MARIONEXXES – Indie Secret Admirer CD-R


Joe hoards and shares.

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  1. piko says:

    Forgot to mention to you bro Joe this stuff is not in proper record. It is was the very-very “rabak” raw material when i did the songs. Have you seen the artwork backside of that cover? It is a man posting with the ‘SAMPAH’ murale caught somewher in Petaling Jaya building. Haha i don’t mind if the people will boo on this stuff because my bandmates actually don’t play their part for this rehearsal. So they’re still dunno where am i in that recorded?.

    But okay to said everybody will never satisfied if this is the what the people expect for the RM5 artwork. Dunno why just to get to give away to you the fotostated version one. Oh that days the ink colour from my printer is out thats why I just use the low quality black-white printer. Haha. This is what totally punk am i? Don’t laugh at me. Haha.

    It is suppose to be i put all the olds RABAK material in that CDs but my friend told me it is okay to make people blame what we are into than what we are sound like first. Is it true? Dunno lah that idea come from my good friend. He say this is strategy man. He influence me to do this. I’m just follow him. Haha. Make me bad.

    What if we are out of tempo we suppose to play? That is not sound like original CABARET genre influence who am i into. It is okay for me for the rebirth of my band. I agree with your GREAT EXPECTATION on us.

    Well hope can do it better. Haha. Keep it strong bro Joe.

    Bro Joe, come lets try to ride BMX. It is very fun man.


  2. eliot jerk says:

    this is rare band, haha rojak Engrish songs

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