Joe hoards and shares.

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  1. xnizangx says:

    lots of bands that are in my “fav bands” list!! cool!! many terengganu bands too…hahhaa…

  2. Terima kasih. Kandungan yang berbau bias “Terengganu” tu tidak disengajakan. What do you guys think of The Pee Bees eh?!!

  3. Wait till you hear “Apa Baunya Itu” and “Teh Lambong”!! Coming soon!!

  4. melor says:

    how to save the songs? cuba check file yang dah diplay dalam C:\WINDOWS\Temperory Internet Files. ataupun type je nama band/song title kat “find” yg kat start button tu. tapi nama files yg kuar pelik skit, example; ‘band not product’ > 03%Brand%20Not%20Product%20(%in%20Dub) something like that la.

  5. xnizangx says:

    heard that 4 out of 5 nostalgia members are now workings as lecturers and engineers. hope they can still find the time for the band despite the members are living all over malaysia now. a very good band

  6. kalium says:

    Pee Bees, blast from the fucking past, Joe. I’m sure most of us from that generation had that piece of vinyl. They were pretty fuckig big then. Put more up, please!

  7. seliparmelayu says:

    waa…peebees memang cun, lagu tue macam yg dalam tv tue jer mesti tv ciplak nie…heeheh

  8. seliparmelayu says:

    enslaved choas perh lame tak dengar tape die pon dah jem…sape ade aku nak

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