Saturday, 23rd August 2008: Action-Reaction @ Casa De La FNBKL!


Joe hoards and shares.

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  1. thee dr. says:

    I hope D.E.P. plays ‘Sweet Lullaby’-how about it Cai?

  2. sayomchai says:

    Sure Dr. Not a problem.

    Poodien – Boleh tolong sediakan satu bass amp tak?


  3. poogenda says:

    fahmi just emailed me, and gave his particular subject that he want to talk about:

    The Forgotten Revolution in Malaya – a talk by Fahmi Reza – 4:30pm to 6pm

    Fahmi Reza, the director of 10 Tahun Sebelum Merdeka, will present a brief history of the Malayan Revolution of 1948 using archive footages and images from the time to deconstruct the history of the nation’s struggle for Merdeka. He will also give us a sneak peek of his new documentary film Revolusi ’48 which is coming out in October.


  4. poogenda says:

    and acai,

    amp bass setakat nie, takde lah.. we do prepare 3 guitar amps.. will look around. sape2 ada?

  5. poogenda says:

    additional screening:

    3. Clit Fest
    -Making its debut at the second annual C.L.I.T.Fest, this documentary covers the previous year’s festival: a first of a kind fest held in Minneapolis, MN to promote the active participation of women in the punk movement and educate against and help eradicate sexism in punk and beyond. The feature documentary, filmed and directed by Primal Tek Productions, includes interviews with and commentary from performers, organizers, and other participants, as well as live footage from BEHIND ENEMY LINES, THE PROFITS, VOETSEK, HUMAN ORDER, PROVOKED, GARMONBOZIA, DISRESPECT, DAISY’S COMPACT MICE, SWASHBUBKLER and MENSTRUAL
    35 minutes

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