Saturday, 12th May 2007: Kembalikan Nostalgia in KT


Joe hoards and shares.

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8 Responses

  1. rizie says:

    joe,aku dah email flyers br.tlg ‘up’kan.thanks. 😀

  2. xnizangx says:

    ni flyer lame ni. flyer updated…depress ganti.
    nostalgia are not playing.

  3. dean says:

    pergh..sempoi tempat ni!
    kalu ujung may kompem aku sanggup redah dari kb lagi 😉

  4. rizie says:

    waaaa…flyers baru.thanks joe.skali gig,byk flyers kuar daa..haha.yg ni dah finalized..dtg jgn tak dtg..hehehe..

  5. ujeng says:

    lawo flyer nie…gambo ni jalan nok gi pasor keda payang nie…rindu tobak pong

  6. nizang di kapung says:

    yesterday was a blast!! depress is the best!!! thanks for rocking my hometown! eventhough the turn-out was not that many and a lot of kids still refuse to pay…

    not to forget, skunkfix! and amet stick no bills who travel with us all the way from KL and come to support the show!

    i’ll upload the photos at multiply soon, the photos taken by amet stick no bills. since i didnt bring along my camera!

    dully dog’s set was also great with everyone supporting. coolness.

  7. xnizangx says:

    depress in kuala terengganu on youtube!

  8. xnizangx says:

    the obvious covering ‘marsinah’ from marjinal. watch the crazy crowd!

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