UPDATE! Saturday, 24th & Sunday 25th March 2007: Ruins Alone @ The Annexe


Joe hoards and shares.

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  1. eh-mcammm says:

    Forget the youtube link above and watch this other one instead:


    This is Yoshida at his most frighteningly glorious and finest.
    Gives a whole different meaning to ZIPPER BLUES (but happy one lah). HAHHHAAHHAHHAHA

  2. kelang stud says:

    Nice to see that Modar has confirmed.

    Can’t say I like the way the new incarnation sounds though.
    A whole lot more “technical” in execution and approach.
    More “death metal” than doom.

    Nothing like the charm and idiosyncrasy of Inferior Symphony.
    That one had everything unique going for it.
    From moments which recall Balada Rock (without the cheese
    but cheese is good), early Gothic Doom, garagey psych rock pop
    (could have been easily mistaken for being Japanese in origin), and a great deal more nice stuff thrown into the mix.

    AND those female backing vocals… those vocals alone …
    They alone are worth the price of entry for this record

    Someone SHOULD definitely reissue it.

  3. Joe Kidd says:

    haven’t seen the “new” Modar so can’t say much.

    anyway, the female backing vocals on that album was by a secretary from the recording company (upstairs from the studio), in baju kurung and tudung, if I may add, who after much “pujuk-rayu” finally decided to do it. Wonder what happened to her.

  4. Joe Kidd says:

    Reiisuing the labum proper would need 10k to pay for the recording rights from the old company (FGM). The same goes to The Pilgrims debut album and Infectious Maggots too. Or, we can just wing it on a CD-R.

  5. azzief says:

    Tatsuya Yoshida live? HOLY FUCK.

    Although I’m not sure if I can attend. =(

  6. mike.w says:

    Joe, the link for Klangmutationen not working. Macam terlebih benda kat link address dia

  7. kelangmootartsyionen says:

    the terlebih bit was subconsciously TERletak one.
    hahahaha joking je

    anyway, many thanks for having the guys play this show.
    hopefully thierry is able to make it and play with them.
    otherwise, well… they’ve always sounded better without a gitarist, anyway.

  8. dysuc))) says:

    I smell something lil’ bit ironic here according to this –>> “Entrance: donation (no less than RM15)”.

    I think the venue needs an entrance door… I mean the proper one. So, people ‘should pay in order to see’ instead the organizer have to plea on his/her bended knee calling for a donation of the audiences’ hard earned money. I bet the venue that available isn’t for free. Plus, the shows that being held there weren’t for a charitable purpose, right?

  9. Joe Kidd says:

    well, it’s pretty “ironic” but the real nature is more like “pragmatic” lah. First, the CM Annexe doesn’t have a blanket permit for shows.

    The only way we can escape from the need to go through the hassles is to have events that is more “private event” in nature and so that’s where the “entrance by donation” came in lah.

    But of course, we have to pay for the space and also for the cost of hiring a backline system (drums, guitar & bass amps). That’s two of the main cost lah. The CM has their own PA system which is adequate.

    One thing a lot of the authorities forgot to consider when they want us to apply for all that permits is that NOT ALL SHOWS ARE BIG-MONEY SHOWS! NOT ALL SHOWS ARE ABOUT MAKING MONEY!

    I mean, when we do these small gigs, there’s NO MONEY to be made anyway. Once you paid for the equipment and space, what you got left is pittance. Yet the authorities still want us to pay for that and that and tax this and that! Hello! This is not some gig with big stars with big sponsors and hugely inflated tickets!

    I think what we need most is for the authorities to understand the economics of organising gigs. They should allow for small gigs or events to happen without all that red tapes. It’s for the betterment of the art/music scene anyway.

    Tax all those Black Eyed Peas and all those Linkin’ Parks shows BUT not small fries like us who are doing it out of love and risking our rent money lah! As it is now, the authorities are preventing a lot creativity to come out of the woodwork and nurture the artists/musicians to go further than aiming for fucken Akademi Fantasia!


  10. dysuc))) says:

    Ok, thanks for the informative feedback. So, above all said that the CM Annexe will not having any door entrance until its management agreed about the tax paying thingy?

    As for the authorities, undoubtedly that we’re all very well informed about this: Preventing a lot creativity means nurturing (and sheepfarming) the well breeded conformists.

    And they’ve succeeded for all I care.

    *sigh too.

  11. Joe Kidd says:

    The CM management is applying for a blanket (all-encompassing) annual permit. We are just hoping that it’ll come through soon, not like next year or whereabout.

  12. ehmamcmca says:

    “It‚Äôs for the betterment of the art/music scene anyway.”

    You’re not speaking THEIR language

  13. Mark says:

    man, i’ve been waiting for this! must catch both the shows, thanks joe!!!

  14. dean says:

    mesti datang!
    ada diskaun tak if dtg both days?

  15. Joe Kidd says:

    RM25 for two days. Can’t go lower, boss! Need to jaga my bayarsewa’n’carimakan also, both are on the line!

  16. dean says:

    hehehe…25 bucks = big K for me lah =)

  17. asa takkan mati says:

    this jap’ was made me out of mind, he’s damn crazy. thanks joe!

  18. Dude says:

    Bila pulak nak bawak John Zorn/Painkiller?

  19. Joe Kidd says:

    dude, aku ada tanya Yoshida-san. He said,,, “very expensive” and that was that! it will remain a dream. because kalu we can afford to bring him in, the tickets will be enormous lah, since we would need to recover the modal. unless we have sponsors, and that’s NOT my territory.

    aku dah beli lottery dah…

  20. kelanglang says:

    kalu you win the lottery, fug Zorn lah.
    tak cukup punk rock.
    Go lah with the Boredoms…

    Japan all the way mah

  21. ehmacmamacam says:

    waaah. lu ade beli 4 ekor ar?
    gua kasi lu nombor ini ar — “6789”.
    hasi esok lu beli la…
    sure strike wan ah!!
    gua guarantee lu boss

  22. Dude says:

    owh.. tak dapat laa nak tengok john Zorn and painkiller… hahah… anyway that’s okay.

    p/s: dapat tengok painkiller live at youtube.com. complete lagi tu. hehe.. 😀

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