Saturday, 22nd December 2007: Disco Destroy @ The Annexe


Joe hoards and shares.

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7 Responses

  1. duan says:

    ni gig pun cayala haha…

  2. zui says:

    hoi ni power ni hoh

  3. azmir says:

    wow tajuk gig :@)
    best ni gig ni!

  4. asa takkan mati says:

    power ni. harus pergi nih..

  5. MONSTER PAAN says:

    Quest???!!!Tidaaakkk!!!Kenapa perlu aku ada komitmen lain ketika Quest of Quasar main????

  6. Snafu says:

    ek eleh line up quest semua kaki2 disco tp main gig destroy disco. ni conflict of interest ni. hahaha. jk guys! anyway good luck and keep it rocking!!

  7. CONGATHREAT says:

    On behalf of Quest Of Quasar, it is unfortunate to announce that we have to pull ourself out of this gig, its abit short noticed i know, tried to cut corners and find ways to actually play but nothing can be done. , as ‘sangap’ as it may sound , v shall try to prevent these kinda things from happening again in the future.Terribly sorry people. Now m juz finding out ways how to kill my bossss!!


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