Saturday, 16th June 2007: Chenta Itu Bhuta @ KL JamAsia


Joe hoards and shares.

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  1. myo says:

    chenta itu bhuta slot

    opening by: analogsix
    they will kill us all
    the rhaman
    telephony delivery
    and hujan.

    noh hujan said he tamak gig thats why hujan hav 3 gigs to play on the same day including mine. chenta itu bhuta, junk mag and a gig in cheras i forgot the name.i heard twkua always slotted as band penutup. now lets try 2nd band. selamba ye? the rhaman lama tak main pj. fondness! telephony? theyre good thats why i put them in. and analogsix yg comel. huahaha.. sungguh gay statement gua.

    ohyeh, chenta itu bhuta will turn jamasia to a small garden, flowerish greenies, lampu lap-lip-lap ada.. hehehe. soundsystem dari herry. bob jadi soundman. hohoho!

    16jun sangat bes. buleh datang junk mag event since they starts at 2.30-10.30pm
    mine starts paling gile pun 9pm-12.30am. habis gig lepak murni pekene roti daging ngan kuehteow kongfu. yihaaa… this will be good tho!

  2. myo says:

    we’ll have a very special guest this coming june 16th, who has the talent of i dont know how to describe.. vocals just like louis armstrong+john mayer (mata terkebil-kebil masa nyanyi) dem amazing guys!

    his name is otam. a malaysian who was away for 6years in vancouver, just got back to tanahair last march9th. a bit introduction of him.. he’s my neighbour but hell i didnt even know he exist.. being away for first 3years for studies in canada and another 3years traveling around canada doing busking with different kind of people. just for the passion of music.. last 2years which was supposely end of 2004, his passport already expired and he was busking on the street for 2years and guess how he got back here?

    watch out for him. an amazing singer/songwriter ive just known. jeng jeng jeng…

  3. myo says:

    kepada mana-mana group yang berminat ingin menjual stuff, merch, apa jua barangan, silalah contact saya di 012.3515090 untuk konfirmasi dan boleh datang ke gig since aku ade sediakan booth untuk penjualan stuff.

    this goes to bangkit, karya, 84cube, dan juga band-band yang nak jual cd demo, EP dan album. marilah! jangan malu segan.

  4. myo says:

    ohyeah. tak sabarnya…

  5. myo says:

    it was a successful event ever of delicate history.
    almost 200 people came and made jamasia packed like hell!

    we paid the venue, paid the bands, paid the equipments and everyone satisfied!


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