Saturday, 27th October 2007: Straight Answer in Penang

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6 Responses

  1. dean says:

    haha..gile smart tajuk!

    terkenang aku cendol best mkn sambil berdiri kt penang ni…

    oh, rindunya!!! 😉

  2. shahrizal says:

    ahahah lawaknya nama gig. nice one!

  3. Yuen says:

    Penang Street Teochew Chendol!
    There are also the picture of Phua Chu Kang and Rosie eating the cendol displayed in the stall. Nyum nyum!
    Damn, I miss semenanjung’s food.

  4. dean says:

    yah..tepat tu yuen! mmg sodap!

  5. Edd says:

    da kata sedap…apa lagi!…kasi turun la!!..haha:p

  6. Edd says:

    Update on Straight Answer Penang show.

    Gang Buster Can’t play so Dissectomy will be replacing them.
    Bands are gonna play accordingly :-

    1.Samurai Champloo
    3.Format Masa Depan
    4.Weot Skam
    5.Straight Answer


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