Saturday, 10th June 2006: Revenge of the Independents @ Paul’s Place


Joe hoards and shares.

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12 Responses

  1. mohd JAYzuan says:

    spunky funggy.. lama tak tengok depa..

  2. scum` says:

    gig ni sure x jadik kan..sialan.

  3. totziens says:

    Jadi tak jadi pun kena datang…because u r invited…hahaha…

  4. ekspres rakyat says:

    sapa ada dengar cerita the exploited akan perform kat subang…

  5. patah says:

    go go siang
    come together plak pasni

  6. totziens says:

    ya, ku dengar Exploited akan datang kat forum.

    Come Together…..suruh pakcik Joe review pun …sampai kini masih tak nampak pun….*SIGH*

    Joe, I know I am pushing you. I will not stop till you’ve reviewed it….hahahaha

  7. Hmmm… i wonder how many people wil come hmmm……. 🙂

  8. totziens says:

    Civil Disorder Dude, I wonder too. Nobody has contacted me as of now. It’s worrying!!! 🙁

  9. totziens says:

    Pls call the phone numbers in the flyer for registration. You may register at the last minute too but pls call or drop by to register with Ashraff (Acab) or myself.

    Today (8 June 2006) will be the last day of this week that I can access internet. So, please do not send me any email from 4pm on 8 June 2006.



  10. mohd JAYzuan says:

    Good luck for the show Siang! Can’t come, sangkut kat Ipoh.

  11. totziens says:

    Thanks, Jay.

    Only 29 audiences and 5 girlfriends from band members turned up based on my calculation which is based on the CDs I gave away. Now, I am not sure what to do with the remaining 60-70 CDs. 🙁

  12. Joe Kidd says:

    sorry to hear that siang.

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