Saturday, 10th February 2007: Save The Last Dance @ OneCafe, KL


Joe hoards and shares.

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10 Responses

  1. dean says:

    must go everyone! nice new venue to check out. with performance space in cm and other new venues coming,after this, we need paul place no more. hahaha…

  2. shahrizal says:

    mari mari mari meramaikan majlis

  3. Joe Kidd says:

    I was at OneCafe with Alak to pay respect to our friend Jack (360DHR) who died recently. There are three floors. The first a restaurant, the 2nd floor another one! The top floor is the live venue. There’s no stage there, but huge space. Performances took place at one end of the room, near the stairs going up.

    I like it. Just a few minutes walk from my house also.

    As for Paul’s Place, I think we would still need it. I just wish the sound system there would be better. Last I went there with Fendi to see Self-Made God and Holokrust play and the sound was awful. We left as soon as possible, and so missed Osmantikus’s set.

  4. Aunties Flag says:

    1. what happened to paul? deported ah?

    2. the place got a facelift last time i went (a few weeks ago), new graffiti mural, a few new speakers. but still the same rotten sound.

    3. The sound really gives bad morale for the bands la, especially for the first time performers.

    4. On the bright side, its a real challenge for any band that coul take on pauls place system. Siapa terrer master the sound there entitled to wear t-shirt bearing “I survived pauls place”.

  5. Aunties Flag says:

    oh yeah, finnaly, a gig with all american bands! yahoo

  6. myo says:

    ade satu la. deepset dari tokyo. haha

  7. Aunties Flag says:

    touring band!
    international relations betul!

  8. dean says:

    joe description is correct! venue best but this is their first try buat hc/punk gig, hope it would end up good.

    paul place need lots of revamp. but heck, new tenant kind of kasar, don’t like that.

    hahaha…aunties flag, it was meant as a joke lah =)

  9. Aunties Flag says:

    Dean said – “hahaha‚Ķaunties flag, it was meant as a joke lah =)”

    its a funny one too! US invasion!

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