Saturday, 17th March 2007: Stick It To The Man! @ The Annexe


Joe hoards and shares.

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17 Responses

  1. rizie says:



  2. myo says:

    “RM 10 lah”


  3. shahrizal says:

    gasoline grenade! hmm best!

  4. Jani B says:

    At last….dah lama aku nak tgk Carburetor Dung, bkn line-up asal pun takpa!!!

  5. ArmsVeTt says:

    Hayy filths!!
    APPARATUS – ” DEAD RATTS..MANGELSLAKT! ” promo cdR @ the show!! Only for lucky 20 filthy ears,yea! Hahah, beer trade? C u at the ol’Stick party!! CRUDE SS!!

  6. eh-mcammm says:

    No drummers deathmatch for stickhandlers in bands with names that
    consist of the letters, R, U, I, and N? Sometime this week I assume?

  7. kandos says:

    it was my first visit to the ricecooker shop and i was first amused by the wallpaper that feature lotsa old flyers and bring back all the old memories.

    Spotted couple of good release that i really wanna to buy; bollocks, ben’s bitches, blood on wedding dress. but unfortunately, im currently broke. Perhaps next week will do,after payday.

    I did ask joe about some AGE’s old release such as mesud messud stevenson and annalise. It would means a lot to me if I can get my hand on those cassete again. So Joe, if u dont mind, put them on the rack and i shall be collecting them sooner or later. If you have allure of manure and damage digital, put them on the rack as well. Hehehehhe.

    Bebex was about to end his performance when me and my girlfriend got in. Gasoline grenade really caught my attention as the sound really suit my taste. Crazy bassist, jumping like monkey while assaulting his bass and shouting sampai terkeluar semua urat2 leher. Skullcrusher came out with a tight set that left no room for you to breathe. Gergasi perform his chillin tunes with his extremely cute guitar. This dude was so funny, his songs, mumbling, tales and waht not. My favourite was ‘Fire in The hole’. Next, dungboys started with ‘Tak Boleh’. Actually, I personally prefer all the new songs. I was shouting like crazy from the back “potong nama,tutup buku!”. Lagu jilat tuh pon best gak. Derang main lagu2 lama gk; opression, boo hoo. Mana lagu johnnny? Finally stick ex ruin and apparatus plak main. Mad yus member lama aku tukar main gitar. I am not really familiar with their songs so cant complain much.

    All in all, it was a great night. Happay birthday stick! One thing to highlight, NASI GORENG BAU BAU CAFE SEDAP GILER!!!!!!

  8. poodien says:

    elo kandos… About AGE old release i’ve put some cassette at the bau bau cafe merchandise/stuff rack…rm4 only, get them there la.. money goes to FNBKL for their masak2 thing.

  9. magnuscaleb says:

    lagu baru Carburetor Dung (dari segi bunyi dan susunan) amat berbeza dan sesuai dengan peredaran zaman…like you said Joe…”it’s 2007 already”…cheers to that

  10. kandos says:

    thanks for doin that poodien. dapt gaji wa terus pi sana. Nk mkn skali.

  11. eh-mcammm says:

    ”it’s 2007 already”

    HAHAHAHA… Even the old farts have to get with the kids…
    What bout leading the way like ole veterans eh?


  12. Joe Kidd says:

    get with the kids? leading the way? don’t insult us eh-mcammm. you know better than that.

  13. Joe Kidd says:

    as for the old AGE releases, there’s plan to put them all out all over again on CD this time, but at the moment we money no have la boss. Do keep supporting the shop and maybe we’ll soon be able to do just that. Bau-Bau do have a few Annalise and Meson Mesud tapes donated by us for FNBKL’s cause. Buy them there.

  14. eh-mcammm says:

    haiya, joking onli mah. laff-laff lah.
    you now my hero lah. bring olang jepun so terror wan.
    but if you are able to bring drummer of ruin to play
    with drummer of ruinS…


    waaaah you even more manyak hero!!
    joe kidd, i caya sama lu kau-kau!!!!!!

  15. dean says:

    terlepas this one! duh =(

    maybe if Stick (the man) still around he could play along with ruins alone aite? mcm ada org ckp dlm posting lain, drummer ruin jumpa drummer ruins…huhuhu…

    john zorn pergh!

  16. Fahmi Reza says:

    Klip video live Gasoline Grenade lagu Dilarang Melarang yang dirakam waktu show ini.

  17. Fahmi Reza says:

    Klip video live Carburator Dung lagu Potong Nama yang dirakam dari gig yang sama.

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