blogs. We
    already discussed on the itenary (particularly regarding timing for each
    slots) but only be could be finalized when we get hold of the participant’s
    drafts on their planned workshops. But basically, the fest were planned to
    start at around mid-day (with a band first, followed by a workshop), the
    workshops gonna be in between bands performances and the exhibition will be
    going on through the whole event.

    With all respect for Ricecooker website as a place to share informations
    and healthy discussions, we would appreciate if any questions, opinions,
    suggestions or thoughts to be emailed directly to us at instead of this comment thread. We certainly rather
    avoiding unnecessary conflicts and make peace with everyone, and we really
    hope that everyone would understand our humble requests. Or for friends
    that knew us, you always could call us or meet up in person. With this very
    limited capacity of man/women-power that we had here, we will give our best
    to meet what you might had in mind or to explain if needed. Any positive
    and encouraging inputs from you all, would be a great help for us to be more
    mature and progressive.

    We hope this would answer your kind questions. Sincere and humble apologies
    from us if we couldn’t meet everyone’s expectations but our best efforts
    working on it are assured. Again we would like to request that any
    questions to be directed our email at or you always
    could call us up.

  10. thee dr. says:

    Abysmal Fornikate–nice! No Regime? hehe…here’s an update–we are longer Industricore/politcal thrash whatever–now it’s D.R.I., Fuck On The Beach and Sleep in a pile-up…our split 7″ with NECROCANNIBALISTIC VOMITORIUM as well as our brand new ‘Promo 2009’ CD-R will be coming out extremely soon–you GOTTA check out our new shit–no drum machine, raw as fuck ‘BARBARIC THRASH ATTACK’–no shit this time.

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