Saturday, 17th April 2010: Rice Above! #09 – Mika Benefit Show!


Joe hoards and shares.

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  1. shahrizal says:

    for those who don’t know. bulat (always last guitarist), is the one behind the drum kit with Partimelovers. a band that usually go unnoticed by some people, but definitely worth checking out!

  2. PART TIME LOVER!!! WOHOO!!!!! :p

  3. conquestforbread says:

    uhuh,i demand a full gig report.:D

  4. alak says:

    written by Yuen K.L.,


    Alak called me the Sunday before the gig weekend and told me Joe got offered a slot to hold a gig by Pachad, since as you all know, the Sham 69 show was cancelled. Joe contacted Alak and Alak called me. Naturally, as we knew about Mika and how medical costs nowadays are ridiculous, we thought of doing a show for her.

    We contacted Eizzat and he agreed to supply the equipment for the show at no cost, as he revealed that he actually had a thought to do a show himself at Noisy for Mika’s benefit even before we contacted him. Alak contacted all the bands, we kinda discussed a bit about the list of bands about having a mixed-genred line up and the list came out as you could see.

    Loyal to the true Malaysian sense of time, the gig started two hours later than the planned 3pm. I am no stranger to speaking in public or being on a stage, but somehow I was nervous thinking about the prospect of MC-ing a gig. It was a foreign territory for me and my comfort self was disturbed. Or maybe it’s the lack of alcohol [ Ya, aku tak pecah hari tu 🙁 ]

    Corporate Youth opened the show with impressive finesse for a new band. Its always refreshing to see new bands play and they pulled it quite well. There was disruption on the schedule as some of the bands couldn’t arrive on time, so we would like to apologize here for the bands who were called to play earlier than they were supposed to. It was a contingency plan and we were handling 10 bands with 10 eccentricity. So much for sorting out the band like a playlist on a mixtape la hah Alak?

    On a general outlook, it was a very successful gig, considering many things, especially the one week we had to promote the show (but I kinda guess the cancelled Sham 69 left a void in everyone’s calendar). The bands were ALL amazing, everyone almost spontaneously say YES to perform at the show seeing that it was for a good cause- Weot Skam members travelled straight from the north after some of their Saturday halfday work. All the sets were amazingly good. We were worried about the turnout at first, but it starts to build up later that day- almost everyone we knew showed up as a show of support, which made me love the scene more. Sob sob.. ya’ll rock. You know who you are.

    As reported earlier by Joe, the moolah details:

    Total collected:
    RM 1,723.00 (in such number because there were some people who donated extra)

    Remaining payment for venue:
    RM 600.00

    Collection for Mika, after venue cost deduction:
    RM 1,123.00

    Sponsored by Noisy Studio. (We did lose drum pedal which we still haven’t found at One Cafe, but we are replacing it personally to Eizzat)

    Pachad (Sauh Kukuh) sponsored (from their initial payment for the venue):
    RM 600.00

    The show was concluded in a punk rock fashion where it was forced to stop by two ‘security personnels’ with manners which were uncalled for. I was literally standing centimeters away from an protesting exposed penis near my face when I approached the stage to check on things when Onie (Pusher’s Bassist) assured me he followed Alak who was being dragged out by the white haired ‘gentle’man, shirtless and all, while being surrounded by a group of our skinhead friends who were very, very concerned by the show of violence cast upon Alak at that time.

    Everybody left happy that night. Well, some had to be carried to the car together with their bicycle in the passenger seat. I heard the carnage continued at various venues elsewhere after the gig. (Sunway? Flora? Ampang?)

    We sent back the equipment to Noisy on the same night, happy with the collection of funds we manage to secure for Mika. Knot Records would like to thank Pachad (Sauh Kukuh), Eizzat of Noisy Studio, Zaid (who helped to set up the equipments. He also own a recording studio, Crashover at Wangsa Maju and did the mixing for Pusher and the Pips), Joe Kidd and the Ricecooker Shop for the assistance, support and generosity. We would like to thank ALL the bands who had performed at the show that day and agreed that all the money from the show shall go to Mika. We also like to thank all that have attended that day as a show of support to this little effort of ours and for Mika. All our love to Mika and Yusth, may the funds collected with help lighten the burden.



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