Saturday, 1st September 2007: Napalm Death in KL


Joe hoards and shares.

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9 Responses

  1. zerox says:

    hope to make it

    how far is this place away from CM/Pudu etc?

  2. Joe Kidd says:

    You can walk to Bukit Bintang from Pudu, at the main junction between BB & Lot 10 turn left onto Jalan Sultan Ismail. Walk straight down. The Life Centre is just before the 2nd traffic lights, on the right.

  3. despair.hc says:

    wow … this is darm nice …

  4. despair.hc says:

    Anyone here who still have a copy of Chokehold ? .. in any media format cd / vinyl ? no mp3 la …

  5. piko says:

    Napalm not Death yet!

  6. thrasherlia says:

    ade tiket jual kat pintu masuk tak nanti?

  7. demang says:

    damn cool..ticket murah lak tu..

  8. ZAiDi says:

    Salam muhibbah,
    Apa khabar semua adik-adik, abang-abang, akak-akak, makcik, pakcik, tok, nek? Harap semua sihat!
    anyway on behalf of Tools n Trade, i the unofficial shitworker would like to announce that you can get Napalm Death pre-sale ticket at our beloved “grimey” shop in Campbell Complex (not sure where?? call Mawie Р0172472181). Would appreciate if you could relay this info to interested parties/comrades. Terima kasih anak-anak..

  9. J3P says:

    how did they manage to perform in malaysia? usually this “type of band” wont be allowed to.. i remember the last time linkinpark peform, there alot of protest… im so happy napalm death make one of their stops in promoting their album….

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