UPDATE! Ricecooker For Eli & Sivarasa!


Joe hoards and shares.

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  1. shahrizalisme says:

    I personally boycott GE this time. Students in OZ have registered for ‘postal voting’ but I abstain myself from voting. I qoute here the thesis statement from Hisham Rais ‘kalau pilihanraya (di malaysia je kot) boleh mengubah keadaan, dah lama ianya diharamkan’.

    I, however, hope that Eli and Sivarasa become MP soon so that people will have strong and dissenting voice in the Parliament.

  2. Joe Kidd says:

    I always maintain that the best bet is to do both; participate in the GE every time it comes, but join or support the Jalanraya everytime!

  3. thee dr. says:

    Absolutely-look beyond the racial politics-if they care about the people then go for it.

  4. yayayaya…aku sokong walaupun aku ni penakut…selalu lari dulu…xpe kat tempat aku ade la juga aku dah sembur…nnt aku kawin ramai2 la dtg sembur…

  5. thee dr. says:

    I read in the paper the opposition won 5 states-is this correct? If so, which party won which state,etc.?

  6. haq says:

    if i’m not mistaken.

  7. thee dr. says:

    Wow…I’m rather impressed-the win of what are considered Malay heartlands (third one,of course,being Terengganu) It’s gonna be a slap in the face to the ruling BN coalition-too bad it’s PAS-a more ideological party would have been better as opposed to religous-so…separate check-out lines coming soon in Kedah,I’m guessing?

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