Saturday, 10th November 2007: The One You Call Basi is the Basic pt. 1 in Johor Bahru

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8 Responses

  1. dean says:

    daighila, tang bila korang jadi org KL ni?

    *wink*wink* talib, ado error skit ni ;p

  2. kutu laut says:

    huhu talib n wak…
    weh x invite suicide me not ker?

  3. talibxjoe says:

    thanxx to joe!
    daighila dh edit…
    for the bands,
    we gonna hv some ‘makan¬?’ and bbq after dat…

  4. duan says:

    orait! aku suka makan hehe..dean pun msti suka jugak :p

  5. pemecah tengkorak says:

    siak arr..
    makan2.. bbq lagik??..
    kt uma wak kah??..
    ade cam malam dlu..
    kejam arr korang..

  6. zerox says:

    show was great
    after party was greater
    after after party was…. 🙂

  7. dean says:

    dengar ada rush after gig punya party?

  8. talibxjoe says:

    huhuh….rasa sedey lak nk citer bout the bbq party…
    neway..thank for the band played…
    n ppl yg dtg bbq party tuh…

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