ALERT!! Saturday, 9th & Sunday 10th May 2009: We’ve Lost Our Beauty Fest 2009


Joe hoards and shares.

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  1. kenet says:

    Hell yeah.. tak boleh tahan tgk line up WLB tahun ni. rabak abes..!!!! tak sabar nak tgk trash talk.!! thanks glenn ngan awit bawak dorang main kat KL. Hell yeah.!

  2. Joe says:

    A Special Request, Bosses!

    You people have been to Noisy right? And surely you people know that the sound there is consistently quite terrible, especially when you stand right on stage playing with your band or slouch near the stage watching.

    Usually the drums and the bass would drown-out everything. The best place to be would be right at the back, near the entrance, there you can listen to everything lah, loud and clear BUT standing 100 feet away from the stage is very not cool lah.

    So I suggest, maybe Noisy can come up with a proper PA system for the stage. Something good where you can mike-up the amps and the drums proper – so you can control the sound, instead of it being blasted all over.

    That way everybody will be happy, the band members would be able to hear what they are playing, and the audience get their money’s worth sweating it out with good, well-balanced sound. Can do or not?

    Noisy had their anniversary show last Sunday. The 10th year! Congrats for that. And we all know Noisy has been having shows almost every weekend, some even two or three shows on a weekend. Can some money made out from the rental be used to get a proper PA?

    What do you think, people? It’s such a nice place, hot and sweaty as what it should be, but wouldn’t it be better if the sound is also memorable?

    Wouldn’t that be awesome?



  3. morbid says:

    err.. 1st year anniversary lah boss.

  4. noisystudio says:

    Dear Joe and fellow friends,

    1st of all,i would like to tell,last week is our 1st anniversary,not 10th,we had our own 1st anniversary few week back,and last week is our collaboration with UXF and Youthcrime Recs to celebrate their 10th anniversary,but not our annviversary,we just helping them to organize.

    About the backline and the sound system equipment,
    we’re really sorry for the terrible sound quality, yet we’re still studying the best way to renovate all over the Gudang Noisy not just the sounds,but including the stage,interior,lightings.. all over!.

    We have a Boss here at Noisy Studio,but he is a sleeping boss,he jus throw in the money to make the studio(kickstart),and the rest is my responsibillity run this studio.This is my 1st time running a studio and im still in learning process.Time to come,we (me and some good friends) will take over this studio from our previous boss.And he agree to sell it to us.We had a hard time before when some organizer ripped us off,and sadly they’re sooo called hardcore/punk that is in our circle of friends.Make us so hard to pay the studio rental, we have to use our own money and the delayed the renovation.So, the plan is, after we takeover the studio,then only the renovation begins.A lot of money needed for the whole process and i hope all friends and organizer give us some time to reincarnate!

    I’m the only one,and only in charge in the studio right now and i need more time to gain money for the takeover/renovation.Im happy to make people and bands have a wonderful experience to play and attending the show here, i will try my best to make this happen.

    This studio is dedicated to the DIY scene,any idea and help,including advise,tips for noise reduction,lightings,staging,backline,interrior is much appreciated.

    send ur tips,advise and hates here :


  5. Joe says:

    Thanks for the clearer picture, Eizzat.

    I think, the lighting, staging, interior/external design etc. etc. can stay as they are for the moment. Those things can be rectified, beautify, enhanced much later.

    What’s important is the “isi”, not the “kulit” (Amy Search cakap lah!). Like I said, space-wise it’s nice; it’s rough and as raw (and piping hot!) as it gets! But, really, the sound needs to be upgraded! That’s the “isi” here.

    The priority then should be set upon enhancing the sound-system first, as per my suggestions above. It may cost a bit, but I bet some of us playing in bands would gladly play free shows at Noisy to chip in and support the cause.

    BTW: am not talking about getting fucken’ big-assed pro-equipment, Marshall-heads and stacks with knobs that can be turned to 11! Personally I don’t even know how to use that shit. All I’m suggesting is simple “enhancements”, so that the drummer can hear what his singer and guitarist are doing, the audience can hear what the singer’s ranting on stage, etc. etc.

    I may be wrong but a good mixer, with extra mikes from the drums and amps, and a few stage monitors would be super!

    Just my 2 sen lah. I’ll be buying lottery, kalau kena I’ll pay for it!



  6. dean says:

    yeah, couldn’t agree more with joe. i congratulate for the job well done by noisy studio crew. awesome things you guys have been doing since last year. but yeah, perhaps you could prioritise things. first to upgrade the sound system and others will follow through… i love the space and hope it would be around for years to come! 🙂

  7. Trash Talk been cancelled?


  8. kenet says:

    yup. cancel. kecewa betul la.. harap tahun dpn dorang dtg. for update. 🙂

  9. xh says:

    Canceled? really? awh, what a waste 🙁

  10. dean says:

    dear xh,

    nah..i don’t really think it’s waste lah. on day two still got lots of amazing local and s’pore (aum & abolition) bands on the bill. jom come and let’s have fun! =)

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