RR001 – PISSCHRIST: Nothing’s Changed CD

“Nothing Has Changed” CD Rerelease 2010
(Ricecooker Recordings, Malaysia – Cat. No. RR001)

Nothing Has Changed is Pisschrist’s debut album, originally released on both CDs & 12″ LPs in mid-2006 by Yellow Dog Records in Germany.

When Pisschrist scheduled two separate tours (Japan & Southeast Asia) between late 2009 and early 2010 the band decided to have their first album repressed so they would have something to sell at all the gigs they be playing.

Pisschrist singer Yeap contacted us for help, we started work on it a month before Pisschrist flew to Japan and shipped a number of the CDs there just as the tour started.

We made 1,000 of these CDs. So it’s not a collectors-only, limited-run release.

There’s also NO extra tracks or anything majorly diÔ¨Äerent from the original Yellow Dog release, apart from the fact that it’s under Ricecooker Recordings and some minor details in its printed graphics.



We are sure you all know of Melbourne’s D-Beat/Raw-Punk masters PISSCHRIST. For those who haven’t been acquainted here’s a few snippets:

“Holocrustic Punx is written on the cover and that is what it is. Raw Punk, distorted brutality in the vein of Disclose. A real excelling record in the Raw Punk world.” – missinglink

“Pisschrist feature the rampaging tempos, set-on-burn guitars and low-register howlings associated with the sound. They’ve got me hooked.” – Al Quint, Surburban Voice

“First full-length for those aussie distortion maniacs. Raw brutal d-beat massacre. Feat. Members of ABC Weapons and Schifosi. for all fans of Disclose and SWE HC!” – HalooÔ¨Éles

note: we have completely sold & traded these out.