Saturday, 20th December 2008: Peace!! @ Cherating, Pahang


Joe hoards and shares.

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  1. xnizangx says:

    before people get confused, the needles in this flyer is not the needles that are from ampang, consists of 12 and 14 year olds playing punk rock like ramones, queers and misfits with bike leather jacket…that recently launched their 3 songs cd-r and now available at ricecooker (promote) for rm4.

    it’s just a coincidence, awang dully dog’s new band is using the same name. and i think it’s ramones-inspired too. but they’ll change the name soon.

    how i wish i could go to this gig!!!

  2. haq says:

    wow. little bali. nice one bos.
    i usually hang out over here for drinks and satay while watching the ‘mock’ live band by the riverside.
    just hope my ship will be in kemaman on this day.

  3. moximoron13 says:

    huhu..awesome gig in cherating… wow…
    i wish i could go too…

  4. yayok says:

    ya loh….me n yus also wish could go dis gig…
    but can’t go laaaa……arghhh!!!
    neway.. wish everything ok … and have fun guys !

    don’t forget layan kopok lekor !

  5. semifallen says:

    What? No Tayar Soton? This is ridiculous! Seaside gig with no surf music…awww mannnn….can’t go anyway, too far.

  6. thee dr. says:

    Enslaved Chaos in Cherating? Talk about poetic justice….

  7. Joe says:

    Have your holidays early guys and gals, come with us! I am a bit surprised for the lack of Tayar Soton on this outing but hey! there are tonnes of “local” bands playing, should check out them new bands. Should be fun!

  8. redneckhope says:

    Gig at Cherating tu..
    Aiyoh.Dah lame tak balik kuantan ni.
    Mesti balik..
    Tayar Soton xde pulok… Aduuhhh.
    Man! Bakpe mu dok main?

  9. kickass says:

    nicee…its gonna be a kickass gig!
    beach, gig, music, beer, fun,…. 😀

  10. thee dr. says:

    I like your comment, Kickass–Cherating is a haven for partying so the boys (and girls!) from Kuantan should be riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight at home 😉

  11. moximoron13 says:

    yeaahh…kickass.. have fun in chearating…

  12. rumput-ragu-ragu says:

    don’t worry guys n gals… i heard from POK the main n only original line up from TAYAR SOTON’ that they will perform at this gig… so SURF’S UP dudes and dudettes

  13. thee dr. says:

    Another cool thing about this show is all the peeps from southern T’ganu/Kemaman can come down and check it out…

  14. kickass says:

    hell yeah….but lets hope its gonna be fun not fuck..coz last time i’ve been at gig around kuantan theres a bunch of nazi’s shit..u know wat i mean 😉

  15. kickass says:

    the gig was fukking awsome!…nice venue, great bands lots of funn! (xcept for dat pakcik botak kecoh2 pasal ‘moshing pit’..takut barang dia rosak!)
    ..tumbs UP guys!

  16. Joe says:

    yup! we had a lotta fun. Apparatus slayed us all, Enslaved Chaos really is back with Bart on the growl!! I heard Goodnite Goodies while trying to have a nap in the nearby chalet, and they were good! As expected Tayar Soton beached a lot of whales while Human First fukkin’ rocks!

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