RR002 – WASTED TIME: 2005-2009 Four Years of Futility Cassette Tape

Finally we’ve managed to do our second ever release and it’s none other than one of the best bands to come out of the States recently; Richmond, VA’s own tearaways WASTED TIME!





imageRR002 – WASTED TIME: 2005-2008 Four Years of Futility Audio Cassette


ONLY 200 copies made
(with another 100 optional, that is if this batch runs out. but that’s the limit!)

Features all their releases between 2005 and 2009, including the amazing, highly-rated FUTILY LP, NO SHORE EP, WASTED TIME EP & a compilation tracks – 25 songs of utter hardcore-punk brutality!

listen to a couple of songs below:

Wasted Time – Futility (from FUTILITY LP – 2009)

[audio: https://thericecookershop.com/mp3_wp_rc/wt2006.mp3]
Wasted Time – Hostage (from No Shore EP – 2007)

Wasted Time – I’m Surrounded By Winners (from Wasted Time EP – 2005)


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“It’s an unassailable fact that WASTED TIME wrote the best post-80’s hardcore song (“Hostage”), so allow me a quick, if predictable, caveat: there’s not a song on this record as good as “Hostage,” obviously, because there isn’t a song that’s been written in the past 20 years that can even scratch it. But forget what I just wrote. Get up, remove your sunglasses, and slam your head into the nearest concrete slab with as much force as you can muster. That comes close to understanding what it’s like to listen to this record; it makes the ADOLESCENTS sound like GOOD RIDDANCE, makes MINOR THREAT sound like FUGAZI. This isn’t 80’s hardcore revival, it’s 80’s hardcore removal. If you don’t buy this, I hope someone invades your home. WASTED TIME is the best hardcore band around.” – Bad Boy / MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL

“Futility? Try hostility! This record just boils over with a ferocious aggressiveness and I‚Äôm not being hyperbolic. When I was in Richmond for the No Way Fest, someone said to me that there weren‚Äôt many other bands doing American-style hardcore this well and I‚Äôd say there might be a more than a few grains of truth there. Fast rippers, circle pit starters and if ‚ÄúWithdrawal‚Äù isn‚Äôt a fucking anthem, then I don‚Äôt know what is. A full-bore attack and Mark Shubert‚Äôs angry vocals are appropriately nettled-sounding. No sunshine and flowers in the lyrics, as you might imagine, and ‚ÄúFor The Fatherland,‚Äù another stomper, is an effective critique of the military/industrial complex. It’s been awhile since Wasted Time released anything and “Futility” was definitely worth the wait.” – Al Quint / Suburban Voice Zine

“Another one of hardcore’s hard hitters drops a big record this year, and another band from Richmond VA no less. This is Wasted Time’s debut on the 12” format and its a hard hitting one too. While still a lot like their output on the 2nd and great EP ‘No Shore’, they also branch out with 2 guitar players on this record, really beefing up the sound they’ve always had. Its definitely a contender of best of the year, more subtle nods to Poison Idea than ever before here (the War All The Time and (ESPECIALLY) Feel the Darkness records) as well as the standard rough general East coast sound meets meat and potatoes midwest HC sound of before but still managing to not sound like the 80’s spot on shit either like so many other bands, they’re keeping it up to date and preventing it from being generic hardcore but still remembering the roots of the music. Mark’s lyrics are still biting and as angry as ever with the band playing on the spot, and its that kind of hit and run record too- its over before you know it not realizing what you had just heard. Such a great record, recommended for sure.” – Nick Sick / Cowabunga Records

“Richmond, Virginia’s Wasted Time created what was probably the best hardcore record of the modern era with their No Shore 7″, and this stomper of a 12″ picks up right where that left off. As any good band would, they’ve expanded their sound slightly to accommodate the 12” format, adding in hints of Bl’ast-like off-kilter rhythms and some oi!-ish melodies in the guitar, and those forays only add to the unstoppable power of this beast. Surprise, surprise… the best band in hardcore have made the best record of the year.” – Daniel Lupton / Sorry State Records

“This sound is derived from the essence of an Ocean View native dumping himself. But when he dumps it comes sliding down his leg because he is wearing those long jean shorts that retarded people made famous. It’s like that, really, it’s good.” – Sam Vanagas / Mew Kitty Inc.

“HOLY SHIT! Grave Mistake Records and WASTED TIME have upped the ante for you punks and skins! The new WASTED TIME Futility LP is a fucking scorching indictment of our society delivered with a one-two punch that very few punk bands can muster. As Dr. Brace Belden put it so succinctly, ‘it is an un assailable fact that WASTED TIME wrote the best post-eighties hardcore song- HOSTAGE.’ Many of the more intelligent punks would concur! Dr. Belden goes on to offer: ‘If you don’t buy this (“Futility” LP), I hope someone invades your home.’ Whew! That is delightfully mean-spirited!! The final song on this record, ‘Withdrawal,’ is a hardcore behemoth! Many people have lived these lyrics: ‘For isolation and silence is what I yearn / If I found the way then I’d never return / Substance induced amnesia – I wanna withdraw / Put into a state of constant awe / Fucking whiskey fueled – got that Grace Street blues / Fight or flight I just can’t choose / You know I’m so used to being denied / I don’t even know why I tried…’ That’s heavy, pain-laden shit!! On this WASTED TIME release, Mark supplied the vocals, Zach and Mick play guitar, Alex is on bass, and Brandon (the king of punk rock) plays the drums. For this stunning LP, contact GRAVE MISTAKE RECORDS.” – Bruce Roehrs / MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL

“Wasted Time is hc / punk band from Richmond, who has to his credit a number of singles that are to be commended, but essentially no overlaps that of the average sou?°asn?© 80’s hard core retro wave. Therefore, since I did not expect their big board a fundamental event. Feelings that I described at the beginning of this review have their roots in the belief that the bands are only infusions of what was already here and it is better to let the original. However, as I indicated, to miss the new lp Direct Control I would not dare, and since at that time came and Futility, ended up on the turntables, too. And then things began to happen. The first tone is quite clear that this record really into some gray areas and not all things are possible, but not derivative, and any attempt to return 25 years back. The first and most important difference from the said singles unexpected hardness. Exactly what I love to Bring it Down by Judge plays prim on Futility, anywhere with this element can reincarnate, it’s always zabij?°rna. There is also nakombinov?°no with the speed of the first generation of bands from Boston, from which the take Wasted Time and breathtaking vigor and nasranost. So whether it should be the perfect inspiration for a complete list, of course not miss first LP Agnostic Front and the Citizens and the last Arrest.Jo Withdrawal added to punkovƒõj?°?? Slapshot, without having to lose anything with rigor Boston hockey players. Which is coded reference to the more original brand of melodic hc / punk, but especially to Poison Idea and early TSOL a bit closer to perfection then result brings total angry mood as you can from our plates or Deathreat Spaz 151. Everything is also folded together just to make it incredibly stifled, so that you feel when listening to the board at any moment to make a mess of a turntable in your apartment the same mess as the circular saw blade. With that it also relates a content page, certainly do not expect any “positive youth”, rather just the opposite – frustration, odzicen??, nasranost and futile search for a way out. You may say that this is certainly nothing exceptional and I totally agree. But if you listen to this record, you’ll find quite quickly that the guys from Wasted Time is a living reality, because no matter how it wants, something just is not ojebat. Despite all this inspiration is somewhere in the past, present and Futility absolutely fucking good hardcore / punk that has a soul and if nothing else, it’s awesome soundtrack to pogov?°n?? after proh?°nƒõn?? board room or on the streets.” – Banan / Czechcore Zine

“I have been waiting for this record for quite some time now seeing as both their 7″s made me want to rape and pillage and burn down small villages fueled by adrenaline laced hardcore fury. My personal life aside, this record takes all the elements of Wasted Time you loved and cranks it up to 11 (you know like the amps Spinal Tap used). They play faster, tighter and more brutal than ever but still maintaining that Poison Idea and Boston hardcore vibe with that signature heavy guitar sound. Not only does the new found speed grab my attention but the varying tempos used on this record. One minute its blistering fast, then you got an intense mid tempo rager to beat your wife to. They also employ some other hardcore influences with the closing track “Withdrawal” sounding like an angrier So Cal tune from the 80’s. Other songs include “Isolationist”, “Burning Bridges To Keep Warm” and the title track “Futility” you get an idea where the lyrics are coming from… an agoraphobic who lives life as a recluse surrounded by way too many cats. No but seriously, this record is pure hardcore mayhem from start to finish. 2009 is only halfway over but this will be the best record of 2009, no contest. If you don’t want to take my word for it, download below, listen to it and buy it! 5/5.” – Davey / Thrashers and Slashers Blog

“After seeing Wasted Time at No Way Fest 2 as a 5 piece, I had high hopes for this record. The music is a lot heavier/fuller sounding. Kinda brings to mind “Feel the Darkness” era Poison Idea. I would say the songs aren’t as fast as their previous releases, but still good. I could see this band going into a more Motorhead style in the future.” – Jeff / Bleeding Edges Blog

“There must be something in the water that creates awesome hardcore bands in the Mid-Atlantic region of the country. This could very well be my favorite hardcore release of the year. After releasing two exceptional 7″s in the last few years, Richmond, VA’s Wasted Time do not fall victim to the “1st lp slump”. Futility in fact shows Wasted Time doing just the opposite showing the band at it’s best to date. 10 tracks total in just over 17 minutes, Wasted Time waste no time in getting things rolling on this lp. Wasted Time pretty much keep it at one speed: fast, with only a couple of songs being mid-paced and moshy. What I really love is the harsh vocal delivery that fits perfectly for this style of hardcore. This is hardcore at it’s most no frills: fast, pissed, and hard hitting, just the way I like it. Buy this record now. Yo dudes, play middle USA!” – Keith / Crucial Changes Blog

“Not a disc to break into houses. Cursed piss hardcore with vocals that remind me of John Brannon (Negative Approach). Do not ask me why it does so because it is not a striking similarity, but the voice is probably more of the damned attack that makes it. Brandon Ferrell (Government Warning, Direct Control, Southside Stranglers, etc..) Demonstrates once again that he is a hardcore scene’s best drummers. Smile and fuck and Burning Bridges To Keep Warm is not only somewhat amazing song titles, but also damned good songs.” – Tompa / Night Stick Justice Blog

“Remember all that apathy I was talking about with Pissed Jeans? For the 17 minutes that I listen to this LP all that apathy disappears, replaced by a boiling rage so intense that I want to go out and punch the first person I encounter in the head, steal their car and crash it straight through the front doors of the nearest bank. This album defines hardcore circa 2009.” – Bill / Riot Fest Blog

“Ever since I saw these with Government Warning in Brighton I‚Äôve been really into them, at that show they really distinguished themselves from the heap of 80‚Äôs flashback bands around at the moment with a truly intense set, as much as I love that shit anyway. It helps that this is a very fine album too.” – Unknown / What Would Henry Rollins Do? Zine

“I am happy to say one of the best releases in hardcore this year is from Richmond and that is by no means why it is on this top 10. Start to finish this is a full on pissed hardcore punk metal freak sound track in the vein of SSD or Negative Approach, this is killer. A classic.” – Jason Mazzola / Best of 2009 List for Jade Tree

“Wasted Time were not only one of the best bands I saw in 2009 (being absolutely mindblowing when we put them on in Brighton for their only UK gig), with this lp they also released on of the best albums of the year. Futily is one amazing slap of totally essential ferocious 80s US hardcore punk anger and despair that demands you sit up and take fucking notice or else…. Scorching, angry sounds that make me want to smash my head through the wall. The song “For The Fatherland” is a modern day classic, a blistering intelligent critique of the US military complex: “you think we’re expendable / we must be dependable / all young americans / must die for the fatheland. Totallly fucking great. You all need this.”

-Unknown / Opiate Distro Blog