Saturday 26th November 2005: Vitamin X @ Paul’s Place


Joe hoards and shares.

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  1. johndoe says:

    hope that you understand when u say thats ur freedom. THINNK AGAIN.


  2. azizi kabut says:

    best..bapak best.semua band best..fuckk all the rumours around.gile babi punya mosh!!!

  3. Good one John Doe!

    I’m also really glad to know that all the bands that played the Vita X show made some money for their effort. The organiser can clear up more about this but i think the fact that many people went and supported the show made it all worthwhile; I heard there were about 300 kids!! That’s a major contributor to the money factor. and in a way, i wanna say thanks to all who went, even though I’m NOT involved at all and I was not even there! But it just made me feel good to hear that it well well.

    So if we refer back to the days of yore (94-96), there were also a lot of kids at the shows (roughly 350 kids pers show), which made it okay to put the tickets at RM10, just like the Vita X show yesterday. But I do wonder what gonna happen if there was no “Vitamin”, lets say only local bands playing, will the bands and organisers still make that much? I wonder.

    In hindsight, I think if we can get the same amount of kids at the shows again and again in these days, then RM10 would be alright still. But it is quite rare nowadays isn’t it?

    So I have to say the ideal gig for me for 2005 is RM 12 to RM15 (depending on the venues) with 4/5 bands, with at least 2 “excellent” bands, 2 “upcoming” and/or one that’s just making it’s first few forays. The first two to tarik the crowd to come, the 2nd two to showcase not-so-new bands and the third one to help a new struggling one. That would be good, it would be a win-win situation, but of course, we need to see more support for such changes.

    We have to see the big picture here. The more money we made for the organisers & bands, the livelier the scene will be, the more semangat for everybody, especially if the bands are good and put up worthwhile shows: and that can only happen if the bands would practice more, which of course, involved money! So it works both ways lah.

    More importantly though, this apply for the REAL conscientious organisers lah, not the type yang “buat-gig-utk-beli-rumah”, out to exploit people and nothing else; money made would not be used back for the scene mah.

    I also think that organisers and bands involved should work their arses off to TRY make the gig really happening. And it’s not just about playing good, but also running it good; have fair distribution of profit, have smooth stage transitions, do exhausting promotion of the show (hit the public!), treat everybody right (yes, the paying audience deserves the best!) and most importantly, get good bands or at least nurture the bands that have potential to be really good!

    all in, you reap what you sow.

  4. BoyDxF says:

    mak ai..panjang nya ko membebel John Doe…well, i always know that music is the tool to spread a message…but aku refer nie kat Autie Tim…i mean jgn la kata band tu mcm sial la or anything…i respect if you don;t like the band or the music but jgn la cam they don’t deserve to be there….I always know music is part of tool to spread your messege and so many other ways too (eg: write your own zine, newsletter, website, etc). Thanx for remind me la. Sorry la i’m not perfect and so does everyone else.

    Read back who is condeming who actually and who is acting like kids? I respect ngan apa yang ko tulis tu…i don’t know hang refer tu kat you really know me? aku tak arguee anything bout what is hardcore or punk? and what is DIY, etc…..i only said to Autie Tim…memang betul la music playing important role but tu terpulang kat band la..tak semua band perfect or have a good sound and that’s make most band special..sound tenggelam ke musik tak best ke..that’s art!!!! To me you bukan then fine…but jgn condemn like they don’t deserve to be on that stage….depa pun nak spread messege…

    aku tak nak tulis panjang la..senang cam nie….it is easy for you to write what ever here since u only use nick name that no ones even knows who u really kutuk ko or condemn ko pun ko tak kisah sebab org tak tahu sapa ko kan? itu yang best sekali kan?..So it’s easy for you to hentam depa balik…but i dare you la if let me/us know who u r if you have the who is the childish here? Me childish..well i’m always stay young till i die..ha!!ha!!!..melawak jer…Ok, we are here not to buat keadaan bertambah buruk or nak gaduh or what ever..we are all humans..and people make mistake…we are like family and kalau salah silap tu tegur la..tak payah la guna nick name and main hentam org je…that’s not honest…that’s not what we are here for….so be nice.

  5. BoyDxF says:

    But anyway..Good one too John Doe (who ever you are)..

  6. BoyDxF says:

    Oh ya lupa…those yang ada ambil gambar Vitamin X performing pls submit gambar kepada e-mail ini : or

    Marc (guitarist) minta so that Marko can update their website pasla tour depa nanti…to all yang hantar pic sila bagi nama anda sekali….at the moment send all the pic to or send to only after January 2006 (they will go travel to Thailand, etc and back to Singapore then baru balik) …….Thanx u!!!

  7. zx says:

    best btl hellfest sume best gler!!! bagi yang tak habis2 nak kutuk tu., pikir la,,kta sume ada kelemahan.

  8. grindfreak13 says:

    vitamin x still motherfucker straight edge!!!pangkah tangan lagi!!!still bawak lagu straight edge crew!!!….so sesaper yg anggap vitamin x dah konon dont give a shit about straight edge lagi…anda silap!!!…..diorang memang bukan hipokrit right???x macam kat sini….????
    pepahal aku enjoy gig hari tuh….!!!

    ps/:marko slam macam kat hellfest lah….takder sesaper yg nak marah die time tuh???coz kalau kat sini,slam macam tuh dah boleh bawak gadoh dah….!!!dah ada yg tercedera plak!!!

  9. cactusdistro says:

    the gig run well with no blood incident 🙂 I got a bad flu today!
    And the ticket sold around 326 so as the deal is 50 / 50 , the organizer get RM 1630
    so here is the cost go:
    Local bands get Rm 150 each bands = 6 x Rm 150 = RM 900
    Vitamin X got RM 400
    The instrument cost RM 150
    There is 4 organizer and each person got RM 45 = RM 180
    TOTAL = RM 1630.

    Thanks for those who support!! Buying the CD!! And helping us a lot during the gig.
    See you in the next gig!

    Thanks joe kidd for all this ricecooker thing! And all those who comment here.
    No thanks to sissy people who dont admit their name in the posting section. Balik kampung je la! eheheh.

  10. BoyDxF says:

    Yeah show tu best… and utk maklumat hangpa semua yang tak tahu..drummer hari tu just a sessionist..Wim tak dpt dtg sebab kerja…drummer hari tu from Brazil and nama dia Maur??cio Alves Fernandez. Drummer dari kumpulan punk lagenda Brazil iaitu Ratos De Porao (RDP), also main utk band lain seperti I Shot Cyrus, Ovec, Psychic Possessor.
    ; )

  11. XULL GRIMLUST says:


  12. Mari Woods says:

    i managed to get the map to music garage,
    together with their address and some info on public transportation too.
    will re-post everything soon!


  13. mattjann says:

    toto 4551
    magnum 6465

    1st prize…lepas ni kalau kena buleh booking social escort taraf model.

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