RESULTS!! Saturday 13th August 2005: Hardcore Kick Cup 2005! in Extreme Park Sunway, PJ RIO De Futsal, Subang Jaya


Joe hoards and shares.

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15 Responses

  1. scum` says:

    siak..aku keje!aghh!!

  2. poisonX says:

    jeng jeng jeng..!! main jgan sepak kaki ek..!! sepak bola ye..!!

  3. zerox as fuck says:

    i always wanted to do a totally diy punk hc soccer tournament but never really went about doing anything…now i see this an am inspired!

    maybe someday we could have something like that here in Singapore, or better still have a Piala Malaysia with a guest team from Singapore… 8 teams, league or knockout format…
    winner gets a totally crusty looking trophy and silkscreened shirts or something….


  4. fukkinkore says:


  5. alind says:

    yes xerox we kinda anticipate that people will get inspired and start their own futsal/soccer team, event next time round.
    and yes!! we have sorta crusty looking Cup ready for the winner. it’s a sculpture made by a friend of a friend and we got kinda ‘underground’ price for it too… it’s cool. maybe we’ll put it up here, so ppl can see it.

  6. dhani says:

    majulah sukan tanpa negara

  7. endosed|by|hate says:

    ermm whut ever … juz jumpa disana ….

  8. express-rakyat says:

    buta pertandingan sepak takrawlah pulak….

  9. express-rakyat says:

    buat pertandingan sepak takrawlah pulak….

  10. endosed|by|hate says:

    ermm so how about the HAZE ? it’s effected the game or not ? anyway see u there … xxx

  11. alind says:

    Okay, it’s on. Phew!! We were getting worried having forced to postpone it to another date. But the API reading plummeted today, so we are set. mirdza and audrey were performing rain dance up on the hill in subang last 2 days. No rain though, but the air getting much clearer now and that absolutely ends our worry. Oh well, we were being cloaked by “murky, swirling mist” afterall.

  12. alind says:

    we brought two balls for the tournament yesterday , but one is missing. so, if anyone who knows where it is or happened to take it with them please return it back to us. it’s our friend’s, and we were indebted to him that he so kind to let us use them.

  13. scum` says:

    amek bawak balik buat kenangan sbb team kalah kot?ahaha..

  14. xkhalilx says:

    band mana yang menang ek?

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