Saturday, 19th May 2007: Sesi Jam Ringkas in Melaka


Joe hoards and shares.

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6 Responses

  1. rizie says:

    muke nizang lg..hahahahaha…

  2. xnizangx says:

    tadok gambo doh dlm pc aku ning…kene rajin2 amik gambo ah leps ning…

  3. Joe Kidd says:

    ba’pok hidung mung zang!

  4. xakmalx says:

    balik2 muke nizang..
    pasni aku buat flayers gne muke aku lak lah…

  5. xnizangx says:

    thanks to all who came!

  6. xnizangx says:

    Little report for a little show

    So, this jam session was planned by Izhan of Sleepy Jeremy. He wanted to play Malacca cause he’ll be there and to promote their recently recorded songs (but I didn’t see them distribute the cds on that day?).

    So I contacted Azizi (anak bebal recs), a Malacca kid who always organize jam sessions there and the show was on.

    We arrived just in time for the jam. Another car, Yazid Sleepyjeremy and Brayok kids arrived later, during Skunkfix’s set.

    The bands preformed were as follows; Half-asleep, Skunkfix, Sleepyjeremy and Brayok. Half-asleep is a quite a new band and this is their forth show. Playing poppunk with lotsa MTV bands covers. They’re really talented with their instruments especially the drummer, so we hoped they’ll go on and make more own songs and try running away from becoming a clone of Blink 182.

    Skunkfix played without their original bassist, Emi who can’t escape work. Naufael’s (the frontman) brother, Kid took over and played the bass to the songs he know. Surprisingly, they did a cover of Doom’s ‘police bastard’.

    Sleepyjeremy played a little faster on that day, maybe because of the limited time as Azizi only booked the studios for two hours. It sounds more like poppunk though, not like usual. But I liked it better!

    Brayok hurriedly played, unfortunately only four songs. They played one of their new songs, entitled ‘My Malaysia’, a little poppy compared to their other songs. If only we had more time.

    After the show and mengeteh, Huzairi (Nostalgia) and Syahir (Pissed Off! records) and two friends brought us to walk around and snap photos at A Famosa.

    Thanks to all.

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