Ricecooker Recordings

RICECOOKER RECORDINGS is our little record label.

Throughout these years, we have been contributing our part in releasing a few releases, mainly split-projects or multi-label releases with our friends; pooling our resources to put out DIY cassettes and CDs; including KAH-ROE-SHI’s debut CD and many others we can’t recall at this point.

Earlier in 2010, we decided to rerelease PISSCHRIST’s debut album Nothing’s Changed on CDs for the band’s last tour of the region. Since it’s our first proper release, we thought a proper name would be nice, and that’s where we truly kickstarted the label.

Ever since then we’ve done several titles and more is in the pipeline (money and time permitting that is). There’s a list of our releases so far on the right side of this page (the sidebar), do click on them and check the titles out in detail. Some are still available to be bought or for trade, some may not, Do check them out for availabilty.

As of writing this, we have just released DEAD’s debut album on a cassette tape, in conjunction with the band’s Southeast Asian tour. 200 copies were made with most of it going to the band and apparently the band copies were all sold out. But we still have some!

Labels and distros who wanna do split-release projects out there, do drop us a line. Cheers!

Upcoming soon projects:

1. The long-awaited BERIKAN CINTA compilation.