Saturday, 10th November 2007: Hopefully It Rained On Their Parade Too


Joe hoards and shares.

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  1. zerox says:

    uh….pardon my ignorance.

    but whats going on for this bit?

  2. royal says:

    kamu dan semua yang menghadiri perhimpunan semalam adalah PEJUANG!!!. Rakyat Malaysia yang tidak dapat turut serta kerana disekat sepanjang jalan oleh Polis dan FRU, “sokongan kami tetap bersama KAMU”…

    KAMU dan semua yang turun ke jalan, jangan kamu ingat kamu berseorangan…RAKYAT MALAYSIA BERSAMA KAMU!

    bersama kita melawan RASUAH!

  3. Joe Kidd says:

    To those wondering what that spiel all about, do go here:

    Bersih March 2007

  4. The Bebex says:

    …untuk semua yang menghadiri perhimpunan BERSIH. Semalam bukanlah akhir dari perjuangan, masih panjang perjalanan kita untuk menuju Malaysia yang BERSIH dan SEHAT!. “MENYEBAR UNTUK MENYUSUN DAN BERSATU UNTUK MENGGEMPUR!!!!!”

  5. radzi sinclair says:

    The world in fact could never been changed…..destined to be fulfilled with various kind of people….not one man is the same in their aspect of thinking….all with one objective… have a good life…..through in many ways……we learned as we passed through every phases in our life….we can’t say that we had found the truth……..only those who are in grave know for sure….for now,those who like to [partyyy….cheeerrrsss……

  6. Mikhail says:

    i wish i was there but im in Borneo. Its a whole different ball game but the fighting spirit is similiar.

    I wish you all the best. Revolution for a better government. We had witnessed to many repeated blunder.. purposely .. by our great leader.


  7. “revolution” mesti datang dengan cara yang konsisten.bukan menjelma hanya satu hari..tapi semalam adalah permulaan kepada perjuangan rakyat untuk menuntut hak ditanah demokrasi bernama malaysia!

  8. kid says:

    bersih rally last saturday was huge!
    managed to spot some of our friends in the crowd.
    sorry didnt bother to say hi, it was too cramped.
    anyway yesterday i heard a gig in jb got raided.

  9. dean says:

    yeah, its in the news today. what a twisted tales. also heard the same thing. nope, its not the gig got raided, it was the after party @ apeq punya rumah got raided instead. sian tp i heard they really did annoyed the neighborhood sbb tu police have to interfere. aiyoo… please someone cerita kasi skit..

  10. yeay.v for vendetta! and B for bersih! go go caiyok!

  11. busuk hati says:

    yeah ..not the gig get raided but wak house have been ambush by the police bastard…at 3 am…

  12. feringhi says:

    so quiet a riot.

    truly malaysians must be the most polite people on earth 😉

    not a rock thrown, and that mercedes driving thru the crowd at mj, not a scratch on it :0

    mind u, the cops back home don’t (often) carry m16s…

    good tho that sthg’s happening here. respect to all who braved it – but i hope the reforms (when/if) don’t just end up benefitting pas.

    remember too: freedoms given are not real freedoms. if you have to beg for it, u ain’t really free.

    the ‘right’ to put a cross on a piece of paper every few years ain’t real democracy, neither.

    there’s no guvmint like no guvmint, after all…

  13. ISAKETAMBOLA88 says:

    …jom turung batu burok lok malang ning!!! hohohho

  14. AK says:

    Do you guys sell Reza Salleh cd?

  15. Joe Kidd says:

    AK, no we don’t have Reza Salleh’s CDs. Asked him for some copies months ago when he was at The Annexe but we haven’t got it yet.

  16. dean says:

    same here…sedap ke lagu dia?

  17. AK says:

    leh tahan sedap gak la lagu dia… cam funky jazz… cuba try tgk youtube, search reza salleh.

  18. dean says:

    will do~

    bila nak buat rally lagi nih? hehe..

  19. thee dr. says:

    peaceful protest is productive but don’t play into the hands of the islamofascist dictatorship-yeah i’m talking about PAS here-who coincidentally ruined my no.2 adopted homestate(kelantan,not pahang)

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