Saturday, 11th March – Sunday, 19th March 2006: On The Road Tour


Joe hoards and shares.

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  1. xnizangx says:

    wei xjimx, aku turun gig ni!! jumpe di sana!!

  2. syukree says:

    🙂 pemilihan supporting band agak membosankan. maksud gwe sepatutnya kasi ler band tempatan main. band-band kl main kat kl lah. band-band tempatan pun nak glamer gak.

  3. dean says:

    oh..aku rasa ada 1 je band KL. then 1 dari N9, 1 dari s’pore. yg lain2 tempatan belaka rasanya. tak gitu jim?

  4. xjimrawkx says:

    6 band dlm perak n 6 band luar dr perak….ok nizang,kita jumpa nanti!

  5. syukree says:

    R.A.M.B.O tak join sekali ke gig kat ipoh ni?

  6. xjimrawkx says:

    allo alll…
    this is about hopefest in ipoh that scheduled to happen in 18th march.due to some problem,the venue is NOT at Dewan Taming Sari,Ipoh.this is due to the owner who cancelled the agreement for us to book the hall and right now we are looking for other possible venue around in Ipoh.we will tell u guys as soon as we got the place.i’m on behalf of all the ppls involved in this show are terribly sorry for the inconvinience…

    mable distro
    imajinasi records

  7. mohd JAYzuan says:

    ipoh makin lama makin susah buat gig. gila macam konek. maeth, aku ada t-shirt kosong dah.. bila nak print baju mable nya? jangan ranjit kumar ahh..

  8. xnizangx says:

    konek aku tak gila. konek aku baik. hoho!

  9. sukma says:

    hello…untuk pengetahuan korang semua.,.rakus tak dapat main untuk gig ni…ada masalah sikit..kami mintak maaf pada semua..mungkin lain kali….

  10. [ youth crew ] says:

    oit sharil.. ko jadik ke tak? hari tue ko msg aku
    band korank jadik maen smula..

  11. xjimrawkx says:

    HopeFest(new venue!)

    the act we act(post-hardcore from japan)
    cynic 19(trashcore from japan)
    curve(mellow rock from japan)
    my precious(emo hc/screamo from singapore)

    and also:
    at least i speak
    second combat
    arrogat inside ourself
    wish me luck
    the suicide theory
    burning civilians

    date:Saturday 18th March 2006,
    time:3.00 pm qnd onwards
    charge:RM15+1st soft drink,
    venue:Texas City Club,No.1-11,Medan Station,31650 Ipoh,Perak(behind Station 18 and in front of Pengkalan Emas Mall)

    for more infos?:

  12. xjimrawkx says:

    venue ni dekat dgn UITM ipoh

  13. mohd JAYzuan says:

    ipoh ada uitm ke? aku baru tahu..

  14. dean says:

    Thanks jim!

    Shah Alam (in conjunction with Zine/Alternative Book Fair), Singapore, Johor Bharu, Setiawangsa and Ipoh.

    Still waiting for updates from Penang, Serdang and Klang. Flyers and details will be up in really soon. the webmaster is having some difficulties with his pc and promise to update everthing asap.

    For any enquiries, please get in touch! Promote this tour at will ! 😀

    Some merch that we will have (save ur bucks now!)

    – 3 way split tour CD (cynic 19, the act we act + at least i speak)
    – bands + tour t-shirt (also check out third arms recs merch website)
    – sticker / button / patches
    – more +++

  15. khalil says:

    tq xjimx dapat gak ko carik venue.. x sabo nak
    nengok wish me luck beraksi.. ooo ko nak tendang
    aku yek kat gig nie nnti.. x dpt punye.. huhuhu..

  16. sukma says:

    hello…rakus jadi main semula..jumpa kat gig..tempat nye confom ke…

  17. Gorechestra says:

    edd, update aku pasal gig kat penang nanti. – jakpa.

  18. BoyDxF says:

    Mable distro..sorry la band aku tak dpt main. Kekurangan line up and kami semua pokai..Aku still menganggur..Joe masih skate, Mat the guitarist missing in action and no bass as Arwith dah top and lupakan kami …hehehehe…

    Damn Station 18..dekat sgt ngan umah aku di Ipoh…aku dok pasir puteh je..seberang station 18 tu…cis..melepas…

  19. xbebas says:

    sayangnya CUrve gak main di s.alam ya…he

  20. dean says:

    ON THE ROAD – M’sia/S’pore Tour 2006


    ON THE ROAD – M’sia/S’pore Tour 2006 SPLIT CD

    – feat 2 of the japanese touring bands; CYNIC 19 and THE ACT WE ACT plus local act AT LEAST I SPEAK. 10 songs altogether! from thrashcore (lip cream/das oath) to post hardcore (crimson curse/born against) to screamo (neil perry/songs of zarathusta).

    only for rm10 (maybe even cheaper!!!) with FREE A3 size POSTER!!! a collaborative effort between 11 MALAYSIAN D.I.Y LABELS!!!

    ON THE ROAD – M’sia/S’pore Tour 2006 T-SHIRT

    – front and back design, in various size and color, yours for only rm23 (OR LESS!!!). only 100 pieces MADE for the whole tour!!!

    bands t-shirt

    – CYNIC 19
    – more!!!

    (all made by third arm recs and merchandise, check ’em out!!!)

    – rm1 each

    – ON THE ROAD tour, papakerma and at least i speak designs (rm2 each!)

    +++ more +++ more +++ more +++ more +++

  21. syukree says:

    esok ada lagik ke demostrasi kat KLCC?

  22. syukree says:

    ON THE ROAD – M’sia/S’pore Tour 2006 SPLIT CD:

    CYNIC 19, THE ACT WE ACT from Japan and AT LEAST I SPEAK from Malaysia.
    CYNIC 19; thrashcore (lip cream/das oath) to THE ACT WE ACT; post hardcore (crimson curse/born against)
    AT LEAST I SPEAK; screamo (neil perry/songs of zarathusta).

    A collaborative effort between 11 MALAYSIAN D.I.Y LABELS! Only for rm10 with FREE A3 size Tour POSTER!

    RM10 by hand.
    RM11 postpaid (registered postage add few RM!)

    Email: (Kid Niesa) (Kid) (Niesa)
    Yahoo Messenger ID: kid_propamedia
    Phone: 013-2497199 (Kid)

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